The Cotobro Colinas Walk

The Cotobro Colinas Walk

The Cotobro Colinas Walk is a great self guided tour to become familiar with the suburbs of Almuñécar. It is the perfect introduction into hiking the hills of the surrounding areas.  It is time to explore Almuñécar and get excited!

Almuñécar Walking Guides - The Cotobro Colinas Walk

About The Cotobro Colinas Walk

Distance:   The Cotobro Colinas Walk is 2.1 miles or 3.4 km in length.  You also have the option to add 3 km or 6 km to the total by walking to/from town.  (km = kilometer  m = metre)

Duration:  2-3 hours, depending upon on how often you stop.  

Difficulty:  Moderate walk, with hills and options to walk “off road” or to have a longer duration.

Format:    PDF - Printable or Online

This walk will take you up and around the Cotobro Colinas (hills).  You will see some spectacular views and beautiful homes.  In addition, there is a Roman bridge, dated from 400 AD.  You will also learn of the athlete who gave his life to save others.  If you would like to add more distance to the walk, we provide alternative options as well.

You will be provided with walking instructions as well as brief information about the sites.   When online, you will be able to select the name of each site for more information and use the interactive map.  

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We hope you enjoy Almuñécar!

If you have any suggestions for more walks or feedback on existing walks, please feel free to contact us.