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Almunecar Holiday Rentals, Hotels, and Property Listings

Almuñécar is at the heart of the Costa Tropical.  This area is filled with amazing places to stay from the high-end hotels, to the more inexpensive hostels and campgrounds, to holiday rentals, rural villas, and estates.  We have them all here and you will be amazed at what you can get for your money.  This town itself has many hills, so more opportunity for those incredible sea views.

Please keep in mind during high season rates will be higher.  High season – mid June through mid September and Semana Santa (Easter week).


Holiday Rentals

If you are planning to stay in Almuñécar more than a couple of nights, you may find that holiday rentals are what you need.  You can rent a Villa or Apartment, which many people find more comfortable and affordable.  This is one of the best ways to have a little more space, save a little money, and have the flexibility to eat in or dine out.  For a full list of hundreds of apartments and villas along with reviews we recommend shopping around by viewing a few holiday rental booking sites.  If you would like to get to know the popular neighborhoods, we have it all ready for you!

Almuñécar – 12 Sexi Neighborhoods

12 Almuñécar neighborhoods described and shown on map

We have the best Almuñécar holiday rentals here:


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Hotels/ Resorts/Hostels

If you are planning to stay in Almuñécar for just a few nights or prefer the comforts and service of a hotel or resort, not to worry.  We have the best Almuñécar hotel booking options here:

Our recommendations for Almuñécar hotels:

  • Hotel Helios  (Beach)

    Located right on San Cristobal beach and most recently renovated rooms have a wonderful sea view.  You are surrounded by many great restaurants as well as just 2 blocks from the grocery store.  They have an amazing breakfast buffet, a roof top bar in the summer as well as an outdoor pool.  There are many activities available and you can’t beat the location.  Click here to see photos, check pricing and availability now!Almunecar Hotel Helios, located on San Cristobal BeachRead our full review on Hotel Helios here.


  • Playa Senator Almuñécar – also known as Playa Spa Hotel (Beach)

    This is one of the larger hotels/resorts in town.  They are located along San Cristobal beach and many rooms offer an amazing sea view and sunset too.  With this resort, you have the option of booking all-inclusive, half board, breakfast, or room only.  They have a wonderful outdoor pool, but there is also an indoor pool for the winter.  There is a great spa, with all types of services too.  You can easily find parking in their garage and it is located right next door to the grocery store.  Of course many activities are offered as well.
    Click here to see photos, check pricing and availability now!

    Almuñécar Hotel Helios in White & Almuñécar Playa Senator Spa Hotel in terracotta
    Almuñécar Hotel Helios in White & Almuñécar Playa Senator Spa Hotel in terracotta


  • Hotel Bahia de Almuñécar (City Center)

    Centrally located, this is great for getting out and seeing the sights.  There is a roof top pool with gorgeous sea views and the hotel itself is fitted with contemporary features and will suit your needs.  Click here to see photos, check pricing and availability.

  • Bahia Tropical Hotel (Beach)

    The perfect summer location, just across from the beach.  It is located at the end of Velilla Beach, so you would either need transportation into town, take the city bus or be up for about a 45 minute walk.  The amenities are wonderful and you can choose your option of all-inclusive, half board, breakfast only or room only.  The staff is very nice as well.   Click here to see photos, check pricing and availability.

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If camping is what you desire, it is available in Almuñécar too!

  • Camping Tropical Almuñécarclick here for prices and availability
    The Tropical Almuñécar Camping is located in the countryside, 1 km from Almuñécar.  It offers apartments and bungalows with free Wi-Fi.  The property overlooks the Verde River and a bar with terrace.

Long-Term Rentals

If you are planning to stay in Almuñécar  more than a few months then you may want to look at long-term rentals.  You may also look at holiday rentals and ask if they would be willing to rent long-term, for a discounted price.  Here are some helpful tips for moving to a new country:


If you would like to get a feel for the different areas around town, please refer to the post on Almuñécar Neighborhoods.

If you would like to see what is nearby, please refer to the Almuñécar Town Map.



  • Apartamentos –  Apartments
  • Urbanización – A planned developed block of apartments or terraced homes, often with community amenities like a pool, parking or gym.
  • Edificio – Building.  Many buildings are named and may not have a street address.  For example the address may be Edificio Granada, Calle Sol s/n.  The s/n means sin numero, or no street number.  It is only identified by the building name.
  • Dormitorio – Bedroom
  • Habitaciones – Rooms

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