Almuñécar Sunday Market – Rastro de Almuñecar Domingo

If you like to find a good bargain, then the Almuñécar Sunday Market or Rastro Almuñecar Domingo is the place to be!  Every Sunday you can socialize, browse and purchase the most unusual things.  This is a flea market dedicated to antiques and second-hand items!  Located in the fairgrounds near the Blas Infante Arches, it has now grown to take up the entire lot on both sides.  This market is frequented by so many people now, it is just as popular as the Friday Market.

Good bargains at the Almuñécar Sunday Market or Rastro Almuñecar Domingo! This flea market is dedicated to antiques & second-hand items. Read more on

Almuñécar Sunday Market

You can buy a wide range of second-hand items and antiques at the Sunday market.  If you are looking for something rare or obscure, you may just find it here!  Every Sunday from 09:00 – 14:00, excluding July & August and public holidays.

Rastro de Almuñécar Domingo

The market’s real name is “Mercadillo de Antigüedades de Almuñécar” (Almuñécar Antiques Market).  It is also called by many other names; Almuñécar Rastro, Rastro de Domingo, Sunday Market, or simply the Almuñécar Sunday Market.   Of course, in English, it may be referred to as the Sunday car boot sale or car boot fair.  The entrance is right in the heart of the town, at the Arc de Triomphe Puerta de Almuñécar (Blas Infantes Arches), which is also the main fairground in the month of August.  It lies between the main road (N-340) and the one and only “McDonald’s”.

Good bargains at the Almuñécar Sunday Market or Rastro Almuñecar Domingo! This flea market is dedicated to antiques & second-hand items. Read more on

When is the Sunday Market?

Well, on Sunday of course.  Sunday from 09:00 – 14:00.
(excluding Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, and the 2 Sundays before or on August 15)

Check the official site, as they display a calendar of days it will not be happening.

Days and hours of the market from official rules.

5.1. The days of celebration of the second hand market will be every Sunday, always when it does not coincide with other events.  The only exemption is July & August, there will be on Sunday market.  The space will be used for parking and other events.
5.2. The sales schedule will be from 09:00 – 14:00
The installation of the stalls and the unloading of merchandise will take place between 07:00 and 08:30,
being prohibited from this hour to carry out such operations.
5.3. The removal of merchandise and dismantling of the facilities will take place from 14:00 – 15:30, at which time the posts will have to be vacated, with the obligation of the owners of them leave the space occupied and its surroundings in perfect condition
cleaning, with removal of packaging and waste of any kind.

Though it is advertised the market is open between 9:00 and 14:00, it is buzzing closer to 10:00.  This is always a treat, and be prepared to bargain for your goods.  You will find everything from household supplies and clothing to Spanish handicrafts, garden wares, ceramics, sporting goods, bikes, jewelry, music, and more.

Good bargains at the Almuñécar Sunday Market or Rastro Almuñecar Domingo! This flea market is dedicated to antiques & second-hand items. Read more on

What can we buy at the Rastro Sunday Market?

As you meander up and down the aisles of the market, you will hear music playing, and the chatter of people, and some people will shout the deals they have on offer.  It is an activity for shopping, socializing, and best of all bargaining!

Good bargains at the Almuñécar Sunday Market or Rastro Almuñecar Domingo! This flea market is dedicated to antiques & second-hand items. Read more on

Will I find souvenirs from Spain?

Keep in mind this is a second-hand market, that said you may find that perfect souvenir from Spain!  There are many people who go every week looking for that special something.  If you know someone who likes antiques or is a collector, then you might find a perfect gift for them.

I want a stall to sell at the Almunecar Sunday Market.

Here is the official procedure to obtain a stall at the Sunday Market – access full details documented by the town hall here.  Within that link, you may also see which Sundays are available for reservations.

Before starting the process, you must download and read the Rules to govern in the second-hand goods and crafts market “Rastro de Almuñécar”.  Here is a translated version

Steps to follow:

  1. Carry out the web self-assessment application with the required fields, marked with a *.
    Sunday Market web self assessment English

    • In the field ” Objeto por el que se autoliquida“, you must enter “OVP Mercadillo Domingos”.
    • And in the field ” Descripcion el objeto por le que se autoliquida” the following data must be entered:
      • Description of the merchandise sold at the market.
      • Enter the number of days it is requested placed in the market.
  2. Make the payment of the self-assessed amount effective through any of the following methods of payment:
    • Once the self-assessment has been made through the Taxpayer Portal, by clicking on the “Tramitar y Pagar” button.
    • Through any of the collaborating entities that appear on the self-settlement form.
  3. You can contact the phone number 673 369 305 before making any payment.



This occurs every Sunday, excluding July & August as well as any special event throughout the year.

Official calendar for the Rastro.

The summer is dedicated to parking, as well as the local summer fair.  This event takes place in the same location.  It is also likely to not be held if a holiday falls on a Sunday, but it depends.

Beside the Blas Infantes Arch at the entrance to the town.
Sunday Market stalls
:  Clothing, Housewares, Shoes, Music, Furniture, Antiques, Second-hand goods, bikes, and much more.
Sunday  9:00 – 14:00

La Herradura Rastro Sunday Market or Mercadillo

On Sunday there is also a flea market (second-hand goods, crafts & more) in de La Herradura.  This outdoor market is located in the Plaza de la Independencia La Herradura at the center of town, every Sunday from 9:00 – 2:00 (summer).


Motril Rastro – Saturdays

The rastro begins in Motril!
everyone can participate here is a link to the WhatsApp group to sign up to sell only second-hand objects, crafts, and antiques
Open this link to join the WhatsApp group and for questions: 

Motril Rastro

Nerja Rastro Sunday’s

The Nerja rastro (second-hand market) takes place every Sunday from 08:00 – 14:00
You can request a position on the phone 675 115 727 on Wednesday from 10:00  – 14:00
facebook page here 

More Almuñécar Markets (open air & local)

Below you will find a listing of several market options, which are less commercialized and more local.  Don’t get me wrong you may find a souvenir or two at the Sunday market, but it is mainly for some local shopping.

Municipal Market 

The Mercado Municipal Almuñécar, Almunecar Markt

Monday- Saturday 09:00 – 14:00,  More information here

Mercado Municipal - Municipal Market in Almuñécar

The Municipal Market La Herradura

Monday- Saturday 09:00 – 14:00, located along the beach, just as you enter town.

La Herradura Municipal Market

Friday Market

You can buy many great gifts from Spain, located across from McDonald’s. Read more about the Almuñécar Friday Market here.

Friday 09:00 – 14:00

 Blas Infante Arches Almunecar - Friday Market


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