The Best Carry-On Luggage For Travel In Europe

No matter where you travel the prices for a checked bag are usually very expensive.  Many people are now trying to travel with carry-on luggage only, but it can be difficult to navigate all of the different carry-on luggage sizes for Europe.  Each carrier has their own rules about weight and dimensions, so we will share all of that with you as well as what we think is the best carry-on luggage for travel in Europe.

The Best Carry On Luggage For Travel In Europe. We also share with you the airline hand baggage and carry on luggage allowance. Read more on


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How To Get To Larios Mall – Almuñécar to Málaga

Are you getting cabin fever staying in the small coastal city of Almuñécar?  Are you dreaming of a day out at a big and modern shopping mall?  Well, let us share with you how to get to Larios Mall – Almuñécar to Málaga and back.  We provide you with instructions via the public bus, in addition to directions for driving a car.

How To Get To Larios Mall - Almuñécar to Málaga

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Almuñécar ATM Locations – Show Me The Money!

If you need some cash, then take a look at our Almuñécar ATM Locations map below.  Of course we include the full Almuñécar area, including La Herradura, Velilla, Taramay and more.  This would be a great page to bookmark, so if you are out and about you can be sure to know where to get some money!

Almuñécar ATM Locations

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How To Understand Buying Produce In Spain – Markets vs Stores

This is something most people wouldn’t even think to learn before visiting Spain.  It isn’t complicated, but there is a system to buying produce in the Spain, depending on where your are.  This may not be valid across the entire country, but as a general rule it holds true in Almuñécar.  Follow the guide below and it will help ease any little bit of culture shock you may have.

Buying Produce in Spain Markets vs Grocery Stores. This is something most people wouldn't even think to learn before visiting Spain. It isn't complicated, but there is a system to buying produce in the Spanish Markets, depending on where your are. Read more on

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Furniture Stores (Muebles)

Furniture Stores

When getting settled into your new place, you will likely be on the look out for the local furniture stores.  There are a few small stores with limited selections right in town or you have the option of traveling to some of the larger stores.Continue reading

Almuñécar Friday Market

Mercadillo – Almuñécar Friday Market

The market’s real name is “Mercadillo Los Viernes” (The Friday Market). The entrance right in the heart of the town at the Arc de Triomphe Puerta de Almuñécar (Blas Infantes Arches), this is also the main fairgrounds in the month of August. It lies between the main road (N-340) and the one and only “McDonald’s”. Friday Market AlmuñécarContinue reading

Almuñécar Municipal Market

Live like a local and get your daily shopping done at the Almuñécar Municipal Market.

Mercado Municipal – Almuñécar Municipal Market

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Supermarkets / Grocery Stores in Almuñécar

There are 3 main Supermarkets / Grocery Stores in Almuñécar.  There are also several specialty markets or small stores where you will be able to find imported or international products.  A few of these are open for limited hours on Sundays.  Check for details in the Almuñécar Directory now.

Grocery Stores in Almuñécar

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