Calle Real Fountain – Almuñécar

As you meander the pedestrian streets of old town Almuñécar, you are bound to happen upon the Calle Real Fountain.  This fountain was originally built in 1559, with remnants of the Roman aqueduct encased in glass beside the fountain.  It 1994, the Calle Real Fountain was restored to its current state.  

Almunecar Old Town Calle Real Fountain

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Almuñécar Monument to Water

The monument to water is one of the many monuments you will find around town.  This one in particular is very interesting to look at.  These are really three separate statues; three bronze torsos (one male and two females) leaping over fountains of water.  Because the artist created without heads or complete bodies, some think they are a work in progress, but we assure you they are complete.

Monument to Water, Main Bus Station

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Monument to Shipwrecked Sailors

As you enter the town of La Herradura, you will notice a large bronze sculpture along the beach.  This is the Monument to Shipwrecked Sailors.   The deep bay of La Herradura hides the remains of 25 ships of the Spanish Navy, and more than five thousand sailors.  The La Herradura naval disaster occurred on October 19, 1562, due to a very large storm.

Monument to Shipwrecked Sailors La Herradura Spain

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Blas Infante Arches – Puerta de Almuñécar

When visiting Almuñécar, it is almost impossible not to notice the Blas Infante Arches (Puerta de Almuñécar).  As you pass by on the N340, you will see the Blas Infante Arches stand out amidst all of the tall trees.  This is a great meeting point in town, as it is easy to find.

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Peñones del Santo – Natural Monument of Almuñécar

.Peñones del Santo is a natural monument with the addition of a man-made cross.  You may climb to the top of Peñones del Santo for vast views of Almuñécar and the beautiful cost of Granada beaches.  There is a large plaza at the top with a very large cross at the highest point.  The surrounding metal railings have become a location for people to leave behind their locks of love.

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Casillas de Peones Camineros Almuñécar

You can spend years living in an area, and pass by interesting historical sites, and not even know it.  This post will cover the Casillas de Peones Camineros (Road Workers’ House) in Almuñécar, but you can find them all over Spain.  It’s easy to overlook not only the building, but the role it played in keeping Almuñécar connected to the rest of Spain.

You can pass by interesting historical sites in Spain without even knowing it.  The Casillas de Peones Camineros (Road Workers' House) in Spain. Read more on

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A Hidden Gem In The Old Streets Of Almuñécar Municipal Pottery Center

Meander the pedestrian streets of barrio San Miguel and you are in for a treat, when you find the Municipal Pottery Center (Centro de Alfarería Municipal).  It’s a step back in time to the day of the Nasrid and Sexitanos, right in the heart of Almuñécar.  Located just around from the castle is a revived piece of history.  The Cerámica Alcaller is hidden in the old town walls above Majuelo Park and the perfect place to see authentic and traditional ceramics in Spain.

Almuñécar 's municipal pottery center. Meander the streets of barrio San Miguel and you are in for a treat.  A step back in time to the day of the Nasrid and Sexitanos.  Just around from the castle, along the old town walls is a revived piece of history.  It's the Cerámica Alcaller hidden in the old town streets of Almuñécar and the perfect place to see authentic and traditional ceramics in Spain.  The town hall has has this labeled as the Centro de Alfarería Municipal or the Municipal Pottery Center. Read more on


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Faro de La Herradura (The La Herradura Lighthouse)

Picture a sentinel in an old stone watchtower, perched high up on the cliffs of Punta de la Mona.  He can see for miles out to sea and along the coastline, with mountainous lands jetting right into the sea.  He is there protecting the castles and the nearby villages.  There’s nothing but the rocky cliffs with the sea crashing below.  He has means to communicate with the neighboring watchtowers along the coast, via light signals.  This was the life of a watchman back in the 1700’s.

The Punta de la Mona tower (Torre Punta de la Mona) was originally built as a watchtower in the 1700s and was converted to a lighthouse in 1992.  Now the Faro de La Herradura or the La Herradura lighthouse, with must see stunning views of Almuñecar and La Herradura.

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