Almuñécar Monument to Phoenicians

The monument to Phoenicians is located along the upper level of the Paseo del Altillo.  This is a tribute to the Phoenician culture and its contribution to the history of Almuñécar.  It was built after the Phoenician Necropolis was unearthed nearby and their ancient mysteries discovered.  

Paseo del Altillo - Monument to Phoenicians Almuñécar

Monument to Phoenicians

The Phoenicians first put Almuñécar on the map as a trading town in the 800s BC.  At that time the town was named Sexi.  Today many of the inhabitants still refer to themselves as ‘Sexitanos’.  During this period, Almuñécar’s large fish salting and curing industry became a major supplier to Greece and Rome.

The sculpture is in bronze and was made by the contemporary artist Miguel Moreno Romera.   He also made the monument to Water, near the central bus station.  In addition, he created the monument to Shipwrecked Sailors along the Paseo La Herradura.

The mosaic base of the monument was added in 2014, as part of the project to improve the paseo.  The mosaic style has been continued down the paseo to Playa Puerta del Mar.  Here you will find many of the cement benches covered with a similar mosaic.  This really adds to the monument and makes for a perfect foreground for the sunset behind.

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Paseo del Altillo

Paseo del Altillo split level. lower level playground, beach, restaurants, bars, and night clubs. Upper level, paseo, walking, benches, gardens.

The Paseo del Altillo – is a split-level paseo.  On the lower level you have many trendy restaurants, bars and night clubs.  If you are looking for late night action, this is a great location to be.  During the day, there is also a great playground on the beach for the kids.

On the upper level, you will have vast views out to sea and a large plaza area for walks or sitting on the benches.  There is underground paid parking below the paseo and you are right on the edge of the pedestrian only section of old town.

During the holiday season, this paseo hosts a wonderful Medieval Market as well as other activities, festivals and more throughout the year.

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