Electricity in Almuñécar

If you are wondering about the electricity in Almuñécar and/or Spain.  We have some information for you. Electricity in Almuñécar

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12 Sexi Neighborhoods in Almuñécar

Almuñécar is a town of about 30,000 people and during the high season that number can nearly triple. While the main part of town is very compact and accessible via foot there is more to it than what a map can show you. There are several Almuñécar neighborhoods that may appear close on a map, but are set in hillsides so could be quite a hike. Each area also has a different look and feel and can be active all year or mainly during the summer months.

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How To Recycle In Spain

As any responsible society should, Spain has a well-developed system of recycling used materials like paper, plastic, or soda cans.  You can find recycle bins, receptacles, and containers all over the country.

How to Recycle in Spain - Reduce Reuse RecycleWe know that there are many plastics in use in Spain, but we can at least recycle to help.  If you are new to Spain and come from another country the recycle system may be a bit different for you.  There are usually a variety of recycle bins scattered around every city, town and even small village.  Sometimes many of the recycle bins are grouped together and other times you will see just one or two.

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Communications (Internet, Cell Phones, and SIM Cards)

If you’re moving to Almuñécar from abroad, there are a few things you’ll probably need to set up.  For the communications type of things (Internet, cell phones, SIM Cards), check out the recommendations below.

communications in almunecar

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Almuñécar Tourist Office

There are 2 tourist office locations within Almuñécar and one in La Herradura.  Each of them is staffed with multilingual and very helpful people.  They will provide you with a local map of the area and there are plenty of brochures with things to do in Almuñécar as well.Continue reading

Almuñécar A-Z, Let’s Learn A Little & Enjoy Almuñécar

When it comes to learning about Almuñécar, this A-Z guide should help you out.  We are just having a little fun, while sharing more about the Costa Tropical area.  Come along with us and enjoy Almuñécar!

Almuñécar A-Z Let's Learn A Little about the area. Come along and enjoy Almuñécar. Read more on AlmunecarInfo.com


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Almuñécar Bike Rental / Bike Shops

If you would like to really explore Costa Tropical, beyond the Paseo, then renting a bike is the option for you.  There are two wonderful year round bike shops in town and both are very reputable and friendly.cycling in Almunecar. Almuñécar Bike Rental. Cycling path along Velilla Beach

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Post Office – Officina de Correos

There is one post office in town and it is located in the P4 section of town, near the stadium.  It is called the Officina de Correos and they are very nice.  When you arrive, there will likely be a line of people.  There is a ticketed number system and it is located on the pole, to the right, as you walk in.

post office mail man, Officina de Correos


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Costa Tropical – Tropico Express Tourist Train

Tropico Express Tourist Train

Tropico Express Tourist Train

The Tropico Express Train takes you on a tour along the boardwalks of Almuñécar.  Continue reading

Almuñécar City Bus Schedule

Almuñécar  Bus Schedule
Almuñécar City Bus

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