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Let’s talk about expat Health Insurance for expats in Spain!  You will find the cost is affordable compared to other countries.  The health insurance companies for Spanish residency provide healthcare in Spain for foreigners, students, retirees, and more.  We share some info about the cost of health insurance in Spain and tips for coverage.  These will certainly qualify for the visa and residency in Spain for Americans and UK citizens too.  Most of you will want Non lucrative visa Spain health insurance.

Let's talk Expat Health Insurance Spain costs, coverge and companies!  A list of health insurance for Spanish residency with healthcare in Spain for expats, students, retirees and more. We share some info about the cost of health insurance in Spain and tips for coverage. Read more on Almunecarinfo.com If you are planning to become a resident in Spain, it is likely that you will be required to show proof of private health insurance coverage.  We provide a recommended list of companies for health insurance in Spain that will meet the needs of foreign residents.  These will meet the residency requirements for those from the UK with the Brexit agreement.  Request a quote and see which has the cheapest health insurance for Spanish residency!


  • Health insurance in Spanish – “Seguro de Salud”

  • Insurance in Spanish – “Seguro”

Healthcare in Spain for Expats

Healthcare in Spain is really great and if you are an EU citizen or pay into social security you will have access to it.  For many foreigners, you will need to purchase private health insurance.  It is advised to requests quotes from various companies, check their coverage and network to be sure it meets your needs for the area where you live.  Most private insurance companies work with a network of doctors and hospitals and you need to be sure there are options in your area. When you do request a quote from the insurance company in Spain, be sure to specify you are a foreigner residing in Spain. Ask for expat health insurance or Spanish Residency health insurance. This means you would pay for insurance that would mimic the services of healthcare in Spain, which is provided to citizens and those contributing to the social security system.  For example: no copay, no waiting periods and no deductible. You just pay for your policy and then you don’t need to worry about any fees at all when you have a medical visit or procedure.

How much is private medical insurance in Spain?

  • In order to get an initial quote or the cost of the health insurance in Spain, you will need to provide your citizenship, name, and date of birth for each applicant.
  • You will also need to tell them which residency you plan to apply for, so they can be sure you are getting a quote for the correct coverage.  (Student Visa, Non-Lucrative Visa, Retirement Visa, Work Visa, Investment or Golden Visa, and so on)  If you are an EU citizen you obviously don’t need a visa, but they do require you to show proof of health insurance for residency in Spain.
  • Specify you need no deductible, no co-pay, and repatriation included.

Once you have the initial quote, you may then have to complete a more thorough medical questionnaire.  Pre existing conditions can change the answer to the question; “how much is health insurance in Spain?”.  This is where any pre-existing conditions need to surface, as they could change the price or the way they write the policy. There are some who will not insure you for some pre-existing conditions, others may work around it, and some will provide coverage for a higher fee. 

Save yourself a little time and be upfront with this information. Just to provide you with a data point, the cost for a family of 4 can be about 1500-2600 euros per year.  Of course, each company varies and you want to be sure what coverage you are receiving.  There are other things which factor into the price such as your age, pre-existing conditions, type of coverage, and so on.

Cheapest health insurance for Spanish residency?

When looking for the cheapest health insurance for Spanish residency, you will find most of the options are very competitive.  As the plans for health insurance for Spanish residency are limited to meet the exact visa, NIE registration and residency requirements.  You need to find out which has the best offer at the time.

Many of the health insurance companies in Spain also offer other types of insurance.  Most of them will provide you with a nice discount if you purchase these other types of insurance with them as well.  These would include car insurance, travel insurance, renter or homeowner’s insurance, pet insurance, funeral, and more. For most companies, it is preferred for you to have a Spanish bank account for the payment.  If you don’t have one, they will likely ask for payment of a full year in advance.  Then once you obtain an account, they will update your records and you will have the option to pay monthly, quarterly, twice a year, or annually.  It is usually the lowest price if you pay annually.

Private Health Insurance for Spain for Expats

There are many health insurance companies in Spain to choose from, with offices located all over the country.  You may purchase your insurance online from any agent or go to a local office and establish a relationship with an agent.  Many of the big companies have franchise offices, so it is possible to receive a different quote based on the office you request it from.  Either way, if you purchase online from a small town in Spain or a big city, it doesn’t matter.  You will be covered in Spain and the most important part is to be sure your network of doctors is near you. For visa or residency requirements, they usually ask that you have the following:

  • No deductible (no minimum to pay prior to coverage)
  • No co-pay (no fee per visit to pay)
  • No waiting periods (access to general procedures right away.) *All insurance companies will likely have a few wait periods for some conditions like childbirth or oncology.
  • Repatriation (in the case of death, the return of remains to the home country)

Health Insurance in Spain with Pre Existing Conditions

What do you do if you have a pre existing condition?  Obviously this will need to be disclosed.  Some of the companies we list below can work with or around your pre existing condition.  What that means is you need to request a quote and speak with them about your condition.  Depending on what it is, your age, and many other factors they may still be able to provide you with an insurance policy. There are some cases where a policy may be issues, excluding the care for your pre existing condition.  Other times, it is not a problem or they can work with it included with a higher fee.  Unfortunately the answer is “it depends”.    I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but you should contact each company and see what they can offer for you.

Spanish Residency Health Insurance Companies

The following companies meet the requirement for Spanish residency health insurance and provide various options for you to choose from.  They all provide health insurance in Spain for residency and everyone! (Students, families, singles, retired).

1.  Expat Insurance In Spainclick here for a quote

We offer Non lucrative visa Spain health insurance!

Caser Seguros expat health insurance in Spain to meet residency requirements. Read more on Wagoners Abroad. https://wagonersabroad.com/caser-expat-health-insurance-spain-for-residency/

We are here to answer your questions, communicate with you in English, and help you buy the right policy for your needs!  Caser is a 70 year old Spanish insurance company and leader in offering insurance policies for Expatriates for residency and visa purposes.  With the head office in Madrid and documentation and support in English, the Adapta con Sonrisa health policy from Caser will meet all your visa requirements.   

This is ideal for those needing insurance for visas or residency in Spain!  We provide insurance to all nationalities and are very popular with UK citizens and Americans too.  We even have a special toll free number for assistance in English for your questions, appointments, referrals, authorizations and more!

Offering a special plan just for expat health insurance coverage in Spain.

Some of the key health insurance for expats in Spain features include:

  • Offering health coverage policies for those 69 years-old and younger, including optical and dental.  
    Read the FAQ’s and more about the insurance coverage.
  • Dedicated English-speaking claims and customer service, and on-line medical support 24 hours a day with assistance in various languages (English, French, German, Dutch).
  • A special insurance policy for expats applying for Spanish Residency and Visas, which may be contracted with a passport.
    A special certificate is provided to you for your visa appointment.
    1. No copay, No deductible, No wait periods for general medicine (*some wait periods will apply for things like childbirth, oncology and a few other items)
    2. Dental (is a free bonus for you)
    3. Repatriation (add on policy for small annual fee, which is often a requirement for many Spanish residency visas)
  • Policies may be contracted up to 2 months in advance of the policy start date, with competitive pricing.
  • All policies are annual and will begin on your contract start date, so it isn’t tied to the calendar year like it is with a few of the competitors.
  • Offering many insurance products including medical, dental, auto, life, pet, home, and more.

Health insurance in Spanish and other languages

We cater to the foreigners living in Spain, which some call expats. Thus, we have a special expat team to assist you with your insurance questions in English and other languages as well. 

Request a quote from Expat Insurance in Spain and be assisted in English.
You may read more about the health plans.



2.  AdeslasAdeslas insurance provider in Spain. Read more on https://almunecarinfo.com/health-insurance-spain-companies-cost-coverage/

Adeslas is the biggest network of doctors in Spain and will certainly meet your needs for residency.  We have several clients who use SegurCaixa Adeslas and are very happy with their plan.  They also offer a car, home, pet, and other insurance policies so you get discounts with bundles.  Adeslas offers health insurance in Spain for over 75, so that is a rare find. 

  1. Student health insurance, with no copay, including repatriation
  2. Expat health insurance Spain, with repatriation and no copay, no waiting and no deductibles.
  3. Senior health insurance specific to customers ages 65 to 84. In addition, they can request special permission for those more than 84 years old.   

Spain Insurance with Adeslas –  Motril  SeguirCaixa Adeslas – Read more info

Motril@oac.segurcaixaadeslas.es Click here to email SegurCaixa Adeslas Motril Call for an appointment at 640 249 711
Please tell them that Almuñécar Info sent you, so they can prioritize your request. 

3. INSBROK Insurance – Click here for a quote

Insbrok - Health Insurance in Spain Insbrok is a broker and offers a variety of choices for health insurance for Spanish residency.  They have been in business for more than 35 years and can help you with any of your insurance needs.  They are dedicated to helping English-speaking clients wishing to reside in Spain. 
Of course, they offer all of the insurance options for you from private health insurance, home insurance, pet insurance, car insurance, and more. The team handles policies with many different health insurance companies all over Spain, so getting a quote from them saves you time from contacting several different companies yourself.  If there is a particular provider network you are used to or would like to be in, they will find the right coverage for you.  So do you have questions? You may read more about the FAQ’s here and find answers to those questions (waiting periods, deductibles, payments, pre-existing condition, repatriation, buying before you arrive, and more). 
They also offer coverage with DKV, but you need to specifically request it.

Some of the INSBROK Partners for health insurance for Spanish residency:
Insbrok Insurance Partners and more.  Read more on Almunecarinfo.com

4.  Sanitas for Expats – Click here for a quote

Sanitas expat private health insurance Spain

Sanitas is very popular for foreigners and will certainly meet the residency requirements.  When you ask for a quote using our link, it will take you to an English-speaking agent to assist you through the process.  Many of our clients opt for this coverage and are very happy with the ease of the communication, the excellent coverage, and the network of doctors available within Spain.  Sanitas Expats provides excellent customer service. We have a comparison chart of Sanitas Expat insurance plans, but not all plans displayed will meet the residency requirements.  It is just to give you an idea of what is offered.


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