The Almuñécar Plazas – A Spanish Way Of Life

The Almuñécar Plazas are an important part of daily life.  We will share with you some of the most popular Spanish Plazas, along with photos, and a map with the location.  These plazas not only offer a place to find shops and restaurants, they are also social gathering spots.  These are the outdoor living rooms for the town to enjoy and meet up with friends.  Of course it is popular all over Spain, but the weather in Costa Tropical ensures our Spanish plazas are active all year-long.

Enjoy Almuñécar Plazas to experience the charm of Spanish life.  We will share with you some of the most popular Spanish plazas, with a map. Read more on

For those who are near the beach, the evening walks and playtime for the kids is along the paseo.  For those in town, the gathering spot is in any of the town plazas.  These are great areas to let the kids run around and play, while the adults chat or enjoy tapas.


The Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Paseo del Altillo, and the Plaza de la Independencia have free wifi available!
Connect to the open wireless network called WiFi4EU
#Almuñécar was one of the 510 Spanish municipalities financed with 15,000 euros by the European Union for this purpose.


The Almuñécar Plazas

Plaza de la Constitución (Plaza del Ayuntamiento)

Located in the center of the old town, this typical Spanish plaza is full of life year-round.  Stop by for food and drink at one of the many restaurants and cafes along the plaza.  It is so relaxing, just enjoying the surroundings, people watching, and hearing the nearby church bells chime.

This is also home to the Ayuntamiento de Almuñécar (town hall), so many local activities are celebrated in this plaza.  This is also where the main decorations for the Christmas holidays will be found.  In the warmer month, you may find street performers or dancers out in the plaza to entertain you.

Almunecar Plazas - Plaza de la Constitución

Plaza Madrid

This is a small plaza is at the epicenter of business district and city services.  You will find commercial shopping available with shoes, clothing, phones, and more in this area.  There are also several bars, restaurants, shops, pharmacies, banks, and other services near Plaza Madrid.  

This is one of the main plazas in town and where many processions and parades pass by when there are festivals in town.  It is also where one of the main Christmas trees are erected for the holidays.  In the center of the plaza stands one of the most traditional symbols of the contemporary history of the city: the statue of the fisherman.

Plaza Madrid Almunecar

Plaza Damasco

This is a hub for several little bars and restaurants, just along Avenida Andalucia.  There is also an entry access from this plaza into the pedestrian area of old town.  During the high season, this is a great spot for night-time activity.

Almuñécar Plazas - Plaza Damasco Almunecar

Plaza Antonio Gala

This is located just next to Damasco, bordering Avenida Andalucia.

Plaza Antonio Gala

Plaza los Magnolios

This is a very popular plaza for families to gather in the evenings.  There are several shops and restaurants and just on the other side of the plaza, you will find the perfect Italian coffee at Cafe Italiano.

Almuñécar Plazas - Plaza los Magnolios

Plaza Kalibia Almunecar

This is where the fun happens!  Plaza Kalibia is full of restaurants and bars with outdoor seating.  It is a social hot spot and the perfect night time hub in the summer.

Plaza Kalibia Almun

Plaza Higuitos

This is a quaint little plaza located just a block in from the Municipal market.  It is a great place to soak up the afternoon sun, listen to the sounds of the centerpiece fountain and enjoy the moment.  Sometimes local musicians come to play here at this plaza.  You will find a bodega and a couple of restaurants for food and beverages.  The church (Iglesia de la Encarnaciónis just behind the plaza, so it is worth a meander through the ally ways to take a peek.

Almuñécar Plazas - Plaza Higuitos Around Town

Plaza de la Rosa

This is a small plaza with ramp and stair access to Paseo del Altillo, along the beach.  Here you will find to be the gateway to many shops, cafes, and more as you roam the pedestrian streets of Almuñécar.  In the high season, there is more activity in this area.  A great place to find souvenirs and ice cream too!

Plaza de la Rosa Almunecar

Plaza Mayor

Hidden behind the apartment buildings you will find this plaza.  It is just next to the Roman aqueduct and Roman baths.  There isn’t much at this plaza, but it is nice to see the ruins.  The ruins may also be accessed via the road.

Plaza Mayor Almunecar

Plaza Kuwait

Home of the Almuñécar Aquarium and a great plaza area for the kids to run around.  This is located just behind the Mercado Municipal (Municipal Market).  There is a cafe and it is a great place to soak up the midday sun, or have afternoon shade.

Almunecar Aquarium street view Plaza Kuwait

Plaza de Abderraman I

Located just across from Peñones del Santo, it is a hub of action in the summer time.  There are a few local vendors with booths set up, somewhat of an informal market for craft goods.  There are several bars and restaurants nearby, and it is just 2 blocks from the Tourist Information Center.

Almuñécar Plazas - Plaza de Abderraman I

Plaza del Teatro

Plaza del Teatro, is a bit off the main paths through the town center.  That said, it is fun to just roam and see where the ally ways of old town will take you.  This plaza is just a block in from the Paseo del Altillo and here you will find residential buildings, the popular Spanish language school TCLanguages (Tropical Coast Languages), as well as a physical therapy center.
Almuñécar Plazas - Plaza del Teatro with Tropical Coast Languages Spanish Lessons in Almunecar Spain

Plaza de ermita San Sebastian

Plaza de ermita is in the barrio of San Sebastian with a cute little chapel.

Ermita de San Sebastián

Almuñécar Plaza carrera de la Concepcion

Almuñécar Plaza carrera de la Concepcion is in the center of it all!  This is where the main city bus routes start and stop. It is just a couple of block over from the Friday market, the Sunday flea market, main Alsa bus station, the police station, cultural center and more!

Almuñécar Plaza carrera de la Concepcion

Plaza Santa Cruz

This adorable plaza is just on the north side of the N340, in a tranquil location.  Perfect for letting the kids run around or to just soak up the sun.

Plaza Santa Cruz Almunecar

Plaza Eras del Castillo

High up in the old town of Almunecar, in Barrio San Miguel, is Plaza Eras del Castillo. Lined with benches and trees, so if you make your way up and need a rest, this is the place to do it.

Barrio San Miguel Plaza Eras del Castillo Old Town Almunecar

La Herradura Plazas

Plaza de la Independencia

Plaza de la Independencia is right in the heart of La Herradura.  It is a great social spot, you will find markets, and it is also where many local festivities are held.

Plaza de la independencia La Herradura


Plaza del Centro Cívico

Plaza del Centro Cívico


Plaza and park on Calle Barranquillo

Plaza and park on Calle Barranquillo


Plaza San José

no photo


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