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Around Town Map

Please refer to the town map to get a feel for the area and help you navigate around town.  Below we have pointed out some of the most common social areas to frequent, plazas, playgrounds, and playas!

Click on any of the headings for more information.

Town Plazas

There are many lovely plazas to visit around town.  Most of them have places to sit and relax or grab some food or drinks.  Click here to read more about the Almuñécar plazas.

Plaza Damasco Almunecar


There is over 19 km of coast in town, we share more about the Almuñécar beaches with you.

San Cristobal Beach view

Parks and Playgrounds

If you have little ones, you are going to want to bookmark this link.  Here is a map and photo of the Almuñécar Playgrounds and Parks.

Almunecar Playgrounds and Parks Spain - Barrio San Miguel

Almuñécar Neighborhoods

There are several neighborhoods in town and it can be difficult to know them all.  Here we share with you the main Almuñécar neighborhoods.

Almunecar neighborhoods


Tourist Information

There are a total of 3 Tourist Information Centers.  Click here to see a Photo, Map, Hours and more for all 3 of the Almuñécar Tourist Offices.

Almunecar Tourist Office


Transportation Around Town

There are a variety of transportation options available in Almuñécar.   Some are only available during the high season of the Summer months (July/Aug) , some run  in the Summer and shoulder season (May – Sept) and others are all year-long.  The links below should help you get a feel for the town and how to get around.

City Bus

There are several local bus lines to get you around town.  Click here to see each line and timetables for the local Almuñécar bus.

Almuñécar Bus getting around town


You will find many taxis available in front of the central bus station or near Olivares, all along Avenida Juan Carlos.

Taxi stand Avenida Juan Carlos I Almunecar (getting around town)



Tropico Express Tourist Train

The Tropico Express Train, usually runs during tourist season.  In the off season, it may be hired by groups or special events.

Tropico Express Tourist Train

Horse and Carriage

During the high season, you may enjoy a romantic ride along the beaches of Almuñécar
Horse and Carriage Almunecar


Bike Rental

There are 2 main bike paths along the paseo in town and there are several bike rental locations.  Depending on where you rent your bike, you will have choices of a paseo or city bike, a mountain bike or a road bike.  This area is great for exploring out of town, so click here for Bike Rental information.

cycling in Almunecar. Almuñécar Bike Rental. Cycling path along Velilla Beach


Boat Rental

During the summer months there are all sorts of water toys, jet skis, boats, kayaks and more rented from the main beaches.  You may also rent boats or hire a boat tour from the Marina del Este.


Things To Do

If you are looking for things to do In Almuñécar, this should get you started.  From enjoying nature to exploring the past, you will enjoy the surrounds of this great place.

Holiday Rentals

The Costa Tropical is filled with great places to stay. We have hotels, hostels, camping, homestay, as well as self-catering apartments and villas. We have them all here.


If you plan to drive, do pay attention to the painted lines on the street.  Any blue dashed lines are for pay parking and white dashed lines are free.  Here are more details about parking in Almuñécar and  how to pay a parking ticket.

Scavenger Hunt

Free Download!  Almuñécar Scavenger Hunt, with photos!
Please refer to the Town Map for locations.



Que ver en Almuñecar/ What to do in Almuñecar

Looking for things to do or what to see in town?  We have so many options for you, find out more!

Things to do in Almunecar Spain. From Almunecar Beaches, to castles there is so much to see and do. Including local activities, day trips, outdoors, Almunecar beaches and more. Read more on

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