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Almuñecar Social Groups & Informational Resources

There is nothing better than a sense of community and that is what you will find in many of the social groups available in Spain.  There are several resources at your disposal via Social Groups, Clubs, Facebook Groups, Google+ Groups, Blog and Websites about Spain or the Costa Tropical area.  Within these groups, you may connect and learn from others.  If you are looking for second-hand or used goods, there are several different buy, sell, swap groups too.

Social Groups Almunecar Spain Community

Here are some to get you started, but do search for more.

Social Groups and Spain Information

Some of these are general to Spain, while others are specific to social groups in Almuñécar

Almuñécar Facebook Groups (Social Costa Tropical)


Almuñecar Buy / Sell used goods in and around Costa Tropical 

Sports and Clubs

Other Spain Blogs, Social Groups and Expat Communities


This is a language exchange, typically a local will want to learn English and you would like to learn Spanish.  You meet up and each take a bit of time to speak in the other language.

  1. Intercambio de idiomas en Almuñecar, Granada. (España) – Facebook group
  2. Almuñécar Intercambio de idiomas / Language Exchange  – Facebook group


Google + Communities

Though many of the Google+ communities aren’t very active, they are still rich with information from older posts.


Legal Advice

Legal 4 Spain

My Lawyer in Spain” – A legal firm with:

1. English-speaking Solicitors
2. Personal and Business advice
3. Several offices around Spain


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