Spanish Lessons La Herradura – Go Beyond The Classroom

Are you looking for Spanish lessons in La Herradura, Spain?  Look no further, as Centro El Mar will offer you far more than your standard classroom lessons.  Instead you will get an experience to remember through cultural workshops, field trips, conversation and immersion.  Of course they also offer the standard Spanish classes in groups, private lessons in person and via Skype as well.  If they don’t offer what you want, they may just be able to create it for you!

Spanish lessons La Herradura, Spain. Go beyond the classroom! Centro El Mar offers more than standard lessons, with cultural workshops, field trips, conversation and immersion. Read more on

Centro El Mar isn’t just an ordinary classroom setting, it is like connecting with a good friend you look up when back in town.  They offer the extra touches to make you feel at home or part of the community.  The lobby is a social area full of information about the area.  You are always greeted with a smile.  In the classroom, go ahead and put the kettle on for that perfect cup of tea.  The entire team is warm and friendly, but what really stands out is the passion.  The staff is a passionate group of instructors, who clearly love their work and their enthusiasm passes on to the students.

Spanish Lessons La Herradura

Of course this is a language school, so they offer the traditional Spanish lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced, as well as intensive Spanish lessons and full immersion Spanish courses too.  It doesn’t matter if you are in La Herradura area all year or just part of the year there is something for you.  It is perfect to spend the winter in the group or conversational Spanish classes, and if you aren’t in town you can still keep up with Spanish lessons via Skype.  They are sure to have something perfect for you, as they offer such a variety of Spanish lessons for long stays or short.

Centro de Idiomas El Mar La Herradura


The Spanish courses for residents are offered throughout the year and often meet regularly during the week or month.

  • Intensive one to one
  • Relaxed one to one
  • Couples
  • Groups
  • Spanish classes for adults
  • Spanish classes for kids
  • English classes for kids

Short Term or Intensive

The Spanish courses for short-term are offered throughout the year and often are daily in weekly blocks.

  • Intensive one to one
  • Intensive Group
  • Immersion options including accommodation or a homestay with a Spanish family are also available
  • Spanish classes for adults
  • Spanish classes for kids

Families or Children

Perhaps you are a traveling family?  With Spanish classes for adults and also Spanish classes for kids, this is perfect for you.  Centro El Mar can cater to you and organize accommodation, cultural visits, sport activities and more.  They will even stop by your accommodation for cooking lessons in Spanish, to make it easy for you.  Prior to your arrival a specialist will assess your language level and needs, and depending on age differences, will create a custom-made class with a teacher/coach just for you and your family.

Spanish Summer Camp for Children (5-11 years)

Are you planning to visit La Herradura during the summer with kids?  Why not take advantage of sending the kids to summer camp to learn Spanish and have fun doing it?  This is the ideal age for kids to be a sponge and just absorb the Spanish language!  The summer camp encourages students to learn Spanish through experiences.  Combining the classroom with outdoor activities and expeditions, from horseback riding to swimming lessons, with hiking in the countryside, and games on the beach.  The kids will have so much fun, they won’t even know they are learning.

Teen Spanish Immersion & Adventure Packages

There are amazing packages offered for teens for 2 weeks or 4 weeks.  It is the ideal way to give your teen the full Spanish experience and not have to worry about them.  Inclusions in the package:

  • Spanish course
  • Cultural activities
  • Sporting activities
  • Adventure activities
  • Homes stay with meals
  • Airport transfers Included, cultural / sport / adventure activities, full board homestay & transfers included)

Cultural, Adventure & Spanish Language Workshops


We’ve only attended one of the workshops thus far and really like this concept.  There are a variety of workshops offered throughout the year to give you some focused time with a theme.  Usually the workshops are about two hours from one to three days and are no doubt interactive and fun.  You may learn while you are out on a walk and see ruins from the Spanish Civil War.  Perhaps it is in the classroom, focused on the subjunctive grammar through interaction and games.  We attended a 3-day workshop on pronunciation and it was fantastic.  If they don’t have a particular workshop you want or it is offered when you aren’t in town, just ask if they can create one for you and your friends.

Experiential Learning

Their goal is to make you feel like a welcomed guest with firsthand access to the history, traditions, people, and cultural nuances of Andalusia.  This will allow you to be culturally immersed, which gives you a broader understanding of Spain.  At Centro el Mar they set the stage and create a space for you to make authentic connections that are deeply meaningful.  Everything is presented with passion, which makes all of the difference in the world.  Learning from those who care and want to share it with you couldn’t be any better.

Read what Wagoners Abroad has to say about their experience with Centro El Mar’s experiential learning, at the Spanish Civil War workshop.

experiential learning at the Spanish civil war workshop with Centro El Mar in La Herradura Spain

Custom Spanish Lessons in La Herradura

If you are on your own or part of a group and want a customized class, it can be done.  Just let Centro El Mar know what you are looking for and your goals for the course.  They will work with you to create an experience to remember.  It can be a classroom setting, going on an adventure or creating that perfect cultural experience.  While some people learn by sitting at a desk and memorizing grammar, others desire conversational courses.  It is all offered and will be customized to suit your needs and connect you with the Spanish culture.

Where is Centro El Mar La Herradura?

The school is located just one block back from Playa La Herradura and a few blocks to the east of Plaza Independencia.

The address is Calle Giralda, Edificio Princesa, 2. La Herradura (18697)

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