How To Figure Out Parking in Almuñécar & La Herradura

Pay Parking in Almuñécar

There are several options for Parking in Almuñécar.  Some of the options have a time limit, while others are more worry free.  You must be aware of the different seasons, dates and hours for the “On street pay parking“, as it can be a bit confusing.

When parking along the street in town you will notice various colored dashes along the road.  There are signs posted along the way which explain what these colors mean, but you need to get out of your car to read the signs.

Street Parking in Almuñécar & La Herradura


How to Pay for Parking in Almuñécar & La Herradura

Pay ParkingInsert Coins, Press Green Button, Retrieve TicketOn street pay parking (with time limits)

Insert Coins, Press Green Button, Retrieve Ticket
City zone (Azul)
up to 30 minutes    0,40€
up to 60 minutes   0,60€
up to 2 hours            1,20€
(this was accurate at time of publishing, please check signs for current info)

Electronic parking payment – no coins!

Almunecar parking app called easy park with rates and fines. Read more on

This is the way to do it!  You don’t need to go track down a machine and have coins at the ready!

They also offer an app to use for payment called easypark  (it is no longer e-park), your personal parking meter via your smartphone.  Please click here for full instructions on how to use the electronic parking payment.  You can sign up for the app, add money to your account, select your parking zone and you are done.

You can even pay any parking fines!  We use this and love it!  If you are out around town and know your time is going to expire, just take out your phone and add more time to your ticket!  No more running back to the machine and then back to the car to put the new ticket in the window.

As an added bonus, this app will allow you to “stop” your parking time too, so less money spent.  If you paid for 30 minutes, but returned in 15, you can stop the “parking”.  So it is only charging you for the time used.


TIP!  Save your parking slip!

If you pay at the machine and get a paper ticket and move your car within the same colored zone (all blue dashes to a new parking space with all blue dashes), then you may continue to use the same parking slip you originally had.  Of course this is providing you still have time left on it.  Let’s say you bought 1 hour of time and parked by the Aquarium for 30 minutes (blue dashed line), then you wanted to move and park near the post office (blue dashed line).  You would still have 30 minutes valid on your slip and could just continue to display in your window for 30 minutes, while at the post office.
*you may NOT use a parking slip from one zone for another zone  (NO blue dashes  moving to yellow / blue dashes)

Street Parking Zones

Blue dashed lines –  Azul General City Zone

Almuñécar Pay ParkingBlue dashed lines –  Azul General City Zone
Streets with parking regulated during the entire calendar year, with set dates and times. 2 hours maximum.  Monday – Saturday 09;00 – 14:00 (city center and along Av. Europa).



Paseos Maritimos  Seasonal & Beach Zone

Parking BlueYellow

Blue and Yellow dashed lines –  Paseos Maritimos Beach Zone

Streets with parking regulated all year or with seasonal hours.  Check the signs where you park.  It is 1 July through August 31 and Semana Santa, but check the sign.  A maximum of 3 hour per vehicle per day. Daily (Monday – Sunday) 11:00 -15:00 and 19:00-22:00

Parking BlueGreenBlue and Green dashed lines – Seasonal Paseos Maritimos Beach Zone
Streets with parking regulated during Easter and Summer (The Friday before Easter until Easter Sunday and 1 July through 31 August).  A maximum of 3 hour per vehicle per day
Daily (Monday – Sunday)  11:00 -15:00 and 19:00-22:00

Almunecar parking rates and fines

Parking Fines!

If you receive a ticket while parked in the Blue or Blue with green or yellow, don’t panic!  The fine on the ticket is extremely high, but if you read the fine print you can pay a much lower fine.  Only €3.50 if it is within 2 hours of being issued and €7.00 if it is within 3 hours of being issued.  More about how to pay the parking find below.


Free Parking

  • You may park on the street, where there are no road markings or in the spaces with the White dashes painted.
  • As per the above notes, much of the seasonal parking is free during the off season (September – June, excluding Easter).
  • There is also free parking available most days in the fairgrounds lot along the N340, across from McDonald’s, LiDL and Dia.
    • Parking is not allowed from 23:00 Thursday through Friday late afternoon, due to the  Friday Market.
    • Also from 23:00 Saturday through Sunday late afternoon, due to the Sunday Market with second hand goods.
    • Of course we also have the Almunecar feria the week leading up to August 15th, when the fair is going on, so no parking at all that week.

Underground Pay Parking  

  •  If you park in a garage you pay per the amount of time you are there.  Most of them are open 24 hours a day, so you don’t have to rush back to your car.  You may often park by the hour, day, week or month as well.  Check with the attendant at the garage.
  • Many of these will have a sign posted with “Libre”.  This does translate as “Free” in English, but it means there are Parking Spaces Free/Available.  In Spain “Gratis” means free without payment.
  • They do offer options for a weekly, monthly and “annual” parking pass.  The “annual” pass is really 10 months, September – June.  Then a higher monthly fee for July and August, which is high season.  I believe the 10 month pass is about 500€ and the monthly is about 80€.  Please note these are just estimated prices and will likely vary slightly, so please check with the parking garages directly.   They are outlined on the map below with the letter  “P”.The parking pass for the underground garages may be purchased from the traffic department on the 2nd floor of the central bus station, opposite the police office.


    • There are various under ground locations along  each of the main beaches (Paseo San Cristobal, Paseo de Altillo and Paseo de Velilla).
    • There is also one on the Main road in town (Av. Juan Carlos I).
    • Please refer to the Town Map and look for the big P to see where the underground parking is located.  If you wish to enlarge the map below, select the box in the upper right corner of the map.

Summer Outdoor Parking Lot:

During the summer months, you will also find a dirt lot with hundreds of parking spaces.  They charge about 3€ per day and may have offers for weekly, 2 weeks or monthly places.  The gate is manned from 08:00 – 24:00, July and August only.  It is located 2nd line from the beach, across from the Centro de Salud. It is near Playa Puerta del Mar and is marked on our map with a P.

Free validated parking

Many of the grocery stores will offer parking and validation, if you make a purchase.  Dia% and LiDL both have outdoor parking.  Each Mercadona has underground parking.   (with time limits)

Parking Ticket and How To Pay Fines

We have all done it and taken our chances parking without buying a ticket or perhaps we were late to return to the car by just a few minutes.  That feeling you get when you see a ticket on your windshield isn’t good.  Especially when you see the fine is a whopping €60.  Not to fear, there are cheaper ways to pay your fine.  Within the hour of the ticket is the cheapest and then the price goes up.   Read more details about how to pay a parking ticket in Almuñécar.

Parking ticket - how to pay parking fine in Almunecar

La Herradura Parking Summer 2019

As in previous years, the town hall has reached agreements with different landowners in La Herradura to make them available for car parks.

An offer of more than 800 places that will come to alleviate a major parking problem in La Herradura to facilitate visitors.

? Parking Pantano 300 squares
? Parking Las Tejas 250 squares
? Parking El Vivero 300 squares
? Parking El Barranquillo 90 squares

La Herradura Summer Parking

More information about Driving in Spain

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