There are many transportation options for getting from Malaga to Almuñécar.  To help facilitate your journey, below you will find a listing along with directions and maps.  The travel time can vary based on mode of transportation chosen as well as time or day of the week.  The Malaga airport code is AGP, click here for more Malaga Airport Information.


From Malaga To Almuñécar

From Malaga to Almuñécar By Bus

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There are some buses between Almuñécar and the Malaga Airport.   They offer a bus departing the airport daily, which goes directly to Almuñécar.  This is the Supra bus, which is more comfortable and only makes one brief stop in Malaga before going directly to Almuñécar .

There are more options if you can take a bus from the airport to the main bus station in Malaga.  Depending on the time of day you select, this journey will be approximately 1.5 – 2 hours.  Location of Malaga Bus and Train Station
The timetables below are examples at the time of writing.  Please check the Alsa website for current route, offers, and pricing information.

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When you are searching it will show many for Malaga, be sure you get the (airport bus), you can tell when you hover over the word “Malaga“.  You may also filter by the time to get the 14:15 bus, that should help.
Example below:

14:15 Daily, direct from Malaga AGP to Almuñécar (with one short stop in Malaga city)

11:15 Daily, direct from Almuñécar to Malaga AGP (with one short stop in Malaga city)

We have detailed instructions for how to take the bus from Malaga Airport to Almuñécar as well as from Almuñécar to Malaga Airport.


By Taxi (English Speaking)

This option will be about 1 hour of driving time to your location.
Malaga and Granada Airport Service  Fixed Prices
+34  649 121 831


By Shuttle / Private Car Service

Your choice of service for you (Malaga Airport)  AGP Shuttle.  You can book on-line right now.  This option will be about 1.15 hour of driving time to your location.

By Car  – Self Drive

There are many car hire options with very reasonable prices at the Malaga Airport.  This option will be about 1 hour of driving time to your location.  Click here for Spain car hire tips and tricks!

Malaga Airport to Almuñécar Driving Directions

There are a few Radar cameras along the way.  Check this site for current information.

Highway Province Kind km marker (PK Home – end)
A-7 Malaga Fixed radar 175.800
A-7 Malaga radar Section 200146-205268
A-7 Malaga radar Section 205268-200146
A-7 Malaga Fixed radar 246,046
A-7 Malaga Fixed radar 256,764
A-7 Malaga radar Section 287631-288740

Almuñécar to Malaga Airport Driving Directions
To/From Malaga (AGP) - Almunecar

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