Peñones del Santo – Natural Monument of Almuñécar

.Peñones del Santo is a natural monument with the addition of a man-made cross.  You may climb to the top of Peñones del Santo for vast views of Almuñécar and the beautiful cost of Granada beaches.  There is a large plaza at the top with a very large cross at the highest point.  The surrounding metal railings have become a location for people to leave behind their locks of love.

Peñones del Santo Almunecar Natural Monument - locks of love on the railings

As you enter the town of Almuñécar, you can’t help but notice the beautiful rocks jetting out to sea.  Well, there is a bit more to it than just rocks.  It is a great place to stop and explore, maybe even have a little picnic?  The natural monument of Peñones del Santo is one of the sites you should take the time to see.  It is also referred to as los peñones de San Cristóbal.

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What are the Penones del Santo?

The Peñones del Santo consist of two rock formations emerging from sea water and a third very large rock on the mainland.  The rock furthest from land is Peñón de Afuera (Rock of Outside).  In the middle is the Peñón de Enmedio (Rock in the Middle), separated both by the waters of the Mediterranean.  The Peñón Santo (Holy Rock) is the largest, with an approximate height of 30 meters and it is nestled on the beach.

There is a paved path and stairs which will take you from the beach to the top, where you will find a large cross, which was installed in 1900.  This is the ideal spot to come for stunning views of both the sunrise (over the town) and sunset (over the sea and distant hills), with vast 360 views of the mountains, town, & sea.

Peñones del Santo Almunecar Natural Monument


Where can I find them?

You can find the Peñones del Santo is located along the coast just below San Miguel Castle.  It is the rock out cropping just between San Cristobal Beach and the Paseo del Altillo.  There is limited pay parking available along the beach,  so it is easiest to walk from any location in town.  No matter where you are staying in town, you will be able to access Peñones del Santo.  If you are walking through old town to the Paseo del Altillo, it will be to your right along the beach.  If you are coming from Avenida Europa or San Cristobal Beach, it will be to your left.  Enjoy your time on playa San Cristobal Almuñécar!  The gates are usually open from 08:00 – 22:00 each day.

Peñones del Santo Almunecar Natural Monument

This is free and open each day.  It is great to pair this with a pizza from Farinel.  You can order your pizza to take with you and eat atop Peñones del Santo or stop by after sunset.

If you would like to make a full day of it, you can start by visiting the Lori Sexi Bird Sanctuary, pick up some locally made crafts in a quick five minute walk over to Majuelo Park, where you will also see the ancient Fish Salting Factory.  Just up the hill you will also be able to visit Castillo de San Miguel.  With ticket purchase you can also visit the Archaeological Museum – Cueva de Siete Palacios.

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