How To Get To Larios Mall & Other Shopping Málaga

Are you getting cabin fever staying in the small coastal city of Almuñécar?  Are you dreaming of a day out at a big and modern shopping mall?  Well, let us share with you how to get to Larios Mall, Vialia Mall, IKEA Malaga, Plaza Mayor, from Almuñécar to Málaga and back.  We provide you with instructions via the public bus, in addition to directions for driving a car.

How To Get To Larios Mall - Almuñécar to Málaga

Bus from Almuñécar to Málaga City Center

There are several options to take the bus daily from Almuñécar to the Málaga city center.  Depending on your time of departure, it will take from 75 minutes – 2 hours.  The fare is usually under 8€ each way or 15€ round trip.  Once you exit the bus, make your way out of the bus station.

Depending on how you exit, Larios mall should just be a few blocks away.  If you exit near where the bus dropped you and head out the road by the train station, Larios mall will be to your left when you reach the main road.  If you get off of the bus and enter the bus station and exit out the other side, Larios mall should be directly in front of you and to the right.

 You may click here for bus schedule!

Please see map below for locations and walking directions.

Location of Malaga Bus and Train Station.

Where can I buy bus tickets?

  • Online:  It is advisable to book your bus tickets in advance, You may book your bus tickets here now!  This will allow you to select your seat and ensure you have a spot on the bus.  They do fill up fast.
  • On the bus:  You may also purchase a ticket on the bus, but it is first come first served.  They sometimes fill up with online reservations and you may not get a seat on the bus.
  • At the bus station:  Here in Almuñécar, there is a ticket booth directly inside the bus station, as well as an automated kiosk.  The building is unlocked from about 7:00 – 22:00, which can sometimes change.  It is recommended you just purchase online.  Almuñécar from the central bus station.
    Almunecar Bus station and taxi stand

 You may buy your bus tickets now!

If you are looking for other means of transportation, we offer more information for you.  You can drive, take a taxi, take a shuttle bus, use a rideshare and more.


Driving from Almuñécar to Málaga Larios Mall

It takes about 1 hour to drive from Almuñécar to Larios Mall.  There is free parking on site in a multi-level garage (1500 spaces), with validation of a purchase.  There is also a fairly decent mall at the train station as well.

More information about Larios Centro Comercial and Vialia

from Almunecar to Larios Mall Malaga

Website for Larios Mall (Centro Comercial Larios) – Click Here

Avda. de la Aurora, 25
29002 – Málaga
Tfn: 952 36 93 93
Fax: 952 36 90 78

You will be able to visit many of your high street shops, with 153 stores to choose from.  They also have loads of restaurants as well.

Website for Vialia Mall (Centro Comercial Vialia) – Click Here

This is the mall within the Train station, located just across from the bus station.  They too have many shops, restaurants and a cinema.

Explanada de la Estación, s/n. 29002 – Málaga
Contacto Comercial: 952 040 915
Información Renfe: 902 320 320
Información de estaciones: 902 432 343


Website El Corte Inglés – Click Here

If that wasn’t enough shopping for you, just a couple more blocks away you will also find El Corte Inglés.

Edificio 2, Calle Hilera, 8, 29002 Málaga
Contacto Comercial:  952 076 500


I Want to go to IKEA Malaga, Designer Outlet, or Plaza Mayor Shopping!

For more Malaga shopping, you can head over to Plaza Mayor, you will also find Designer Outlet and the new McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Málaga!

Have fun shopping!

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