Almuñécar Hotels & Hostales With Views, Beaches and Spas

There are about 40 different Almuñécar Hotels & Hostales to choose from, including those in La Herradura!  There are even more when you get into the outskirts of the municipality and neighboring towns.  Almuñécar and the village of La Herradura are located at the far west edge of Costa Tropical.  The neighboring coastal towns to the east are Salobreña and Motril.

Before we get into the listing of our favorite Almuñécar Hotels & Hostales, we need to review a little vocabulary.

Almuñécar Hotels - The Best Place To Stay In Almuñécar With Amazing Views! Hotel Helios Costa Tropical

La Herradura & Almuñécar Hotels, Hostales, Pensiones and more

When doing your search for a hotel on a booking engine, you will get results back with many different options.  It isn’t all clear and for those from other countries, it may even be confusing.  You will often see something referred to as a hostales, not to be confused with a hostel.  It is also possible to see something like pensiones as well.  We will provide you with a brief definition below, to help you with your search.

What are hostales and pensiones in Spain?

In Spain, there are three names given to hotel-like accommodation, they are Hotel, Hostales and Pensiones. 
  • Hotels are the bigger properties and usually a brand known through the country.  They typically have a restaurant, bar, a large number of rooms and offer many amenities.  You may also want to search for hoteles en Almuñecar.


  • Hostales are similar to a guest house or boutique hotel, typically with nicely appointed rooms.  They are often family run and may not have all of the amenities of a “brand hotel”.  These aren’t to be confused with a hostel (with an “e”), which is typically a youth hostel with shared sleeping rooms and bathrooms.  In Spain the actual name given to a youth hostel is Albergues Juveniles.  We know of a nice couple who owns a beautiful Hostal in town, but they can’t officially be named “hotel” because they have more than one floor of rooms and don’t offer an elevator.  So the rules are very specific to be deemed a hotel.
    Read more on information about hostales.  


  • Pensiones are similar to hostales, but may just have sleeping rooms and few amenities.  They tend to be the cheaper of the group and are often just a place to sleep.


  • Paradors are a chain of high-class hotels, converted mansions, castles, monasteries, convents and palaces.  These tend to be more expensive or luxury and are offered all around Spain (more information on Paradors).  The nearest to Almuñécar is the Parador de Nerja and you can check for deals here.

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Almunecar Hotel Helios in White and Hotel Playa Senator Spa in terra cotta


If you are planning to stay in Almuñécar for just a few nights or prefer the comforts and service of a hotel or resort, not to worry.  We have the best Almuñécar hotel booking options here:

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Our Favorite Almuñécar Hotels / Resorts


  • Hotel Helios  (San Cristobal Beach)

    Located right on San Cristobal beach and most recently renovated rooms have a wonderful sea view.  You are surrounded by many great restaurants as well and it’s just 2 blocks from the grocery store.  They have an amazing breakfast buffet, a rooftop bar in the summer as well as an outdoor pool.  There are many activities available and you can’t beat the location.  Read our full review on Hotel Helios.

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    Almunecar Hotel Helios, located on San Cristobal Beach


  • Playa Senator Almuñécar – also known as Playa Spa Hotel (San Cristobal Beach)

    This is one of the larger hotels/resorts in town.  They are located along San Cristobal beach and many rooms offer an amazing sea view and sunset too.  With this resort, you have the option of booking all-inclusive, half board, breakfast, or room only.  They have a wonderful outdoor pool, but there is also an indoor pool for the winter.  They offer a great spa, with all types of services and a naturist night too.  You can easily find parking in their garage and it is located right next door to the grocery store.  Of course many activities are offered as well.

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Almuñécar Hotel Playa Senator Naturist day at Playa-Senator-Spa-Almunecar-Spain


  • Hotel Bahia de Almuñécar (City Center)

    Centrally located, this is great for getting out and seeing the sights.  There is a rooftop pool with gorgeous sea views and the hotel itself is fitted with contemporary features that will suit your needs.

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Hotel Bahia de Almunecar


  • Bahia Tropical Hotel (Pozuelo Beach)

    The perfect summer location, just across from the beach.  It is located at the end of Velilla Beach, so you would either need transportation into town, as you need to get over the hill or around it.  You may drive, take the city bus, or be prepared for a walk that will take approximately 45 minutes to the town center.  The amenities are wonderful and you can choose your option of all-inclusive, half board, breakfast only or room only.  The staff is very nice as well.


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pozuelo-sand beach almunecar


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