How To Figure Out Parking in Almuñécar & La Herradura

Pay Parking in Almuñécar

There are several options for Parking in Almuñécar.  Some of the options have a time limit, while others are more worry free.  You must be aware of the different seasons, dates and hours for the “On street pay parking“, as it can be a bit confusing.

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How To Pay Your Parking Fine in Almuñécar Spain

With the tourist season fast approaching, that means more people.  More people means more cars.  Unfortunately, it does not mean more parking spaces.  This post will explain how to pay your parking fine in Almuñécar.  I am sure it is similar around Spain, but we will provide you details and help save you money!  If you want to understand what all of the different colored lines mean on the road and where to park, click here.

Parking Almuñécar - La Herradura, how to pay a parking fine or avoid one. There is seasonal parking near the beaches and daily in town. read more on

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Costa Tropical

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations along the Costa Tropical, with a strong focus on the Almuñecar – La Herradura area.  This is just the beginning of a longer list to come. Your contributions would be appreciated as well.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations along the Costa Tropical, with a strong focus on the Almuñecar – La Herradura area.. Read more on


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Almuñecar – La Herradura

More and more electric vehicles are on the roads and we are often asked where car charging points are located.

Electric car charging station Mercadona P4

This parking garage is tightly packed, but there is space to charge your electric vehicle, so this is a good option for you.

  • Calle Marina Pineda, near town center
  • Mercadona Opening hours:  Monday – Saturday   9:00 to 21:30

Electric car charging station Mercadona P4

Electric car charging point Aldi

This car park is very spacious and it is easy to get around.  There are several bays dedicated to charging your electric vehicle.

Electric car charging stations Mercadona San Cristobal

Mercadona Garage has several electric car charging points in its parking garage.  You may access the parking garage on the right side of Mercadona and charge your vehicle as you shop.  Most of the charging points are located along the south wall, so as you drive into the car park they would be immediately on your left.

  • Address:  Avenida Mar de Plata, 4 San Cristobal. Behind Almuñécar Playa Hotel.
  • Mercadona Opening hours:  Monday – Saturday   9:00 to 21:30,  July- August open Sunday 09:00 – 15:00

electric car charging stations San Cristobal


Share more charging points with us!

I am certain there are many more electric vehicle charging stations along the Costa Tropical.  If you know of one you would like us to add, just tell us the exact location and send a photo we can use on the website too.