The Almuñécar Outer Loop

The Almuñécar Outer Loop Walking Guide

This is a great self guided tour to become familiar with a little more the main sites and monuments in Almuñécar.  It is the perfect introduction off the beaten path around town. It is time to explore Almuñécar and get excited!

Almuñécar Walking Guides - The Almuñécar Outer Loop

About The Almuñécar Outer Loop Walk

Distance:   The Almuñécar Outer Loop Walk is 3.22 miles or 5.18 km in length. (km = kilometer  m = metre)

Duration:  2-3 hours, depending upon on how often you stop.  There will be more activity between 10am – 2pm  or 5pm – 8pm

Difficulty: Easy walk, With 1 slow incline and 1 decline, There are a few segments with no paved sidewalk.

Format:    PDF - Printable or Online

This walk will take you around the outer neighborhoods along Avenida del Mediterráneo and back to Almuñécar via San Cristobal Beach.  This will take you deep into the Phoenician past and provide you with some stunning sea views.  You will pass many sights, buildings and monuments along the way.  Of course you will get to see a few odd things as well, like a house boat on the hill.  With almost 3000 years of history Almuñécar has some stories to tell.

Some of the things you will see along the way:  Spanish neighborhoods, Moorish Hotel, Peñones del Santo, Local Monuments, San Cristobal Beach, The Boat House, Phoenician Necropolis, Shops, Restaurants, Amazing Views, Plaza Madrid, and more.

You will be provided with walking instructions as well as brief information about the sites.  When online, you will be able to select the name of each site for more information and use the interactive map.

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We hope you enjoy Almuñécar!

If you have any suggestions for more walks or feedback on existing walks, please feel free to contact us.