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Almuñecar Social Groups & Informational Resources

There is nothing better than a sense of community and that is what you will find in many of the social groups available in Spain.  There are several resources at your disposal via Social Groups, Clubs, Facebook Groups, Blog and Websites about Spain or the Costa Tropical area.  Within these groups, you may connect and learn from others.  If you are looking for second-hand or used goods, there are several different buy, sell, swap groups too.

Almuñecar social groups, there's nothing better than a sense of community & support. There are many social groups available in Almuñecar Spain. Read more on

Here are some to get you started, but do a search for more.

Costa Tropical Social Groups and Spain Information

Some of these are general to Spain, while others are specific to social groups in Almuñécar, La Herradura or Costa Tropical.  Those in this first list have websites of their own.  Further down you will find a list of Facebook groups to join.


  • local clubs and sports (darts, kickboxing, tennis, paragliding, padel, judo, cycle, handball, petanque, diving, fishing, and more)
  • Sea Swimming Group – All season sea swimming group in Almunecar, more information here.
  • Costa Women – this is a group for women all through the coast of Spain.
    There is a subgroup on Facebook specifically for Costa Tropical as well, but you do need to sign up for the free membership in the main group first.
  • Almuñecar International Women’s Group (AIWG) with monthly newsletter
    958 639 515 or
  • The International Club of Salobreña  – The international club is first and foremost a social club with the aim of fostering friendships and harmony. New members are always welcome and we often offer trips and tours.  Our official language is English, however, our members (around 180) come from many parts of the world.
  • American International Club
    (Nerja – from Almuñecar to Torrox)
  •  Una Vida Buena Almuñecar – An International group interested in cohousing for the future in Almuñecar (55+ years old)  Either in an existing complex or building.  Read more here
  • Expats in Spain – from all nationalities
  • Centro Mujer Almuñecar
  • an association of Flemish and Dutch-speaking hibernators who stay for a short or longer period in the coastal town of Almuñécar on the Spanish Costa Tropical (province of Granada).
  • Spain Buddy

Town Facility Rental Price list  

  • Municipal Padel and Tennis Courts
  • Municipal Swimming Pool
  • Municipal Gym
  • Running Track
  • Climbing Club
  • futbol pitch
  • Pavilion
  • Stadium


Walking / Hiking Groups

    • The tourism board’s walking groups (senderismo) and more.
  • Ayuntamiento sports clubs (Fishing, diving, chess, tennis, padel, Aikido, Judo, kick boxing, cycling, futbol, handball, basketball, shooting, bmx, petanca, moto, paragliding, ping pong, volleyball, gymnastics, and more) – read more here.
  • Sexi Senderistas – just a group of people who like to organize walks and hikes.  “There is no leader of the Sexi Senderistas. The routes are decided by discusion. There is no membership. No money ever changes hands and anyone who comes on a walk does so at their own risk.”  Free and no membership.
  • We can’t forget the Sexi Ramblers too, another Facebook group.
    “A group walking within 25 km of the Almunecar area on Wedensday and possibly Sundays. Our walks are around 7-12 km, between October and May.  Bring water, some lunch, good walking shoes and a smile. Welcome to join us!”
  • Hiking club – link here.

Business Groups

Almuñécar – La Herradura Business Referral Network (BNI Vanguardia)

Our members grow their business through a structured, positive, and professional referral network.  Which in turn helps them to create meaningful, long-term relationships with other business owners.  More information on our Referral Network

Almuñécar Facebook Groups (Social Costa Tropical)

Almunecar Community –

Keeping up with  local services or events –   Join Group

La Herradura & Almuñecar Lovers (Costa Tropical)
          Share your favorite restaurants, your best pictures, and other news about La Herradura & Almuñecar, Costa Tropical
Posts only in English, please. –   Join Group

Costa Tropical Local Info

Since the Costa Tropical of Spain and Alpujarra region seem to be lacking of non-spanish group to connect both with locals & güiris, please feel free to post in this group anything relevant for permanent residents or just visitors. You can post from questions, upcoming events, markets, join business proposals, music gigs, art exhibitions, fiestas, reviews, recommendations of restaurants that you’ve discovered, interesting places to take visitors, good deals, etc. Also if you need help and advice on any local issues – you can post it here and someone in the group will be able to help. Join Group

Almunecar Men’s Book Group –

We meet every other week on Saturday. Reading the book is not required. Ability to read is not required. Just show up. All men are welcome. Group communication is by WhatsApp.   Join Group

Local Choir group

  • Coro Ciudad de Almuñécar  Facebook
    Official Profile of the City of Almuñécar Choir United to music since 1987
    +34 600 50 22 85

choir based in Almuñècar on the Costa Tropical.  Join Group

Artists of Plastic –  Meeting ART Almuñécar

ARTEX Almuñécar

Collective of local ARTEX artists from Almuñécar and La Herradura (Granada), such as painters, sculptors, photographers, poets, writers, singers, musicians, actors, dancers; that is, all the local artists, residents and even those who live in other cities or other countries and want to participate in our activities.  Join Group

Almuñecar Youth Center

Casa Juventud Almuñecar (Almuñecar Youth Center) – located near Plaza theatre, behind the Paseo del Altillo

International Groups

Spain Expats

Spain Forum by – Join the independent information network for expats in Spain.

Expats in Spain

An open forum for all Expats to ask Questions, Get Help and Guidance on Health Care, Education, Housing, N.I.E and Visas, Finance, Motoring & Transportation and to post Information to the Expat Community in Spain. Join Group

Expats in Spain Help site

This site is dedicated to helping Expats before, during and after their stay in Spain.  Join Group

Other groups


Why volunteer?  It is a great chance to give something back to the community and make a difference to the people around you.  It can also be an opportunity to develop new skills, create new relationships.  Choose to volunteer with schools, environment, animals and more.  Here are some volunteer opportunities in La Herradura, Almuñecar & Costa Tropical.  It is also a fun way to interact with the locals and meet new people.  Read more about options for volunteering in Costa Tropical.
Choose to volunteer with schools, environment, animals and more. Here are some volunteer opportunities in La Herradura, Almuñecar & Costa Tropical. Read more on

Almuñecar Buy / Sell used goods in and around Costa Tropical 

Almunecar Plaza Higuitos Around Town

Almuñécar Sports, Teams and Clubs

These are the links you need if you are looking to join a local futbol team, ping pong club, chess club, scuba diving, bowling, padel, dance, tennis, handball, gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, weight lifting, martial arts, cycling, basketball, handball, hiking, kickboxing, judo, kenpo, aikido, fishing, triathlon, parachuting, and more.

Sports, Clubs and Social Groups in Almunecar and La Herradura. These are the links you need if you are looking to join a local futbol team, ping pong club, chess club, scuba diving, bowling, padel, dance, tennis, handball, gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, weight lifting, martial arts, cycling, basketball, handball, hiking, kickboxing, judo, kenpo, aikido, fishing, triathlon, parachuting, and more. Read more on

Cycling in Spain

We have more information for those seeking more locations for cycling in Spain.

China Beach (Playa China) Almunecar Scuba Divers

Intercambio (Language Exchange)

This is a language exchange, typically a local will want to learn English and you would like to learn Spanish.  You meet up and each takes a bit of time to speak in the other language.


The Costa Tropical Local Info Group holds a language exchange every Saturday at JR Rinconcillo, 11:00 am.

We hope to see you there ??

Please WhatsApp Chris to be added to the appropriate WhatsApp group.

Contact on WhatsApp


📍Hotel San Cristobal
📆 Sábado/Saturdays 11:00
✅ Reinicio/Restarts: September 16th
⭐️La Herradura
📍Bar Restaurante Cupula
📆Miércoles/Wednesdays 18:00
✅ Reinicio/Restarts: September 13th
📍Chiringuito Tropical
📆Martes/Tuesdays 11:00
✅ Reinicio/Restarts: September 26th
📆Viernes/Fridays 20:00 H.

✅ Reinicio/Restarts: September 30th

📍Bar Terraza
📆Miércoles/Wednesdays 12:00 H.
✅ Reinicio/Restarts September 20th

Other resources:

  1. Facebook group
    Intercambio de idiomas en Almuñecar, Granada. (España)
  2. Facebook group
    Almuñécar Intercambio de idiomas / Language Exchange

Environmental Costa Tropical

Join the Playa Patrol !

Local beach clean-up days are a great way to give back to the community and make our Costa Tropical beaches nicer!

Local beach cleanup days are a great way to give back to the community and make our La Herradura & Almuñécar beaches nicer!  

Other Spain Blogs, Social Groups, and Expat Communities

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