Take The Kids To The Almuñécar Playgrounds and Parks

If you have little ones, you are bound to be seeking out a place for them to burn off a little energy.  We share with you the Almuñécar playgrounds and parks, with a few extras thrown in as well.  The playgrounds are all very similar, just in different locations.  We share a photo of each so you can see which have swings, slides, climbing, bars and more.

If you have little ones, you will enjoy the Almuñécar playgrounds and parks.  This will be a great place for them to burn off a little energy.  Read more on Almunecarinfo.com

Almuñécar Playgrounds and Parks

Many of the playgrounds and exercise equipment areas are located along the beach paseo, but there are a few hidden and worth the find.  All are marked on the map below.  There are some great places in Costa Tropical, which is on the coast of Granada.

  • Paseo San Cristobal
  • Paseo del Altillo
  • Paseo Puerta del Mar
  • Paseo Velilla
  • Barrio San Miguel – just atop the hill about 2 blocks from the castle.
    San Miguel playground el castillo
  • Parque Rio Verde
  • Behind Majuelo Park, just below San Miguel Castle.
  • Roman Aqueduct Seco III – behind Santa Cruz Resort
    Update 2021 – The park is no longer at the Aquesduct, as it has been renovated as a summer concert venue.  But the Aqueduct is still there and it is a nice walk from town.
  • N340 & Av. Fenicia in El Corte Chino parking lot, across from Friday Market
  • Majuelo Botanical Park
  • Mediterraneo Park – this is more of a nature hike.  At the entrance to this area, you will find public basketball courts.  It is at the far end of Velilla Beach.
  • Aqueduct Torrecuevas – a bit out-of-town, but it has a playground, exercise area, and loads of running around space.
  • Parque de Santa Cruz

The map legend is on the left and you may view in a larger screen.  We have inserted a pictures for each of the pin points as well, so just click on one to see the associated photo.

If we are missing any Almuñécar playgrounds and parks, please let us know and we will do our best to add it.

We also have a great listing of Social groups, play groups and informational resources in Almuñecar.


Exercise Equipment

These are marketed towards the seniors to promote healthy living.  That said there are many kids who also use them.  If the kids are using them, please give way to the seniors, if it is crowded.

  • Paseo San Cristobal
  • Paseo Calietta
  • Paseo Velilla
  • Aqueduct Torrecuevas


Aqua Tropic Waterpark Almunecar

More Recreational Activities

The fútbol pitch along San Cristobal also doubles as a hang out for the seniors to play pétanque (it’s like bocce, only the balls are thrown, not rolled).  There are public basketball courts available at then very end of Velilla beach, next to Parque Mediterraneo.  You will also find other recreational activities on the map, like basketball courts and more.

  • Swimming pools – have the swimming icon
  • Net courts for tennis and padel have the racket icon
  • Fútbol pitches have the kid and ball icon
  • Bicycle paths along the Paseo San Cristobal and Paseo Velilla are marked by blue lines


Dog Parks & Beaches

Traveling with your pet is wonderful and slowly but surely, the pet-friendly tourism is on the rise in this region.  You will find some areas which are very welcoming to your pets including, a dog park, pet-friendly hotels, campsites and more throughout Andalucia, but not on the beaches in Almuñécar.  There are however limited dog-friendly beaches not too far away.

Your pets are welcomed in Costa Tropical; dog friendly beaches, La Herradura dog park, pet-friendly hotels, campsites & more throughout Andalucia. Read more on Almunecarinfo.com



Mediterranean Park Almuñécar

Enjoy a hike, walk or picnic at Parque Mediterráneo Almuñécar (Mediterranean Park).  Surrounded by nature, paths, beaches & gorgeous sea views too.  We shared a few photos of the Mediterranean Park on social media and they were a big hit.  Many people wanted to know more about where it was located and how to access it.  Therefore we are going to take you on a photo walk and provide you more information about Parque Mediterráneo en Almuñécar!

Enjoy an Almunecar hike, walk or picnic at Parque Mediterráneo (Mediterranean Park). Surrounded by nature, paths, beaches & gorgeous sea views too. Read more on Almunecarinfo.com


Charca de Suárez in Motril

Enjoy a day out bird watching at Charca de Suárez in Motril.  This is the most important wetland on the coast of Granada, with over 160 species of birds, as well as wildlife and numerous plants and vegetation.  This 15.6 hectares (almost 40 acres) environmental site has plans to double in the future, which is critical for the endangered bird species in the area and their survival.  This is the ideal refuge for many species in addition to a strategic location for migration.  Read more about the wetlands, Charca de Suárez.

Enjoy a day ou bird watching at Charca de Suárez in Motril. This is the most important wetland on the coast of Granada, with birds, wildlife, & vegetation. Read more on Almunecarinfo.com

Historical Parks

El Majuelo Park and Botanical Garden

El Majuelo Park and botanical garden is full of amazing plants, sculptures, and paths to meander.   You will also find authentic artisan workshops where you may see the artists work and purchase goods.  In addition, the view of the historic Phoenician and Roman Fish-Salting Factory and Castle are the best.  The Pièce de résistance are the wide variety of botanical plants within this park.  Often events are held in the botanical garden.

Artisan market Almunecar Majuelo Park Fish Salting Factory


Roman Aqueduct Seco III

This is an amazing Roman Aqueduct to see with a playground too!  If you are lucky, you may see a couple of the horses just behind and up the hill.  It is just out of the town center up the dry river bed or on the road out to Jete and Otivar.  Just after you pass the Santa Cruz primary school, turn left and go to the end of the road to park.  Here you will walk through a gate and down a path to find the playground and Roman Aqueduct.  Roman Aqueduct Seco III – behind Santa Cruz Resort.

Update 2021 – The park is no longer at the Aqueduct, as it has been renovated as a summer concert venue.  But the Aqueduct is still there and it is a nice walk from town.

Things To Do In Almuñécar Roman Aqueduct Rio Seco Near Santa Cruz Resort


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