Terrazas Costa Tropical – Terrace Restaurants & Sky Bars

You have come to the right place if you are looking for those breathtaking views from a rooftop bar or perhaps the ambiance of outdoor dining in terrace restaurants.  We will share with you some of our favorite Terrazas de la Costa Tropical.  There are many restaurants, chiringuitos, and bars with a terrace or outdoor space.  But we’ve created a list of those with something extra special to offer; ambiance, charm, and views.  Some of them are our little secret, so don’t tell too many people.

Terrace restaurants and bars with breathtaking views from a rooftop bar, by the sea or tucked away in the old town. These are some of our favorite Terrazas de la Costa Tropical. Read more on https://almunecarinfo.com/terrace-restaurants-sky-bar-rooftop-almunecar/

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Almuñécar Monument to Water

The monument to water is one of the many monuments you will find around town.  This one in particular is very interesting to look at.  These are really three separate statues; three bronze torsos (one male and two females) leaping over fountains of water.  Because the artist created without heads or complete bodies, some think they are a work in progress, but we assure you they are complete.

Monument to Water, Main Bus Station

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Archaeological Museum Cueva de Siete Palacios

The Archaeological Museum Cueva de Siete Palacios, also known as the Cave of 7 Palaces.  It represents the largest section of the former Roman Palace.  The museum is located in what was once the basement of this Roman Palace.  Inside, there are remains of the historic past of Almuñécar.  Including remains found at the necropolis of Puente de Noy, Laurita, and the fish salting factory of El Majuelo.

The Archaeological Museum Cueva de Siete Palacios, also known as the Cave of 7 Palaces, is surprisingly not located within a cave. Instead it represents the largest section of the former Roman Palace. Ticket included with Castillo de San Miguel entry. Read more on Almunecarinfo.com

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Monument to Shipwrecked Sailors

As you enter the town of La Herradura, you will notice a large bronze sculpture along the beach.  This is the Monument to Shipwrecked Sailors.   The deep bay of La Herradura hides the remains of 25 ships of the Spanish Navy, and more than five thousand sailors.  The La Herradura naval disaster occurred on October 19, 1562, due to a very large storm.

Monument to Shipwrecked Sailors La Herradura Spain

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Guided Alhambra Tours

Join us on one of our guided Alhambra Tours.  The fascinating Alhambra can tell you a million stories…do you dare to discover it?

A day trip to Granada from Almunecar. Things to do in Granada. This is La Alhambra.

What you will experience on our Alhambra Tour?

During this tour , we will learn everything about the Spanish most breathtaking and famous
palace: The amazing Alhambra!

Not only as a monument, but also in a cultural, social, and religious way!
We will cover the entire complex, so you can feel and enjoy all the magic of the jewel of

  1.  First , we will visit the Generalife, the 2 residence of the sultán. It consists of the summer palace and it’s beautiful gardens.  You will learn about the irrigation system of the Alhambra works, the plants, the way of life and the evolution of the landscape.
  2. After that we will continue to the Medina, which was the residential city for the people in a lower position than the sultán. Here ,we will learn the day to day of what the common people in those ages looked like.
  3. In the third place, we will go to the Alcazaba, the military quarter of the complex, where the soldiers and their families lived and we will cover the interesting fact about fortifications and life in those times.
  4. Finally, the BEST part: The Royal Palaces of the Sultans of the Alhambra!  The place where the magic happens!  Where the sultan works with his ambassadors and the place where he rests with his sultanesses, children and family.

Alhambra Guided Tour Highlights:

  • Official tour guide with walking
  • 3 hours private guided tour of the Alhambra
  • Go at your own pace during this visit without missing your guide’s explanation
    (Audio guide service +7 /person)
  • This privately guided Alhambra tour is offered in English and Spanish

How much does the tour cost?

We have a tour plan to suit you, based on the group size!

Private Tour:  All tour prices listed below are the base price and taxes will be added.

  • 1 to 5 people 110€
  • 6 to 10 people 150€
  • 11 to 19 people 180€
  • 20 people  200€

Additional options:

  • Alhambra tickets 15€ per person
  • Audio guide additional charge we can discuss with you.

Alhambra Tickets are not included in the tour price.   Entrance tickets for the Alhambra are 15€ per person, and we can buy it for you if you need it!  Tickets are subject to availability, (depending on the season).

*Remember to bring your ID or passport for the tour!!!. It’s a requirement to enter into the Alhambra.

Granada Spain and La Alhambra - Albayzin Join us on one of our guided Alhambra Tours.  The fascinating Alhambra can tell you a million stories...do you dare to discover it? Read more on Almunecarinfo.com

About your Guide, Alba!

Hi my dear adventurers!
I’m Alba, welcome to the most charming and amazing city in the world:  The Alhambra!
I am a licensed tour guide with a degree in tourism! I got my degree in Granada and I have been working as a guide in this beautiful city for years!

Let me show you as a guide its secrets, tales and history…you will never forget this magical place!
Please don’t hesitate to contact me for private and flexible tours!

The Alhambra is waiting for you for your next adventure!
See you in Granada!🤎🤎🤎

Join us on one of our guided Alhambra Tours.  The fascinating Alhambra can tell you a million stories...do you dare to discover it? Follow Your Tours Alba guided tour Alhambra Granada. Read more on AlmunecarInfo.com


Where do we meet?

Your local guide will meet you at Pabellón de acceso a la Alhambra:
Paseo del Generalife, 1F , 18009 , Granada, Spain
map point

If you need more information, please contact us:
(+34) 671 264 444
Instagram : @followyourtours
We can organise everything that you need for your Alhambra tour!  See you in Granada!

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Calle Real Fountain – Almuñécar

As you meander the pedestrian streets of old town Almuñécar, you are bound to happen upon the Calle Real Fountain.  This fountain was originally built in 1559, with remnants of the Roman aqueduct encased in glass beside the fountain.  It 1994, the Calle Real Fountain was restored to its current state.  

Almunecar Old Town Calle Real Fountain

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Blas Infante Arches – Puerta de Almuñécar

When visiting Almuñécar, it is almost impossible not to notice the Blas Infante Arches (Puerta de Almuñécar).  As you pass by on the N340, you will see the Blas Infante Arches stand out amidst all of the tall trees.  This is a great meeting point in town, as it is easy to find.

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Roman Aqueduct and Roman Baths

The Roman Aqueduct runs from Almuñécar to the north of Torrecuevas, between the Rio Verde and Rio Seco.  It is believed to have been built in the first century AD, coinciding with the construction of the main Roman monuments in the city. 
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Luxury At Marina del Este La Herradura Boat Rentals & More

If boating is your thing, then you must visit Marina del Este La Herradura.  The Marina is nestled in a protected cove, between Almuñécar and La Herradura, with a perfectly protected situation protected by natural rock and a manmade wall.  La Herradura is the closest pueblo to the Marina, just over the natural headland called Punta de la Mona.  This area is full of summer fun with many activities year-round as well, including many beaches, coves, hiking trails and more, it is the perfect getaway for everyone.

Marina del Este, nestled in a protected cove, between Almuñécar and La Herradura. How to get there, what to do and see, boat rentals, charters and more. Read more on Almunecarinfo.com

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