Best 25+ Things To Do In Almuñécar With Kids

Whether you are spending 1 day in Almuñécar, 1 week, 1 month or all year, we share with you the best 25 things to do in Almuñécar with kids!  This isn’t just a list of great things to do with kids, but it has been kid-tested over and over again, with rave reviews.  Yes, we have kids and friends, so this list comes to you with much experience and expertise.  Enjoy your family time in Almuñécar with kids!  By the way you don’t need to be a kid to have a blast, so join in on the fun.

The Best 25 Things To Do In Almuñécar With Kids. Whether you are spending 1 day in Almuñécar, 1 week, 1 month or all year, we share with the best 25 things to do in Almuñécar with kids! This isn't just a list of great things to do with kids, but it has been kid tested over and over again, with rave reviews. Yes, we have kids and friends, so this list comes to you with much experience and expertise. Enjoy your family time in Almuñécar with kids! By the way you don't need to be a kid to have a blast, so join in on the fun.. Read more on

  1. Boating at its best!

    The best activity of all is a 4 hour luxury boat trip on Optimist of London II or hanging out on a catamaran, with kayak/paddleboarding/masks/food+drink, and dolphins…….ALL INCLUDED  Find out more.
    Luxury boat charters from Marina del Este! Catamaran or party boat with Sun, Sea, Swimming, Sailing, Drinks, Snacks, & Water toys!

  2. Splash in the Pools, Sea, Rivers and Lakes!

    It’s time to splash into summer and go swimming in Spain! Why not cool down in the public swimming pools or natural freshwater locations; beautiful lakes, natural pools, reservoirs, and rivers. Keep on reading for more swimming options near you in Almuñécar, in the Costa Tropical, or a little day trip away!
    Swimming in Spain! Pools, Rivers, Reservoirs It's time to go swimming in Spain!  Cool down in the public swimming pools or fresh water locations; natural pools, reservoirs, & rivers. Read more on

  3. Adrenaline at the Arcades!

    If playing video games is your thing, there are a few places around town with some games.  None of them are huge, but you can still have a good time.  The locations are in the lobby of Hotel Playa Senator, at the New Royal Pool, Hotel Best Alcazar in bowling alley.  During the summer months, you will find pool tables, foosball and other games at Aqua Tropic water park.  There may be a few more random machines around town, but these offer the most.

    Bowling Alcazar and arcade. Located at the Best Alcazar Hotel on Punta de la Mona La Herradura. Read more on

  4. Running around at Rio Verde Park 

    Located on the east side of the town center, just beyond the stadium, you will find El Parque Rio Verde or Rio Verde Park.  This was recently renovated and has so many options for the little ones to run around and play.  Read more about Almuñécar parks & playgrounds.

    Rio Verde Park Almuñecar

  5. Splashing around at Aqua Tropic (Summer only)

    Splish, Splash, Swirl and Smile!  With water slides, wave pool, splash garden, cafe, arcade and more!  This salt-water aqua park is great summer fun and is open from mid June through early September.  You may purchase a season pass, attend for just 1/2 day or a full day.  It’s located at the point of the south end of Velilla Beach and the east end of Puerta del Mar.  Bring your sunscreen and let the kids run wild!


  6. Being free at the Beaches

    Whether you are skipping stones, building sand castles, running from the waves, swimming in the sea, playing paddle ball, or just hanging out.  You will have no shortage of fun at any one of the many beaches on offer.  Let the kids run around and expend all of their energy.  We have some of the best beaches in Costa Tropical for kids, and provide detailed information on each one of them in our Almuñécar Beach Guide.

    Almunecar beaches - Summer Rentals Almuñécar Playa San Cristobal

  7. Riding Bikes

    Bring your own bikes or look at the many options for bike rentals in Almuñécar.  You can enjoy the entire coast with designated bike paths along Velilla Beach and San Cristobal Beach.  There is also a bmx bike park at the far end of Velilla beach near the Mediterranean Park, which is great fun for the adventurous cyclists.

    cycling in Almunecar. Almuñécar Bike Rental. Cycling path along Velilla Beach

  8. Seek out history at the Roman Aqueduct

    This is an amazing Roman Aqueduct to see.  It is just out of the town center up the dry river bed or on the road out to Jete and Otivar.  Just after you pass the Santa Cruz primary school, turn left and go to the end of the road to park.   Roman Aqueduct Seco III – behind Santa Cruz Resort and of course you can see another portion of it just in the town center, behind Carbonell.

  9. The new “La Plaza del Sexi” has been officially opened for summer concerts and events.  This newly renovated space is where you can enjoy concerts, monologues and other activities.  With the ambiance of the evening set with views of the Roman Aqueduct of Almuñécar, with special evening lighting.  There is also a food truck available to purchase drinks, with cocktail tables to gather around.
  10. Hopping around the Children’s Play Center

    Parque Infantil Bolaventura is perfect for the young kids in the family, to play or have their birthday party!  They are located along Calle Pintor Manuel Rivera in Edificio Mediterraneo S/N.  If you would like their contact info or prices for birthday parties, check our directory listing for more information.

    parque infantil Bolaventua play center and children's birthday parties. Read more on

  11. Go Bowling!

    If you want to enjoy a special treat, then head on over to the Best Alcazar Hotel on Punta de la Mona.  They offer several bowling lanes, pool tables, arcade games and they can also host parties.  They usually have great prices for “happy hour” each day.  Read more info on our business directory.

    Bowling Alcazar and arcade. Located at the Best Alcazar Hotel on Punta de la Mona La Herradura. Read more on

  12. Be Royalty at San Miguel Castle

    Perched up on the hill in the center of town is the beautiful San Miguel Castle.  This is a great place for the kids to combine a bit of history with loads of fun.  They can look out to see and pretend to spot invading ships.  They can go down into the cellars and see the museum and climb in the tower.  This is a very inexpensive activity, but it is great for active imaginations.

    Exploring the San Miguel Castle

  13. Collecting Sea Glass

    Of course this is a fun activity for all ages and with so many beaches to choose from, you can do this all day every day.  We have found the most abundant amounts of sea glass at the following beaches; La Herradura, San Cristobal, and Puerta del Mar.  Once you have the smooth glass, and sometimes ceramics, you can make your own mosaic art.

    Collecting sea glass in Almunecar and La Herradura

  14. Join the summer party at the end of San Cristobal Beach

    This is a small carnival at the west end of San Cristobal Beach, along the paseo.  It is a summer-only activity and typically runs from late June through early September.  The dates usually coincide with the end and start of the local public schools.  There are kiddie rides, bungee jumping on trampoline, bouncy house, and more.

    san cristobal beach summer fun on the paseo

  15. Hide and Seek in Majuelo Park

    This beautiful botanical garden and piece of history is a great place to let the kids run around.  They can play hide and go seek behind trees and statues, run up over the bridge and around to the amphitheater.  It is all located in the heart of Majuelo Park, just below San Miguel Castle.

    Almuñécar Majuelo Botanical Park

  16. Hiking the hills, rivers, & trails

    There are many fun hiking options in Costa Tropical and many are great for the kids too.  They will love hiking up rivers, through dry river beds and happening upon old Roman aqueducts or possibly farm animals.  Read more in our hiking guide.

    Hiking In Spain - Awesome Guides In The Spotlight. Read more on

  17. Loro Sexi Bird Park

    Nestled on the slopes of San Miguel Castle, there are some 1,500 specimens of birds belonging to more than 100 different species, with a selection ranging from the common pigeon to the spectacular peacock, through the striking parrots, toucans, cockatoos, macaws, swans and ducks.  A beautiful cactus garden completes the visit to the park.  Read more about the park and their opening times here.


  18. McDonald’s playground

    McDonald’s renovated their restaurant and terrace winter 2018.  Now the terrace has some shade and the playground has changed.  We just need to get a new photo up for you.  They don’t open up early, except for Friday.  The little ones will still have fun, as the playground is outside and available at any time.  Enjoy a cup of coffee or an ice cream too.
    McDonald's playground - Almuñécar with kids


  19. Movies

    While there isn’t a traditional movie theater in town, we still find ways to see the movies!  There are often movies in Spanish year-round at the Cultural Center.  This is a great Spanish immersion activity for the entire family.  During the summer months there are outdoor theaters in town, showing films in Spanish.  If you want a film in English, from September – June, it is offered once a week at the Cultural Center.  Please see our full Almuñécar Movie Guide for more info.

    Where To Watch Movies in Almuñécar and Surrounding Areas. Read more on

  20. Go underground at the Nerja Caves

    Technically this isn’t in town, but it is great fun for the kids!  There are a series of huge beautifully lit caverns stretching for almost five kilometres and boasts the world’s largest stalagmite.  Now that’s something to tell the other kids about when they get back to school!  Not all of the caves are open to the public, so you won’t need to walk the 5 km, but do be prepared for navigating some stairs.  Check out Wagoners Abroad tips for exploring the Nerja Caves.

    Explore the nerja caves, just 25 min from Almunecar. Read more on

  21. Playing in the Plazas & Paseos

    • This is likely the most local thing you could do with your kids.  Take the little ones out to play with the other kids (maybe between 17:30-20:00).  Now it may not be every plaza in town, but Plaza Kuwait, Plaza Los Magnolios, Plaza Madrid, and Plaza de la Constitución are also popular.  Of course the playgrounds along paseo Puerta del Mar, Paseo San Cristobal and Paseo Andrés Segovia (La Herradura) are full of activity too.  Please see our plaza map and descriptions.
    • If you have teens or tweens, they too go out to the plazas just a little later in the day and on the weekends.  They don’t really play, but they do hang out with their friends.Plaza Los Magnolios - Almuñécar with kids
  22. Playgrounds & Parks

    There is no shortage of choices for the kids to play, slide, swing, and climb.  There are several playgrounds around town and along the beaches and we have them all detailed in our Almuñécar with kids Playground Guide!

    Playground La Herradura,

  23. Snorkeling

    Oh what fun it is to explore the life under the sea.  Most days the water is calm and this is a perfect family activity in Almuñécar.  While you can just hop in the water and go where you like, some of our favorite spots are around Penones del Santo, and the cove at the east end of La Herradura, below Punta de la Mona.  Click here to get your snorkeling supplies.

    Snorkeling with kids in Almuñécar and La Herradura

  24. Sports, Clubs and Social Groups

    During the school year, there are many activities available for the kids, like martial arts, fútbol, dance, yoga, gymnastics, tennis, padel, volleyball, and more.  There are also several clubs available for you to choose from.  Check out our list of sports, clubs & social groups.  If you are looking for sporting goods, you may find some good deals online.

    Sports, Clubs and Social Groups in Almunecar and La Herradura. Read more on

  25. Summer Camps

    Activ8You offers great summer activities for the kids from 3 to 14 years of age, at Club Camp-La Herradura.  It is based on the IES building “Villanueva del Mar”, across from the beach (in front of the chiringuito “Bueno” at 100m from the Municipal Market).  They allow you to sign up for 1 day, a week, a fortnight or by the month.  Special rates are offered for residents with empadronamiento from Almuñécar-La Herradura.  If you are here for just a holiday or living here full-time, it is a great experience for your kids.

    Activ8You summer camp photo credit - kayaking La Herradura

  26. Tide Pooling

    There is something magical about searching along the beach and in the rocks to see what the tide left behind.  You can find sea urchins, mussels, small fish and more.  There are a couple of great tide pool spots in town.  For the little kids, it is best to go just east of Playa Puerta del Mar, before you reach the Aqua Park.  Just across from the Las Gondolas Apartments, you will find a nice shallow stretch of beach which is perfect for this activity.  If you have kids a little older, you may want to go explore the end of Cabria beach.

    tide pooling at Curumbico Beach

  27. Water Activities

    During the summer months there are so many watersports to choose from.  You may rent a boat, jet skis, paddle boats, SUP, kayaks and of course bounce around on the floating water park.  Not to worry the sea is still there the remainder of the year and you can still do many of the activities as well.  Year-round you can rent kayaks or bring your own, check with the windsurf shop in La Herradura.

    Aqua Arena San Cristobal Beach Almunecar Summer.

  28. Youth Center

    For the bigger kids, the youth center (La Casa de la Juventud) is a place for meeting friends, and seek guidance from the Youth Information Office.  There are also leisure activities and workshops, spaces for associations, groups and creative expression spaces, as well as free internet stations, computer classes and more.  Located at Plaza Teatro, just in from the Paseo del Altillo.  They are open Monday – Saturday 17:00-22:00.

  29. Mini Golf

Miniature Golf and various activities for you in La Herradura!  Link to the website.

Paintball Motril & Airsoft

Head out to Motril and fire away!  Paintball and more!  Link to  Map and more info
Camino del Cerro del Toro, 8, 18600 Motril, Granada
689 10 78 98

Paintball Motril & Airsoft


Bonus Activities!

Jumping parks! Let the kids run wild and Jump

  • Trampoline jump park in Velez Malaga. Sould Park is in El Ingenio shopping center, on the 2nd floor, near the movie theater.Trampoline jump park in Velez Malaga. Sould Park is in El Ingenio shopping center. Read more on
  • Costa jump in Granada
  • This one is open in Malaga

Mediterranean Park Almuñécar

Enjoy a hike, walk or picnic at Parque Mediterráneo Almuñécar (Mediterranean Park).  Surrounded by nature, paths, beaches & gorgeous sea views too.  We shared a few photos of the Mediterranean Park on social media and they were a big hit.  Many people wanted to know more about where it was located and how to access it.  Therefore we are going to take you on a photo walk and provide you more information about Parque Mediterráneo en Almuñécar!

Enjoy an Almunecar hike, walk or picnic at Parque Mediterráneo (Mediterranean Park). Surrounded by nature, paths, beaches & gorgeous sea views too. Read more on

Charca de Suárez in Motril

Enjoy a day out bird watching at Charca de Suárez in Motril.  This is the most important wetland on the coast of Granada, with over 160 species of birds, as well as wildlife and numerous plants and vegetation.  This 15.6 hectares (almost 40 acres) environmental site has plans to double in the future, which is critical for the endangered bird species in the area and their survival.  This is the ideal refuge for many species in addition to a strategic location for migration.  Read more about the wetlands, Charca de Suárez.

Enjoy a day ou bird watching at Charca de Suárez in Motril. This is the most important wetland on the coast of Granada, with birds, wildlife, & vegetation. Read more on

Almuñécar Map

Most of these activities can be found on our custom town map.


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