Almuñécar City Bus Schedule

Almuñécar Bus Schedule

Almuñécar City Bus

The big blue city bus currently has five main lines in the municipality of Almuñécar.

  • Line 1 is a circular line around Almuñécar, from the center to Cotobro and back. locate bus now
  • Line 2a locate bus now is from Almuñécar  to La Herradura and back.
  • Line 2b is from Almuñécar  to La Herradura (Including Punta de la Mona and Marina del Este). locate bus now
  • Line 3 locate bus now is from Almuñécar down through Velilla / Taramay and back.
  • Line 4 is from Almuñécar  city center to Torrecuevas and back. locate bus now

City Bus Schedule for Almuñécar, La Herradura and Marina del Este

(Including Stops, Map, & routes)
Download or Print all lines –  click here.

Winter bus schedule time valid from September 16 to June 30
Summer bus schedule time valid from July 01 to September 15

There is even a bus locator, so you can see where the bus currently is!  This is a great new feature, as it helps pinpoint the exact time it will be at your stop, rather than guessing the time it takes from the city center.  All sign posts display the time it departs from the city center.  There are new bus stops with covered waiting areas and digital displays, at some of the key locations around town.


  • Ordinary – €1
  • 10-Trip Bonus – €8
  • 40-Trip Bonus – €30
  • 30-day Monthly Bonus (Unlimited Trips) – €41

Keep in mind the times listed are for the start/stop time at the Plaza de la Carrera.  If you are picking up the bus along San Cristobal Beach, it may be 5 – 10 minutes after that, depending on where you are in the route.  It is just safe to be at the bus stop at that time and wait the few extra minutes.

View all city bus lines in Costa Tropical seasonal bus schedules.

19/09/22 to 19/10/22
almunecar reroute bus lines due to roadworks.


(Almuñecar, La Herradura, Motril, Torrecuevas, Jete, Otívar,  Lentejí)
The photo below is just an example of what you may expect.

Almuñécar Bus

Retired and 65+?

Applications can be made from at the Ayuntamiento and  Assistant Mayor’s office on the top floor of the Civic Center of La Herradura

Residents over 65 years of age, pensioners, from Almuñécar and La Herradura will be able to request the M65 card from April 27, 2022 at the Ayuntamiento and and the Civic Center of La Herradura. The M65 card will provide you with free travel free urban transport in the municipality of Almuñécar.

In general, the M65 card will be granted, to people who are registered in the municipality of Almuñécar (current empadronamiento) and who have reached the age of 65. It will have an indefinite validity, once proof that the requirements are met and will continue to be met the first quarter of each year.  The renewal request must be submitted annually between January 1 and March 31 or it will be discontinued.

Once the Applicants for the “M65 Card” have been notified of the approval, they will have three months to collect their card or it will expire.

You may pick up your approved M65 cards at the offices of the transport service concession company, located on the second floor of the central bus station.

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Here is the Town Map so you can see where it all happens!

The start / end of all routes is across from Carbonell on Carrera de la Concepción.  Look for the big blue bus icon in the center of the map.

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