Costa Tropical Old Spanish Sugar Mill & Spanish Rum Yum!

This is a good 1/2 day activity from Almuñécar and you are in for a sweet treat, all about sugar in Spanish.  Just a little to the east within Costa Tropical,  you can experience the sugarcane past of Motril.  You will experience an old Spanish sugar mill, take a tour of a rum distillery and taste some Spanish rum.  Let’s talk sugar (Azucar).

This is a good half day trip from Almuñécar.   You will experience an old Spanish sugar mill, take a tour of a rum distillery and taste some Spanish rum. All in Costa Tropical along the Granada Coast. Read more on
Duration:    ~3 hours
Your day will begin with a step back in time at Motril’s pre-industrial sugar museum, followed by a tour of the Ron Montero Rum Distillery with rum tasting.
Distance:    20km from Almuñécar
Departure:  Recommended departure from Almuñécar 10:30 – 11:00 am

Sugarcane of Motril

Motril’s Vega was once filled with sweet golden crops of sugarcane as far as the eye could see.  For centuries this was a hub for sugarcane, which contributed to the promotion and development of the economy of this region.  Although the last cane crushing in this area was conducted in April 2006.  In recent years many farmers are returning to dedicate part of its land to the cultivation of sugarcane, to help restore part of the tradition and culture.

Costa Tropical Sugar

Motril and its relation to sugarcane, a crop that surprisingly prospered, reaching heights of wealth which collectors and pirates coveted for a long time.  Motril also provided an industrial influence in the early nineteenth century, which had economic influence in the rest of the province.  A great deal of the sugar was exported to America and beyond.  Some of it remained locally to make the famous Ron Montero Rum.  In addition, to honor the past and educate the people of today, an old Spanish sugar mill was converted into a wonderful interactive museum.  We have designed a nice 1/2 day itinerary to explore and experience the sugarcane past and present.

The rum tour and tasting is free and offered twice a day, 12 noon for Spanish and 1 pm for English.  If you would like to attend the English tour, we recommend you first visit the sugar museum.  This is a great cultural an educational experience  about the history of Costa Tropical and the Granada beaches.  You will learn about the Romans and more!


How do you say Sugar in Spanish?

If you want to say sugar in Spanish, just say azucar  (a zoo car)!

Old Spanish Sugar Mill & Spanish Rum Yum!

Duration: 1-1.5 hours

The best way to reach the Pre-industrial sugar museum from Almuñécar is to drive.  You will head east on the N340 for approximately 17 km, you will exit to the left, towards Motril Centro.  The drive is about 2 km, then go straight through the roundabout near McDonald’s.  Then take your next left and see the Palma Sugar Refinery on your right.  You may find parking along the street and walk to the museum entrance.  This is approximately a 30 minute drive, plus time to find street parking.

Motril’s Pre-industrial Sugar Museum

Old Spanish sugar mill - Motril's Pre Industrial Sugar Museum Motril - Azucar Palma

Your day will begin with a step back in time at Motril’s pre-industrial sugarcane museum.  This is a unique experience due to its location, materials and multimedia displays.  The museum itself is located in the Palma Sugar Refinery (an old Spanish sugar mill), which was built in the 16th century and used to manufacture sugar cane through the 19th century.  

The refinery has been archaeologically excavated, displaying the natural ruins in addition to some large scale reproductions, which provide you with a rich experience.  Your guided tour through the museum will take you through the sugarcane history, the pre-industrial sugar production as well as the industrial production of sugar.

Old Spanish sugar mill - Motril's Pre Industrial Sugar Museum Motril - Azucar

The tour of the museum takes approximately 1 hour to complete, but you can stay longer if you like.  It is available in Spanish, English, French and German.  Once you have finished, continue to follow the sugar trail over to the Ron Montero Rum Distillery.


Location:  Avenida Marquesa de Esquilache, 4  18600 Motril Granada
Phone:     +34 958 822 206
Hours:     Open Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 to 13:30 and 17:00 to 20:30,  Sundays from 10:00 to 13:30
Price:          €3 Adults, €2 Children and Seniors
Website:  Pre-industrial sugar museum in an old Spanish sugar mill.  Check website for current hours and pricing.

Ron Montero Rum Distillery

Duration: 1 hour

From the museum you will drive about 4 km to Ron Montero rum distillery.  Once you exit the museum, it is best to go back to the roundabout near McDonald’s and turn to the left onto Rambla de las Brujas.  Continue for 2.2 km and turn right on Ctra de la Celulosa (N-323).  Continue for 1.2 km and the Ron Montero Rum Distillery will be on your left.  This is approximately a 15 minute drive and free parking is provided.  If you are trying to make the 1pm English speaking tour, it is best to leave the sugar museum by 12:40pm.

Ron Montero Rum Distillery and Rum Tasting Motril Spain

What to expect

Your visit to Bodega Ron Montero Rum distillery in Motril, will include a detailed explanation of the process of developing genuine Spanish rum and a rum tasting.  Ron Montero, was founded in 1963 by Francisco Montero Martin.  He can be best described as a gentleman with a refined taste for quality spirits and a never-ending desire to achieve the “perfect rum” characterized by an exquisite taste and fine aroma.

Rum Montero rum distillery is run by a family, who has been cultivating sugarcane for generations.  Their guiding principles have always been focused on the quality of its products and artisan production techniques.  They place great importance on the quality of raw materials used, and a deep respect for the vintage times in the system of “Soleras” and “Criaderas”.

Today Rum Montero sells 240.000 litres of rum a year and the Motrileños, the people of Motril, together with those who have had the opportunity to try this rum, are its most enthusiastic ambassadors.  This tour will take approximately 1 hour and is available in Spanish or English, but you are more than welcome to stay and browse their shop.  

Ron Montero Rum Distillery and Rum Tasting Motril Spain

The distillery offers free guided tours to the public from Tuesday to Saturday, at 12.00 in Spanish and 13.00 in English. Alternatively, you can contact us by email.


Location: Camino de la Via s/n  18600 Motril Granada
Phone:     +34 629 223 428
Hours:     Tuesday to Saturday, at 12.00 in Spanish and 13.00 in English
Price:        Free
Website:  Spanish Rum Distillery

Once this tour is complete, you may return back near the museum, where you will find the commercial shopping area.  Here you will be able locate many local restaurants for lunch as well as shopping.


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