Rainy Day & Indoor Activities – Almuñécar & La Herradura

Indoor Things To Do & Rainy Day Activities

While there is plenty of sunshine in southern Spain, it isn’t every day!  Yes, there are still a good 30 – 50 days a year where we will have rain, clouds, high winds and more acts of Mother Nature!  We share with you some suggested indoor activities when the weather acts up or if the sun is just too much for you!  Many of these options are local, with some in Granada, Malaga, or nearby locations.  We will mention plenty of indoor things to do for the kids to do, as well a few indoor activities just for the adults. By the way you don’t need to be a kid to have a blast, so join in on the fun.  Here is a rough guide to the weather in Almunecar.

While there is plenty of sunshine in Spain it's not every day! Here are indoor activities, perfect for the rainy day or if the sun is just too much for you! Read more on Almunecarinfo.com

Old Spanish sugar mill - Motril's Pre Industrial Sugar Museum Motril - Azucar

Costa Tropical Old Spanish Sugar Mill

This is a good 1/2 day activity from Almuñécar and you are in for a sweet treat, all about sugar in Spanish.  Just a little to the east within Costa Tropical,  you can experience the sugarcane past of Motril.  You will experience an old Spanish sugar mill, take a tour of a rum distillery and for the adults, taste some Spanish rum.  Let’s talk sugar (Azucar).

The Archaeological Museum Cueva de Siete Palacios, also known as the Cave of 7 Palaces, is surprisingly not located within a cave. Instead it represents the largest section of the former Roman Palace. Ticket included with Castillo de San Miguel entry. Read more on Almunecarinfo.com

Museum Cueva de Siete Palacios

The Archaeological Museum Cueva de Siete Palacios, also known as the Cave of 7 Palaces, is surprisingly not located within a cave.  Instead, it represents the largest section of the former Roman Palace.  The museum is located in what was once the basement of this Roman Palace.  Inside, there are remains of the historic past of Almuñécar.  Including remains found at the necropolis of Puente de Noy, Laurita, and the fish salting factory of El Majuelo.

Granada Science Park

Granada Science Park

The Granada Science Park is huge and a wonderful science center and museum, one of the best indoor activities.  It is just a 1 hour drive from the coast and is located just off of the highway, parking is available as well.  It is one of the most visited museums in Andalusia and a perfect option for one of those bad weather days.  The activities and exhibits are fun for people of all ages, so even if you don’t have kids it’s worth a visit.  Read more about the Granada Science Park.

Explore the nerja caves, just 25 min from Almunecar. Read more on Almunecarinfo.com

Go underground at the Nerja Caves

Technically this isn’t in town, but it is great fun for the kids!  There are a series of huge beautifully lit caverns stretching for almost five kilometres and boasts the world’s largest stalagmite.  Now that’s something to tell the other kids about when they get back to school!  Not all of the caves are open to the public, so you won’t need to walk the 5 km, but do be prepared for navigating some stairs.  Check out Wagoners Abroad tips for exploring the Nerja Caves.

Cueva del Tesoro in Rincón de la Victoria is worth a visit. Beautiful pools of water deep within the cave. Great for everyone and free visits too. Read more on Almunecarinfo.com

Caves with Water! Cueva del Tesoro

This is a fun cave to explore in Rincon de la Victoria!  It shows off smooth services, nice paths, and even an underground body of water. It is a great location for the kids to explore and offers stairs or an elevator.

Jumping Parks Granada and Malaga

Jumping Parks!

Jumping parks in Granada! Let the kids run wild and Jump on trampolines!

Let the kids run wild and jump in Malaga!  You will find a jumping park called Altitude Trampoline Park Málaga.  It is near the airport and in a central shopping area.
There is also one called Sould in El Ingenio shopping center in Velez Malaga.

olives and olive oil

Museum of Olive Oil – Vélez de Benaudalla

This is a great educational and fun activity for everyone!  All of your senses will be dazzled with the amazing selection of olive oils in Andalucia. Learn about the production of oil, wine and cheese!  There is a tasting tour too!  They show off and sell some of the bes products of Andalucia.  The museum is on the old road to Granada in Vélez de Benaudalla and is about a 20 minute drive from Almunecar.  You can stop and see some of the villages along the way.

Bowling Alcazar and arcade. Located at the Best Alcazar Hotel on Punta de la Mona La Herradura. Read more on Almunecarinfo.com

Adrenaline at the Arcades!

Closed until May 2024.  If playing video games is your thing, there are a few places around town with some games.  None of them are huge, but you can still have a good time.  The locations are in the lobby of Hotel Playa Senator, at the New Royal Pool, Hotel Best Alcazar in bowling alley.  During the summer months, you will find pool tables, foosball and other games at Aqua Tropic water park.  There may be a few more random machines around town, but these offer the most.

Mercado Municipal - Municipal Market in Almuñécar

Taste New Things At The Municipal Market

CLOSED until further notice!
Step out of your comfort zone and taste new produce and speak with the vendors at the Almuñécar Municipal Market.   This traditional market will fulfill all of your daily shopping needs.   It isn’t huge, but if you are sampling food along the way it can fill up some of your time.  Inside, you will find the various butchers, deli counters, produce, bakers, honey, fresh eggs, tea, ecological store, coffee beans and a wealth of fish stands too.  This is a great place to practice using your Spanish conversation too!  On a rainy day there won’t be as many locals, so it is a perfect place for you to go.  It’s located just across the street from the Aquarium, so why not do both!

Bowling Alcazar and arcade. Located at the Best Alcazar Hotel on Punta de la Mona La Herradura. Read more on Almunecarinfo.com

Strike Up Fun And Go Bowling!

Closed until May 2024.  If you want to enjoy a special treat, then head on over to the Best Alcazar Hotel on Punta de la Mona.  They offer several bowling lanes, pool tables, arcade games and they can also host parties.  This is perfect for that rainy day and of course is one of the best indoor activities. They usually have great prices for “happy hour” each day.  They sometimes have limited hours in the winter months, so check with them for current hours.

McDonald's playground - Almuñécar with kids

McDonald’s playground

McDonald’s renovated their restaurant and terrace winter 2018.  Now the terrace has some shade and the playground has changed.  We just need to get a new photo up for you.  They don’t open up early, except for Friday.  The little ones will still have fun, as the playground is outside and available at any time.  Enjoy a cup of coffee or an ice cream too.

Almuñécar Youth Center

Almuñécar Youth Center

For the bigger kids, the youth center (La Casa de la Juventud) is a place for meeting friends, and seek guidance from the Youth Information Office.  There are also leisure activities, indoor activities, and workshops, spaces for associations, groups and creative expression spaces, as well as free internet stations, computer classes and more.  Located at Plaza Teatro, just in from the Paseo del Altillo.  They are open Monday – Saturday 17:00-22:00.

Enjoy Movies in English in Almuñécar

Movies In the surrounding area

While there isn’t a traditional movie theater in town, we still find ways to see the movies!  There are often movies in Spanish year-round at the Cultural Center.  This is a great Spanish immersion activity for the entire family.  During the summer months there are outdoor theaters in town, showing films in Spanish.  If you want a film in English, from September – June, it is offered once a week at the Cultural Center.  Please see our full Almuñécar Movie Guide for more info.

Granada hop on hop off train

Granada City Tour with Hop-on Hop-off Train

Ever experienced hopping on and off a train? Get the chance to do it on this tour that makes several stops to the most notable historic and cultural sites in Granada!

Nevada Shopping in Granada! For a complete shopping experience, sometimes you need to visit a big city.  We will describe how to get to the new Nevada Shopping Center in Granada [Centro Comercial Nevada].  With approximately 120,000 square meters of commercial area, and with 200+ stores, numerous restaurants, and an 8-cinema cineplex, there is plenty to see, do, and eat. Read more on Almunecarinfo.com

Nevada Shopping Center Granada

For a day with indoor activities and a complete shopping experience, sometimes you need to visit a big city.  We will describe how to get to the new Centro Comercial Nevada shopping Granada from Almuñécar.  The Nevada shopping center [Centro Comercial Nevada] is located in Granada and is on the southeast side of the city, so that means easy access from Costa Tropical.  With approximately 120,000 square meters of commercial area, and with 200+ stores, numerous restaurants, and an 8-cinema cineplex, there is plenty to see, do, and eat.

from Almunecar to Larios Mall Malaga

Larios Shopping Mall Málaga

Are you getting cabin fever staying in the small coastal city of Almuñécar or is the weather bad?  Are you dreaming of a day out at a big and modern shopping mall?  Well, let us share with you how to get to Larios Mall, Vialia Mall, IKEA Malaga, Plaza Mayor, from Almuñécar to Málaga and back.  We provide you with instructions via the public bus, in addition to directions for driving a car.

The Museum of Honey Lanjarón!

The Museum of Honey Lanjarón!

This museum has a vast area for visitors to enjoy everything about honey!  It boasts four main areas to explore, The impressive wax winery , the gardens, the Hive Collection  and the Honey Museum.  The main building is equipped with a series of dynamic and interactive modules designed to meet the wide world of the bee, in an entertaining way.  Everything is in Spanish, so it is a great way to immerse yourself into the culture.  This is located just outside of Lanjarón, which is about midway to Granada city.

Board Games and Cards

Take your favorite board games or deck of cards to a local cafe and make your own indoor activities!  Stay social with the locals and have a bit of fun too.  Some places have games for you to choose from as well, but it is easiest to bring what you are familiar with.  We always have a deck of UNO cards handy!

Public Library and Casa De La Cultura Almuñecar

Read A Book At The Library

The public library is located in the Casa de la Cultura (cultural center) upstairs.  You don’t need a library card to go in an read a few books.  This is a great way to practice or introduce yourself to Spanish reading.  You do need to be quiet inside, but there are books for all ages.

Cotobro Beach Storm Watching Almunecar

Storm Watching!

While this isn’t a stay warm and dry activity, it sure is fun.  We found the best location to do a bit of storm watching is along the Paseo de Cotobro and Cotobro beach.  It is also very exciting down by the Marina del Este to see the waves crash over the sea wall.  Stay safe and don’t go on the beach near the waves, sometimes big waves come and can just grab you.  Stay along the paseo and get a big splash!

If you have more suggestions, just send us a message and we will determine if it should be added to the list.

Almuñécar Map

Most of these activities can be found on our custom town map.


Looking for more things to do Almuñécar?

If this wasn’t enough for you or you want more adventurous activities, please review our full list of Things To Do in Almuñécar, including 1/2 day and full day trips from Almuñécar.
Things to do in Almunecar Spain. From Almunecar Beaches, to castles there is so much to see and do. Including local activities, day trips, outdoors, Almunecar beaches and more. Read more on www.AlmunecarInfo.com

Organized Tours

Here are some local tour options for you, as well as more around Spain.

Things to do in Almunecar Spain. All of these activities and tours for Almuñécar & La Herradura are great for the entire family. So come have some fun! Read more on Almunecarinfo.com

Well that should keep you busy for a little while.  If you discover new activities you feel we should add to the list, please comment below with detailed information.  We will research and if it is a good fit, we will do our best to include it in the list.

What do you think?  Do you think Almuñécar is a family friendly place?


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