Where To Go For Health Care In Almuñécar & Costa Tropical

We all want to stay healthy and be able to enjoy our lives to the fullest.  Sometimes that means we need to visit a medical professional to keep us from getting ill, or help us when we aren’t feeling well.  We have a few options listed for general health care in Almuñécar, (general medical doctor, optometrist, dentist, pediatrician, clinical analysis, and more).  No one wants to experience and emergency, but it is always good to know what’s available to you, just in case you need it.  We will cover the main medical centers and clinics in Almuñécar and also provide information about the nearest hospitals.

Looking for general health care in Almuñécar? We tell you where to find some medical centers, doctors, hospitals & clinics in Almuñécar & surrounding areas. Read more on AlmunecarInfo.com

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We all try to do our best to stay healthy and living in the beautiful Costa Tropical makes is easier to stay active all year.  With the gorgeous weather and the gorgeous mountains cascading down into the beautiful blue sea, we are in a nature lovers paradise.  Not to mention all of the amazing fresh local produce, seafood and healthy products to eat.  Yes, the stage is set for a healthy life, but sometimes you do need some health care in Almuñécar.

In case of an emergency call 112

Not everything is an emergency, sometimes you just want to go in for a check up or wellness visit.  If you have private health insurance, you are likely on a plan which has a network of doctors.  Please check with your insurance to ensure you will be covered.  If you are just looking for a General Practitioner, Dentist, Optometrist, or a Pediatrician, these should get you started.  Of course there are more around town, but these are listed on many of the private health insurance networks.

General Health Care In Almuñécar & Costa Tropical

Private healthcare in Spain for non residents, residents, or foreigners.  (not all of them take health insurance so ask before going)

  • Pediatrician (Pediatra) – Dr. Alice Lauboeck (located in Motril and speaks English)
  • General Medicine & Pediatrics – La Clinica,  International clinic with a variety of services, including Treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, as well as individually structured health check-ups.  I don’t believe they take private insurance, but ask. (Located along the Paseo del Altillo and speaks English & German)
  • General Medicine – Clínicas Bellas Nieto  (located near Plaza Madrid and speaks English)  This one is listed in several of the “insurance networks”, so for some is the only option.
  • 24 hour Doctor – Nordic Health Care –  Nordic Health Care provides general and emergency medical doctors as well as specialists when needed.  In case of emergency we have an ambulance service 24/7.
  • 24h Native English / Swedish doctors at Nerja Medical Center.  The medical staff is available to attend your every medical need, be it an emergency or just a general consultation. Available 24h a day in your home, hotel, or at one of our medical centers too.
  • Physical Therapy /Osteopath (Fisioterapia y osteópata) – Fisioterapia La Herradura
  • Massage  and Natural Therapy with Healing Space Clinic – Nerja Massage, Reiki or Bach, Coaching and other natural remedies.
  • CBD Oil Treatments and Relief  Hemp Paradox
  • Ophthalmologist (Oftalmólogo)- Check with your insurance provide to see who is in your network. (for Sanitas and DKV it will be in Motril or Nerja)
  • Optician (Óptico ) –  Optica Aquamar (located in P4, down the street from Mercadona)
  • Dentist/Orthodontist (Dentista / Ortodoncista) – Almusalud
  • More Hospitals and Health Centers
  • More Doctors & Medical Practitioners
  • 24-hour Dentist! Emergency Dental (in English) – Gross Dental Clinic in Malaga.
    Appointments 952 220 775  and 24-hour emergency 649 965 932

Doctors for Private Health Insurance

If you have private health insurance, most health networks include:

  • Vithas Salud (Nerja) this is a large clinic with many specialists and English is likely available for most instances. I believe they have dental too, but we have not personally used their dental services.  It is more of a one stop shopping and it is very easy to access via car or it’s just a few blocks from the bus stop.  You can take the Alsa bus from Almuñécar or La Herradura with a stop in Nerja, and I think it is about 4 euros.
  • Clínicas Bellas Nieto  (located near Plaza Madrid and speaks English)  This one is listed in several of the “insurance networks”.  If you need to see a specialist, he will need to refer you.  Many of the specialists are in Motril or Nerja.
  • Nerja Medical Center accepts Spanish insurance ASSSA.  Dr. Ben speaks English and can attend to you with care.

Please let them know that Almuñécar Info sent you!

Alternative Medicine & Therapy

  • Alternative Therapy, Massage Therapy,  Bach Flower Remedies, Reiki Energy Healing
    Healing Space Clinic offers therapeutic Danish massage and natural therapies. (Reiki energy healing, Therapeutic Massage, Bach Flower Remedies and more in Almuñécar. Danish, English and German.  By Appointment
    Paseo San Cristóbal 18 18690 Almuñécar
    +34 658 940 974
  • Alternative Therapy CBD Oils, Creams, Treatments 
    Hemp Paradox offers many CBD products to suit your needs, including CBD cosmetics, CBD oils, CBD creams, Seeds and many more coming in the upcoming months.  They do not use chemicals, as nature is more powerful and safe for your body. This is a natural medicine, an alternative medicine with an holistic approach.  Among its different uses, it can help reduce anxiety, pain, depression, acne, inflammation, diabetes, improve sleep and appetite.

Public Medical Centers & Hospitals

  • Centro de Salud de Almuñécar Medical & Health Center

    This is located in the P4 area of town.  You typically need to be in the National Spanish Healthcare system and be a holder of your Salud card to use these services.  In addition, they will accept your European Health cards as well.  That said, as non-EU foreigners, we have used the emergency services for stitches and first aid and the walk-in health center for vaccines for the kids.  Other names which may be used are Centro Medico Almuñécar or Centro de Salud Almuñécar.
    Read more about Centro de Salud Almuñécar hours, appointments and contact info.

    • The Health Center is located on the west side of the building, facing the Puerta del Mar school.
    • The Emergency Medical Center is on the east side of the building, facing the park.  If you are a foreigner and don’t have a health card, please remember to bring your passport and/or resident card with you.  Health Center Appointments +34 955 545 060 or Emergencies: +34 902 505 061
  • Centro de Salud La Herradura

    Located in the same building as the municipal market in the center of town, across from the beach.  You typically need to be in the National Spanish Healthcare system and be a holder of your Salud card to use these services.  In addition, they will accept your European Health cards as well.  Other names which may be used are Centro Medico La Herradura or Centro de Salud La Herradura.
    Read more about Centro de salud La Herradura opening hours, appointments and contact info.

  • Nordic Health Care 24 hour doctor and ambulance service 365 days (with clinic and house calls)

Nordic Health Care provides general and emergency medical doctors as well as specialists when needed.
In case of emergency they have Doctor and ambulance service 24/7.  The clinic in Almuñécar is located at Paseo San Cristobal, 18 in the Jardines Mariote Building.  The staff are multi-lingual and can speak English, French, Swedish, German, Danish, and more.  Your La Herradura and Almuñecar doctor!

  • Vithas Salud Nerja (Spanish, English, French, German, Swedish and more)

    This is a private medical center, which may take some international health insurance and travel insurance.  Please check with your provider.  They do currently accept DKV & Sanitas.  If you are a walk-in patient without insurance for a sick-visit, they will charge for the visit, plus any additional fees for tests and scans.  They have 8 hospital beds, can do x-rays, blood analysis, and so much more.   They are located across from Supersol in Nerja.  We have more information in our business directory with opening hours, services offered and more information.
    Read more about Vithas Salud opening hours, appointments and contact info.

  • Almusalud Medical Center Almuñécar

    They offer many services from physical therapy, dentistry, orthodontics, cosmetic treatments as well as an infirmary.  The infirmary has limited hours and days, so please call for an appointment.  From 09:00 – 14:00 / 17:00 – 21:00 Monday to Friday by appointment, 958 880 080.  They are located on Av. Europa, just a couple of blocks towards the beach from the municipal market.
    Read more about Almusalud Medical Center opening hours, appointments and contact info.

  • Hospital Comarcal Santa Ana de Motril

    The closest hospital is in Motril.  If you need hospital services this would be the place to go.  We have also listed below some of the general public hospitals in Granada and the eastern side of Málaga.

Clinical Analysis

Sometimes we need to go in for a blood or urine test and this is the place to go.  If you need to have a urine test, be sure to pick up the urine cup at your local pharmacy and bring the sample to the clinic for drop off.

Jesús del Castillo Asín Laboratory
Kelibia Square, 3rd, 1st D
18690 Almuñecar
09:00 – 13:00 Monday – Friday

958 631 150

Blood and urine analysis clinic Almuñécar. Don't forget your orina bottle from the pharmacy

Sometimes what you need for health care in Almuñécar isn’t available.  So you may need to go a little further to Motril and at times it is best to go to Granada or Malaga.

Other Medical Services

  • Dermatology and Venereology

    Goicoechea Acosta, Clara
    Segre River Street, 2
    18600 Motril
    By appointment  958 609 319

  • Conventional Radiology

    Machado Quintana, Fernando
    Diagnostic Center Granada
    Calle Francisco Díaz Cardona, 1
    18600 Motril
    By appointment  958 808 820
  • Conventional Radiology

    Cold Couple, José Luis
    Motril Radiological Clinic
    Salobreña Avenue, 35
    18600 Motril
    From 9:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 21:00
    958 605 417

La Herradura – Almuñécar Pharmacy – 24 hour rotation

Almunecar pharmacy or farmacias

There are many pharmacies in Almuñécar & La Herradura, most with standard availability from 09:00 – 21:00 (Monday – Friday) and 09:00 – 14:00 on Saturday.  Sometimes we have an emergency or need something late at night or on a Sunday.  Not to worry, there is a rotation within the pharmacies to ensure that some are open on a Sunday or at night.  One way or another, you can have access to a pharmacy 24 hours a day.

The schedule is posted monthly by Granada and can be found here for 24 hour pharmacy service in Almuñécar & La Herradura.

We will do our best to remember to update each month for you, but you can always use the link above for the current month.

Farmacia de Guardia La Herradura

View the detailed schedule for the current month –  farmacia de guardia La Herradura.

Almunecar Pharmacy Schedule 

View the detailed schedule for the current month –  farmacia de guardia Almuñécar.


Spanish Health Insurance

Let's talk Health Insurance Spain!  You will find it is quite easy to obtain and is very affordable compared to other countries.  The health insurance companies we recommend provide healthcare in Spain for expats, students, retirees and more.  We share some info about the cost of health insurance in Spain and tips for coverage. Read more on Almunecarinfo.com

Recommendations for private health insurance Spain.

Please view our directory for private Spanish healthcare insurance options, read more.

Wagoners Abroad also has a review of a few Spanish health insurance options for expats.

Going on a trip?  Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

Public Hospitals in Granada

There are a few private hospitals and clinics in Granada, so we have listed the 4 general public hospitals.  Of course, the hospital in Motril is closer, but sometimes you need the services in a bigger city.

  • Hospital General Básico Santa Ana

    Avda. Enrique Martín Cuevas, Motril
    Tel: 958 038 200
    website here

  • Hospital Universitario San Cecilio  

    Avda del Doctor Oloriz 16, 18012, Granada
    Tel: 958 023 000

  • Hospital Virgen de las Nieves  

    Avda de las Fuerzas Armadas 2, 10014, Granada
    Tel: 958 020 000
    website here

  • Hospital Provincial de San Juan de Dios

    San Juan de Dios 15, 18001, Granada
    Tel: 958 022 339
    website here

  • Comunidad Terapéutica Area Norte

    Avda de Andalucia 116, 18015, Granada
    Tel: 958 021 301
    website here

Public Hospitals in Málaga (Hospital Costa del Sol)

There are a number of private hospitals and clinics in the Costa del Sol.  We have listed below a few of the general public hospitals along the east coast of Málaga.

  • Hospital Provincial Málaga

    (was called Carlos Haya)
    Avda. Carlos Haya, 29010, Málaga
    Tel: 951 030 100
    website here

  • Hospital Provincial San Juan de Dios

    Avda Doctor Gálvez Ginacher,o 29009, Málaga
    Tel: 951 030 300
    website here

  • Hospital Ciudad Jardín

    Avda Jorge Silvela 8-10, 29014, Málaga
    Tel: 951 030 400

  • Hospital Comarcal (Regional) de la Axarquía  

    Finca el Tomillar, 29700, Velez-Málaga (Málaga)
    Tel: 951 067 010
    website here

Useful numbers to have in Almuñécar.

If you don’t have a car, check out our Transportation section to see all of your options.

If you are looking for options with Spanish Private Health Insurance, we have a great post for you to read now!

Helpful Spanish Vocabulary

  • I need an appointment – Necesito una cita
  • I have an appointment – Tengo una cita
  • Private – Privado
  • Insurance – Seguro
  • Pain – Dolor
  • I hurt or I have pain – Me duele
  • Health – Salud
  • Blood – Sangre
  • Urine – Orina

Body Parts In Spanish

  • Body – Cuerpo
  • Arm – Brazo
  • Hand – Mano
  • Finger – Dedo
  • Leg – Pierna
  • Knee – Rodilla
  • Foot – Pie
  • Toe – Dedo del pie
  • Back – Espalda
  • Headache – Dolor de cabeza
  • Neck – Cuello
  • Nose – Nariz
  • Learn more body parts in Spanish here.

Body parts in Spanish

Are you prepared for an emergency?

It would help to have your emergency contact on your phone, if you are involved in an accident or ill in the street and a contact number cannot be found.  It is often a problem for emergency services to find that contact number if your mobile phone is locked.
You can place a contact number on the lock screen of your mobile and this can make all of the difference in an emergency!
You simply add the letters  AA   and then the phone number of the person you’d like to be contacted in an emergency. AA stands for avisar a  or please call.  People use ICE in English speaking countries – in case of emergency.  Go into the settings and find screen lock and then lock screen signature, although other mobiles may be different. Type in the phone number and it will appear on the lock screen.

Emergency Info Granada Province


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