Almuñécar Spain on the Costa Tropical

Almunecar Spain is located in the heart of the Tropical Coast Costa Tropical, which meanders along a shoreline of picturesque beaches and pristine coves, complimented by the beautiful backdrop of the mountains and the warm waters of the Mediterranean.  It is located within the Province of Granada in the Autonomous Community of Andalucia.

Guide to Almunecar Spain in Costa Tropical,  full of picturesque beaches, coves, mountains. How to get there, things to do, where to stay, where to eat.  Read more on

What is the weather in Almunecar Spain?

This stretch of the coast offers visitors the unique opportunity of enjoying a subtropical micro climate in southern Spain. Costa Tropical is nestled between Costa del Sol of Málaga and Costa de Almeria.

The average temperature is 20º Centigrade (68ºF) with approximately 320 days of sunshine a year.  The summer months can reach near 32º Centigrade 89ºF) and the winter months 9º Centigrade (48ºF).    Here is a full breakdown by month for El tiempo en Almuñecar (the weather in Almunecar, vejret Almunecar).

This Spring like climate has helped the gentle slopes and fertile plains that rise up from the beach to grow a large variety of produce and tropical fruits.  The Tropical Coast is speckled with quaint Spanish towns and villages with a Moorish flair.  Each of these offer the visitor a broad range of tourism possibilities, including all types of water-sports, outdoor activities, in addition to interesting culture and history.

While Motril is the largest city in Costa Tropical, Almunecar seems to win the hearts of the tourists. It is the second largest city in the area and full of activities, places to stay, and things to do. It maintains its historic charm and beauty. Even though La Herradura is one of the smallest villages in Costa Tropical, it packs a punch with character, restaurants and activities too.

Almunecar Spain is located in the heart Costa Tropical (Tropical Coast), which meanders along a shoreline of picturesque beaches, coves, mountains and the Mediterranean. How to get there, what to do, what to see, where to eat. Read more on

Where is the nearest Airport to Almunecar?

You have a couple of options just an hour away and a few more just beyond that.  Don’t worry, you can easily get to Almunecar from various airports.  Airports Closest To Almuñécar, La Herradura & Costa Tropical.  Some people may be searching for Almunecar Spanien, Almunecar Espagne, or Almunecar Spain, without the accents.  Don’t worry, we have all of the information for you here! 

The municipality of Almuñécar is a lovely place to live/visit, but in order to enjoy it, you have to get here.  What are the airports closest to Almuñécar, La Herradura & Costa Tropical?  If you're flying from another country, or from within Spain, there are a number of airports to use.  There are two main choices for airports (Malaga and Granada).  We will also touch on other airports that can be used when traveling to Almuñécar. Read more on

How to get to Almunecar and Costa Tropical

How To Get From Malaga To Almuñécar. There are many transportation options for getting from Malaga to Almuñécar.  To help facilitate your journey, below you will find a listing along with directions and maps.  The travel time can vary based on mode of transportation chosen as well as time or day of the week.  The Malaga airport code is AGP, click here for more Malaga Airport Information.  We will help you with driving to Almuñécar, taking the bus to Almuñécar, and other transportation options. Read more on


Almuñécar A-Z

Let’s Learn A Little & Enjoy Almuñécar Almuñécar A-Z Let's Learn A Little about the area. Come with us and enjoy Almuñécar. Almunecar is located in the heart Costa Tropical (Tropical Coast), which meanders along a shoreline of picturesque beaches, coves, mountains and the Mediterranean. How to get there, what to do, what to see, where to eat. Read more on

The Plazas – A Spanish Way Of Life

The Almuñécar Plazas are an important part of daily life.  We will share with you some of the most popular Spanish Plazas, along with photos, and a map with the location.  These plazas not only offer a place to find shops and restaurants, they are also social gathering spots.  These are the outdoor living rooms for the town to enjoy and meet up with friends.  Of course it is popular all over Spain, but the weather in Costa Tropical ensures our Spanish plazas are active all year-long.  Read more about the Almunecar Plazas!
Enjoy Almuñécar Plazas to experience the charm of Spanish life.  We will share with you some of the most popular Spanish plazas, with a map. Read more on


Almunecar Info – Getting To Know Things Around Town

No matter if you are new to the area or have been here a long time, this is perfect for getting to know your way around Almuñécar.  We try to cover the most important things you would need to know or find.  Of course you can always use our search bar in the upper right of the page as well.  We do hope this helps and keep in mind, we are local expats who do this for free from the kindness of our hearts, so be kind!  Read more about Almunecar Old Town.

Restaurante La Ventura Flamenco Old Town Almunecar. Just down one of the side allies you will find this hidden treasure, Restaurante La Ventura.  The environment is cozy and a great place to feel the music run through you, while watching the flamenco show. Read more on


Almunecar Shopping!

There is plenty of shopping available in Almunecar in the town center and the neighboring streets.  From markets, to butchers, to boutique shop, sporting goods, electronics, phones and more. The Main streets through town are Avenida Juan Carlos I and Avenida Andalucia.

You can find just about anything for your daily needs when shopping in Almuñécar or shopping in La Herradura.  Once in a while you may want to go to a big shopping center, so we share some of those options with you too. Read more on
Our master Centro Comercial Almuñecar shopping post covers it all, but here are a few for you below as well.


Sports, Clubs, and Social Groups

There is nothing better than a sense of community and that is what you will find in many of the social groups available in Spain.  There are several resources at your disposal via Social Groups, Clubs, Facebook Groups, Google+ Groups, Blog and Websites about Spain or the Costa Tropical area.  Within these groups, you may connect and learn from others.  If you are looking for second-hand or used goods, there are several different buy, sell, swap groups too.  Read more about Sports, Clubs and Social Groups.

Almuñecar social groups, there's nothing better than a sense of community & support. There are many social groups available in Almuñecar Spain. Read more on


La Herradura & Almuñécar Day Trips!

We share some of our favorites places to explore in the nearby area, perfect for day trips away.
Day trips from Costa Tropical - If you are just looking to explore a little outside of the city for the day, we have many options for you to choose from.  Of course, we have these listed as day trips from Almuñécar & La Herradura (Costa Tropical), but you obviously can depart from where you like.  It is just some inspiration for you to try out some new places. Read more on


La Herradura & Almuñécar Places to stay!

We share with you Almunecar hotels, hostals, apartments and more.  Where To Stay Almuñécar & La Herradura. Almuñécar is filled with amazing places to stay and we share where to stay Almuñécar! Holidays, Hotels, Apartments & More. Read more on

La Herradura & Almuñécar Sports, Groups and Clubs!

There is no shortage of groups and clubs for you to choose from, we share many of those with you here.


Popular Social Media Spots In Almuñécar & La Herradura

Social Media has taken over and some of us can’t live without it.  It seems we have an urge to share with the world what a great time we are having or the beautiful place we are located.  We’ve scoured Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook to share with you the popular social media spots in Almuñécar & La Herradura.

Social Media Spots Almuñécar - La Herradura - When you feel compelled to share with the world.  Try these popular social media spots in Almuñécar & La Herradura, beautiful, fun & quirky.  Read more on


Buying Property in Costa Tropical

Here are some top tips from a local lawyer!  Things to think about before buying a property in Spain.

Spain Coasts

Spain Costas or the Spanish Coasts provide a great variety of beaches, towns, and coves to choose from.  Spain is known as the Iberian Peninsula, which is shared with Portugal.  Being a peninsula means there is plenty of Spanish Coastline to discover and experience.  Along the south and east are the Mediterranean beaches. Then the west and north provide you with Atlantic or Bay of Biscay beaches.
Spain Costas or the Spanish Coasts provide beaches, nature, cities and towns. We explain each of the areas along the Spanish coastline. Read more on

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