Almuñécar Municipal Market

Live like a local and get your daily shopping done at the Almuñécar Municipal Market.

Mercado Municipal – Almuñécar Municipal Market

Almuñécar Municipal Market - Mercado Municipal 

There is nothing nicer than a casual walk around town and getting some shopping done at the Almuñécar Municipal Market.   This traditional market will fulfill all of your daily shopping needs.

Where’s the Organic food section?

You will find fresh organic produce brought in daily by the local farmers.  If you are looking for signs to buy Organic food in Almuñécar, you aren’t going to find them.  Because all of the food is organic, so there is no need to label it!

Check out our guide on how to buy organic produce in Spain, the process is different depending on where you are making your purchase.
Buying Produce in Spain Markets vs Grocery Stores. This is something most people wouldn't even think to learn before visiting Spain. It isn't complicated, but there is a system to buying produce in the Spanish Markets, depending on where your are. Read more on

Is the fish fresh?

The best selection of fresh seafood is also on ice waiting for you.  Yes the catch of the day is delivered in the early hours of the morning, so you know what was fresh from the sea that day.

Mercado Fresh Fish

Where’s the meat?

The butchers have wonderful cuts of meat, pork and poultry.  They will even make fresh ground burgers for you.  There are a few bakeries with delicious breads and pastries.  You will of course find the deli counter with slice meats and cheese as well.  Surrounding the municipal market building you will have plenty of choices for fresh flowers, plants, spices and teas.   There is even an organic eco store and the best prices you will find in town.

Mercado Municipal Almuñécar Butcher

Almuñécar Municipal Market

Avenida de la Cala
Fresh Food Stalls:  Seafood, Butcher, Deli, Bakery, Produce, Flowers and Spices
Monday – Saturday   8:30 – 15:00

The hours are officially from 8:30-15:00, but they do vary per vendor, it is Spain after all.

Mercado Municipal Almuñécar


There are a few Grocery Stores as well, with longer opening hours (usually 9:00 – 9:30) at the Almuñécar Market.


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