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Almuñecar Social Groups & Informational Resources

There is nothing better than a sense of community and that is what you will find in many of the social groups available in Spain.  There are several resources at your disposal via Social Groups, Clubs, Facebook Groups, Google+ Groups, Blog and Websites about Spain or the Costa Tropical area.  Within these groups, you may connect and learn from others.  If you are looking for second-hand or used goods, there are several different buy, sell, swap groups too.

Sports, Clubs and Social Groups in Almunecar and La Herradura. These are the links you need if you are looking to join a local futbol team, ping pong club, chess club, scuba diving, bowling, padel, dance, tennis, handball, gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, weight lifting, martial arts, cycling, basketball, handball, hiking, kickboxing, judo, kenpo, aikido, fishing, triathlon, parachuting, and more. Read more on

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Where & How To Play Pétanque In Almuñécar

Pétanque in Almuñécar is very popular in the winter months, when the “snow birds” all flock to Almuñécar.  Here in Spain it is referred to as Petanca.  The play areas can be quite crowded, so some groups have even stopped publishing the days and times they meet.  That said, you can pretty much count on it any day the sun is out, which is nearly every day!

How To Play Pétanque And Where To Play In Almuñécar. Pétanque in Almuñécar is very popular in the winter months, when the "snow birds" all flock to Almuñécar.  We will tell you how and where to play. Read more on


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