Almuñécar Spain A-Z, Learn & Enjoy Almunecar

When it comes to learning about Almunecar Spain, this A-Z guide should help you out.  We are just having a little fun, while sharing more about the Costa Tropical area (Motril, Almuñécar, La Herradura, Salobreña, and more).  This particular post has a main focus of La Herradura and Almuñécar Spain!

Almuñécar A-Z Let's Learn A Little about the area. Come along and enjoy Almuñécar. Read more on


A – Almuñécar Spain!

This is a little coastal paradise, surrounded by the mountains and sea.  Need we say more?  Okay I guess you do want a little more info about Almuñécar.  Keep on reading through the rest of the letters and you will see why you should visit Almuñécar Spain and how it is an authentic Spanish experience!

Almuñécar Map -Holiday Rentals, Hotels, and Property Listings


B – Beaches

Did you know there are over 19km of beaches in Almuñécar?  We have them all listed here for you, with photos of some of the sand.  This is one of the all time favorites for everyone to enjoy Almuñécar.

Almuñécar Beaches


C – Churros & Chocolate

We all love our fried dough and for some reason, they taste so much better when someone else makes them.  Of course all around Spain you will find your churros and chocolate, and it is no different in Almuñécar.  You will find an abundance of churrerias around town, but we do have some favorites to tell you about.  The perfect place to socialize on a Saturday or Sunday morning!  Read more here.

Churros and Chocolate


D – Discovery!

There are so many amazing things to do in Almuñécar Spain and the surrounding area, for the adventurous outdoors person to the avid sun worshiper.  If you like shopping or checking out a little bit of history, we have it all for you.  Read more here.

Almunecar Majuelo Park Fish Salting Factory


E – Euros!

Well, if you want to spend money here  you will need your Euros!  There are several banks, cajas and ATMs in Almuñécar & La Herradura.  We have a map for you too!  Read more here.

Almuñécar ATM Locations (including Velilla and La Herradura)


F – Friday Market

The market’s real name is “Mercadillo Los Viernes” (The Friday Market). The entrance right in the heart of the town at the Arc de Triomphe Puerta de Almuñécar (Blas Infantes Arches), this is also the main fairgrounds in the month of August.  It lies between the main road (N-340) and the one and only “McDonald’s”.  Read more here.

Friday Market Almunecar with plants, clothing, ceramics, spices, nuts, honey, and more.


G – Government (Almunecar Spain Town Hall, Foreigners Office & More)

If you are new to town and need to find your way to Motril to visit the Oficina Extranjera or just go to the Ayuntamiento for paperwork.  Maybe you need to get the ITV done on your car or a passport renewed?  If so, then we have all of the information you need available in our directory.  Read more here.  Read more here.

Almuñécar Ayuntamiento - Almuñécar Town Hall read more on Almuñé


H – Holidays!

There are plenty of celebrations in Almuñécar & La Herradura.  We have created a calendar to provide you with the dates for Almuñécar holidays (local & national), ferias, fiestas and additional public school days off.  Read more here.

Almuñécar Holidays, Ferias & Fiestas (Local & National)


I – Insurance (Health, Auto, Travel & More)

In our directory, we share with you many local places to purchase insurance.  It is amazing how inexpensive private health insurance or auto insurance can be compared to other countries.  Oh and don’t forget to buy some travel insurance for that next trip.
Read more here about affordable health insurance in Spain.

Peace of mind with Travel Insurance or Medical Insurance in Spain. Almunecar


J –  Jump off the Cliff and Paraglide!

Did you know La Herradura is one of the best places for paragliding in Spain?  How exciting and it is right over the Mediterranean Sea!  Imagine floating in the sky and then landing on the beach.  This is just for you, if you love excitement and adventure.  Read more here.

Tandem Paragliding in La Herradura Spain


K – Kids!  Yep, Almuñecar is a family friendly location.

If you have kids then you will love it here!  There are small parks and playgrounds all around town.  If you have little ones and are looking for a playgroup or a location for children’s parties or a bouncy house, then we can help you with that information too.  Each evening you will see all of the kids playing in one of the many plazas or along the paseo too.  Oh and guess what, you are more than welcome to bring your kids along for your dinner and a night out.  This is a very family friendly location and your kids will enjoy the freedom.

Almuñécar Playgrounds and Parks - Puerta del Mar


L – Las Alpujarras

We have been sharing all that we love in our town of Almuñecar.and Costa Tropical, but we also love the nearby mountains, especially the white villages in Las Alpujarras.  We do recommend a day trip to the Village of Pampaneira (only about 75 km away, with narrow mountain roads). According to the 2005 census, the village has a population of 355 inhabitants. We read there were many artisans to visit and gorgeous scenery to enjoy, as well as many other villages along the way like Orgiva.

Handmade rugs in Pampaneira. the white villages in Las Alpujarras. We do recommend a day trip to the Village of Pampaneira


M – Mercado Municipal

Ah the Municipal Market!  This is the daily market, excluding Sunday, where you can get produce direct from the farmers, fresh flowers, spices, butchers, bakers and a good-sized fish market as well.  Read more here.

Mercado Municipal Almuñécar Butcher


N – Naturist Beaches and Spa Night

If clothing optional is more your style, then you are in the right place.  There are a few naturist beaches in the area as well as a special spa night each month.  Read more here.

Naturist Beach del Muerto (Nude Beach)


O – Outdoors

There is no better place than Costa Tropical, when it comes to offering experiences in the outdoors.  You can hike up rivers, discover waterfalls, stroll through farms, cycle just about anywhere and more.  With the cliffs plunging into the sea, you will have spectacular views no matter where you are.  We offer great choices in our Hiking Guide as well as Hiking Guide section.  Read more about Things To Do In Almuñécar Spain!  You can hike up rivers, discover waterfalls, stroll through farms, cycle just about anywhere and more.

A Day Trip from Almuñécar to Monachil, Los Cahorros Trail Don't worry, many families with kids go on this trail and while the hanging bridges might be a bit scary with some boards missing, they are safe and inspected.


P – Phoenicians in Almunecar

The monument to Phoenicians is located along the upper level of the Paseo del Altillo.  This is a tribute to the Phoenician culture and its contribution to the history of Almuñécar.  It was built after the Phoenician Necropolis was unearthed nearby and their ancient mysteries discovered.  Read more here.

Paseo del Altillo - Monument to Phoenicians Almuñécar


Q – Quick Trip To Granada or Málaga

Sometimes when you live in a smaller town, you need some of the conveniences of a bigger city.  If that is what you are looking for then it is easy to reach Granada or Málaga, each just about 1 hour away.  If you are looking for things to do in Granada, we have some suggestions for you.  We also have a few things to do in Málaga.  We provide detailed directions on how to get from the Málaga airport to Almuñécar, as well as detailed directions on how to take the bus into Málaga and go shopping at the malls.

A day trip to Granada from Almunecar. Things to do in Granada. This is La Alhambra.


R – Recycle in Spain

We know that there are many plastics in use in Spain, but we can at least recycle to help.  If you are new to Spain and come from another country the recycle system may be a bit different for you.  There are usually a variety of recycle bins scattered around every city, town and small village.  Sometimes many of the recycle bins are grouped together and other times you will see just one or two.  Read more here.

Almunecar Recycle Bins - How to Recycle in Spain small


S – Sexi or Sexitano

Almuñécar began as a Phoenician colony named Sexi, and even today, some of its inhabitants still call themselves Sexitanos. Under the Moors, Almuñécar blossomed as the fishing town of al-Munakkab (المُنَكَّب) or Ḥiṣn-al-Munakkab (حصن المنكب). Although the Phoenician and Roman history of the district was known from Greek and Roman sources it was not until the 1950s that significant archaeological evidence was discovered.  Read more about the history here.

Centro Commercial Sexitano Almuñécar, Spain


T – Transportation in Almunecar and Costa Tropical

Did you know there are over 5 city bus routes for Almuñécar, plus access to the rest of Spain via the central bus station.  We share information about taxi services, bikes, tourist trains, cars, as well as complete directions for getting to and from the airport or shopping malls!  Read more here.

Planning on driving in Spain?  Do you know what to do when there is a green light & a stop sign at the same intersection?  You may want to read our ebook on Driving in Spain.  Read more here.

Remember if you are flying in Europe, many airlines have different size regulations for the carry on luggage.  Read our post on the best carry on luggage for Europe.

Almunecar Bus station and taxi stand


U – Unique Almunecar Places To Stay

The town has many hotels, hostals and apartments on offer, so you really can find something for everyone.  We share with you how to find a holiday rental in Almuñécar as well as long-term rentals.  Please read our full list of places to stay in Almuñécar.

The Best Place To Stay In Almuñécar With Amazing Views! Hotel Helios Costa Tropical


V – Villages

There are many adorable villages to explore nearby.  La Herradura is the closest along the coast and is part of the Almuñécar municipality.  It is in the shape of a horseshoe, thus the name La Herradura.  You may also enjoy a drive or bike ride up to Jete and Otivar, for some stunning country scenery.  If you are up for exploration and a 30-60 minute drive, do visit Frigiliana (near Nerja) as well as the many villages in Las Alpujarras (towards Granada).  We also have our guide of Things to do in Granada.

La Herradura
Tandem Paragliding in Almuñécar Spain


W – Wine Tasting & Roman Aqueduct

What better way to experience a bit of local culture than to visit a historic Roman Aqueduct and also enjoy a wine tasting.  Read more here.

Vinacoteca La Princesa Almunecar Wine Tasting


X – X Marks The Spot!

You are in for so much fun with the local geocaching hunt!  It’s a riddle, a puzzle and a fun activity for all.  To solve the cache, you must visit different places of the municipality and take note of the data requested.  Read more here.

Almunecar Old Town Calle Real Fountain


Y – Yummy!

There are so many amazing places to eat around town and we have created a few lists of our favorites.  If you are on a tight budget or just enjoy a more casual meal, here is our list of Almuñécar Restaurants & La Herradura Restaurants.  Of course we also like to show off some of our nicer places to eat too.  You pick which you prefer.

9 Yummy & Nice Almuñécar Restaurants In The Spotlight. Read more on


Z – Zip Around On Foot with our Almuñécar Walking Guides provides self-guided walking tours of Almuñécar and the surrounding areas.  These are tours which provide you with directions, as well as historical information and tips.  Our passion is traveling, exploring and experiencing.  Our mission is to provide a quick and easy source of information to print and take with you when you visit.  Read more here.

Almuñécar Walking Guide Leader Board


Sports, Clubs, and Social Groups

There is nothing better than a sense of community and that is what you will find in many of the social groups available in Spain.  There are several resources at your disposal via Social Groups, Clubs, Facebook Groups, Google+ Groups, Blog and Websites about Spain or the Costa Tropical area.  Within these groups, you may connect and learn from others.  If you are looking for second-hand or used goods, there are several different buy, sell, swap groups too.  Read more about Sports, Clubs and Social Groups.

Almuñecar social groups, there's nothing better than a sense of community & support. There are many social groups available in Almuñecar Spain. Read more on

Almunecar Spain –  Costa Tropical Gem!

There is so much information available for you to enjoy Almunecar Spain!  It is a great place to live or keep as a home base, while exploring the rest of Spain or Europe.  If you are wanting to take day trips or weekends away in Spain and beyond!


Head on over to Almunecar Info Facebook and give us a LIKE and tell us your thoughts.  What do you love about Almuñécar?

Almuñecar is considered one of the oldest cities in Spain!

Almuñecar (Granada) (8th century BC) . The Phoenicians called it Sexi and in III A. D came the Romans who gave it their own currency and built theater, aqueduct and temples.  Read more about the 20 oldest cities in Spain!


Relocating to the Costa Tropical?

If you are planning to move to the area, please view the relocation services we offer to assist.


Expert Real Estate Lawyers on Costa Tropical Spain:
Lex Artis Solicitors are Your Trusted Solicitors for Property Transactions and Beyond. Speaking English, French, Spanish!
Expert Real Estate Lawyers on Costa Tropical Spain: Lex Artis Solicitors are Your Trusted Solicitors for Property Transactions and Beyond. Speaking English, French, Spanish!

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