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Car insurance in Spain is pretty straightforward, and in this post, we will share with you Spain car insurance options.  Having car insurance is a legal requirement in Spain, so make sure you’re covered before getting the open road.  We’ll also review the EU accident report form in the event you have an accident.

Car insurance in Spain is pretty straightforward, and in this post, we will share with you Spain car insurance options.  Having car insurance is a legal requirement in Spain, so make sure you're covered before getting the open road.  We'll also review the EU accident report form in the event you have an accident. Read more on

Spain Car Insurance Coverage Requirements

The minimum level of insurance in Spain for a car required is third-party liability.  This includes pretty much everything with a motor.  Bicycles are not included, and at the time of this writing, those electric scooters that you see people stand on don’t officially require insurance, but there may be specific regulations at the local level, so ask around.  The fines levied by the police or Civil Guard can be up to 3000 euros, so make sure you’re covered!

It is stated in the Spanish law that  all motor vehicles in Spain must have valid insurance, with at least the minimum obligatory cover required by the law. If you have a car or motorcycle without the proper insurances, you could receive a hefty fine of up to 3000€.  Even if your vehicle isn’t used, is just parked or stored, or is only used on private property, you must have valid insurance.

This is known as obligatory insurance (seguro obligatorio) and you may ask your agent for a price quote for the minimum or various other options.

Obtaining Car Insurance Coverage

The first step to obtaining Spanish car insurance is to register your vehicle.  Foreign vehicles can be driven in Spain for up to 6 months before being required to be registered in Spain, but remember that the third-party liability coverage still applies.  As in most of Europe, the insurance policy is applied to the vehicle and not the driver.  And while it’s possible to add drivers to the policy, those drivers who are younger than 25, or have a poor driving record will negatively affect the premiums.

If you’re a non-EU citizen, the insurance policy may require the driver(s) have a valid Spanish driver’s license.  When shopping for a policy, make sure you’re clear with the insurance broker about your situation, in order to be covered in the event of an accident.  If you are relocating to Spain from another EU country, you’ll want to verify that your existing policy covers international travel/living.
Read more about getting a Spanish driver’s license.

Costs of Car Insurance In Spain

Of course we can’t give you an exact quote, as there are too many variables which factor in.  We are not agents but can tell you we have used 3 different companies in our many years in Spain.  For our Citroen Berlingo or Peugeot Partner type cars, we have paid from 500€ -600€ a year.  This is only to give you an idea of our costs.  Your car may be newer, older, different model and of course would have a different price.

Car Insurance Companies in Spain

There are many insurance companies in Spain, so as a consumer you should have many different options for obtaining coverage.  As with most types of insurance, you may receive a discount when you bundle your insurance policies.  For example; if you have Spain car insurance and health insurance, they will often discount the annual premium on both policies.

If you add another type of insurance, like home or renters insurance or even pet insurance, you will again be entitled to additional discounts.  So check around and see what works best for you.  Many banks will offer insurance as well.  Most of the providers listed below have handy rate calculators to help you budget for your car insurance premiums.  Note that we may have affiliate relationships with some of these carriers.

1. Expat Insurance in Spain – Offering Caser Seguros

The car insurance policies are specifically designed for expats in Spain.  They have English speaking support and easy to read documentation.  Offering the minimum required third party auto insurance to the no worries car comprehensive insurance.  There are over 500 repair garages within the network, there is 24/7 service and support available, services for managing fines, legal defense, fire, theft, windscreens, and more.  There is also the added bonus of them offering the maximum no claims discount for expats, so they assume your driving record is good.

You must have a Spanish driver’s license or Spain approved (EU and a few other countries).  The USA and UK are not part of this list.

Read more about their options for car insurance in Spain.

expat car insurance in Spain. Request a car insurance quote or visit the site for comparisons of coverage. Read more on


2. Linea Directa Car Insurance in Spain

This was the first car insurance coverage we had when we moved to Spain.  It was very easy to use, with good prices.  The only reason we switched was to take advantage of a bundle deal with our health insurance.  Our broker handled many different companies, so our health insurance and car insurance are with different companies, but we still benefit from a bundle.
Request a quote today

This is the Expat2Expat offer through 2021.
If you take out a policy with our offer link above, you will get 30 euros and so will we!

linea directa refer a friend offer 2021


3. Adeslas Seguro de Coche (Auto Insurance)

Adeslas is one of the biggest insurance networks in Spain and will certainly meet your needs.  They also offer a health, home, pet, and other insurance policies so you get discounts with bundles.  It doesn’t matter which office you purchase from, just as long as it is Spanish Car Insurance.

They provide coverage for anywhere in Spain:

Adeslas Almuñécar Spain – Click here for more info

Please tell Helios and team that Almuñécar Info sent you, so they can prioritize your request.SegurCaixa Adeslas Motril health insurance in Spain

European Accident Report

We hope you won’t need to use the European accident report, but we will share info just in case.  There is a standardized EU accident report form (Declaración Amistosa De Accidente).  It’s a form that both parties involved in an accident fill out.  The form is set up in such a way that both parties list what occurred, and blame is based on a “calculation”.  We can’t cover every type of situation, but if you are involved in an accident, you should contact the police and your insurance company, and they can assist you with the process.  Click here to see the full EU accident report form.

European Accident Report There is a standardized EU accident report form (Declaración Amistosa De Accidente).  It's a form that both parties involved in an accident fill out.  The form is set up in such a way that both parties list what occurred, and blame is based on a "calculation".  Read more on There is a standardized EU accident report form (Declaración Amistosa De Accidente).  It's a form that both parties involved in an accident fill out.  The form is set up in such a way that both parties list what occurred, and blame is based on a "calculation".  Read more on

e-accident form, fields to be completed:

Let’s cover the main areas of the form.  Most carriers provide blank forms which have a carbonless copy for you to keep in your vehicle.  Ask your carrier if they have not provided you with one.

  1. Date and Time of the accident;
  2. Location – Country and Place
  3. Note any injuries regardless of the severity.  If the injuries are severe, remember to maintain your personal safety first, then attend to others as you can.  Make sure you warn other vehicles (use of flares or the reflective triangle is recommended) and make sure police/medical personnel have been notified.
  4. In the event of an accident where more than two vehicles crash, such as in a chain collision, this should be noted here.
  5. The names, addresses, and telephone numbers (including mobile numbers) of the witnesses should be documented.
  6. For A or B, the Name, Surname, Address, Post Code, Country, Telephone, and/or Email.
  7. Information about the vehicle.  Make, model, plate number, and country of registration.  If a trailer was involved, then that info as well.
  8. Information about the insurance policy listed on the Green Card.  Name, policy number, etc.
  9. Information about the driver.  Name, date of birth, address, etc.  Note that this may be different than the policyholder.
  10. Indicate the location on the vehicle where the first impact occurred.

The Damages

  1. Details of all the damage to the vehicle as a result of the accident.
  2. This section will essentially determine responsibility for the crash.  If you’re uncomfortable filling this out, then make sure that you contact your insurance carrier, and they can assist you.  All of the boxes will be tallied, and this “Table of Guilt” will be used to determine responsibility.  It’s our opinion that it’s better to not fill it out rather than fill it out incorrectly.  Again, ask your insurance provider.  Driver A and B will put a cross in each applicable box.
    1. I was parked/stopped
    2. * Leaving a parking lot/opening door
    3. I was going to park
    4. Get out of a parking lot, a private place, a dirt road
    5. Entrance to a car park, to a private place, to a dirt road
    6. Entrance to a rotary direction square
    7. I was driving through a square with a rotating direction
    8. Rear-end collision with the other vehicle traveling in the same direction and in the same lane
    9. He was driving in the same direction and in a different lane
    10. Changed lane
    11. Overtaking
    12. Turned right
    13. Turned left
    14. I was backing up
    15. Invade the part reserved for reverse circulation
    16. Come to the right (at a crossroads)
    17. I did not respect the preference signal or forum in red
  3. Nothing tells a story like a good diagram.  Make a simple drawing of the accident at the time it occurred.  This is different from the placement of the vehicles after the accident.  It’s a small area, so keep the drawing simple, making note of the direction and rough speed of the vehicles, and any sort of signage, and other components of the accident.
  4. Make any clarifying notes on the circumstances of the accident.
  5. Your signature is required.

e-accident: European Accident Statement

If this is all too overwhelming there is another option!  You may download the e-accident app and set the language to your native language.

Here is a quick video on the e-accident process for more information.

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