How To Renew Your US Passport In Spain

CoIf you’re an American, and you’re fortunate enough to be living in Spain, there may come a time when you need to renew your US passport.  There are several Consulates within Spain (both the Iberian peninsula, and some of the islands (Balearics & Canarias).  Don’t worry, we are here to help you figure out how to renew your US passport in southern Spain!


We provide you with the information needed to Renew Your US Passport In Spain, with details about the US Consulate in Malaga. Read more on


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Where To Refill Your Butane Bottle or Bombona de Butano

If you live in Almuñécar, or its surrounding areas, chances are you use Butano (Butane bottle) for some sort of heating.  Butane is by far the dominant fuel used for heating in Spain.  It is much more common than say propane, and as such, this post will cover the HOW and WHERE to obtain replacement butane cylinders.

We share with you HOW and WHERE to obtain replacement butane cylinders in Almuñécar and La Herradura. Butano (Butane bottles).

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Almuñécar Shopping For A Cell Phone Or SIM Card

You have arrived in Spain, and perhaps you want to get local cell phone service.  Where do you go?  What do need to buy?  This post will provide some tips and strategies for getting connected.

You have arrived in Spain, and perhaps you want to get local cell phone service. Where do you go? What do need to buy? Keep on reading and we'll tell you. Read more on

We will cover two potential scenarios that new arrivals face having moved to Spain:

  1. You have a phone that works in Europe, but you need a Spanish SIM card;
  2. You need to purchase a new phone that’s compatible with the European networks;

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How To Pay Your Parking Fine in Almuñécar Spain

With the tourist season fast approaching, that means more people.  More people means more cars.  Unfortunately, it does not mean more parking spaces.  This post will explain how to pay your parking fine in Almuñécar.  I am sure it is similar around Spain, but we will provide you details and help save you money!  If you want to understand what all of the different colored lines mean on the road and where to park, click here.

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ITV Renewal – A quick How-To guide for renewing your car’s ITV

If you own a car in Spain, eventually you’ll need to renew its roadworthiness certification (ITV renewal).  Known as the M.O.T. in the United Kingdom, or the D.O.T. in the United States, the roadworthiness sticker is named ITV (Inspección Técnica de Vehículos) in Spain.  Renewing ITV is actually very straightforward.

How to renew your vehicle ITV in Spain. Read more about the ITV renewal on


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