The Best Carry On Luggage For Europe

No matter where you travel the prices for a checked bag are usually very expensive.  Many people are now trying to travel with carry on luggage only, but it can be difficult to navigate all of the different carry-on luggage sizes for Europe.  Each carrier has their own rules about weight and dimensions, so we will share all of that with you as well as what we think is the best carry on luggage for Europe.

The Best Carry On Luggage For Europe. We also share with you the airline hand baggage and carry on luggage allowance. Read more on


What size carry on luggage is best?

No matter what they tell you, size matters!  Each airline is slightly different with the dimensions which they allow.  Some actually have you measure it at check-in or while you are boarding the plane.  There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason when they do decide to check, but no matter what you should be ready.  Below you will see a chart showing some of the most popular European Airlines and their carry-on luggage or hand baggage allowance.  We review the dimensions, weight and also show if an additional personal item is allowed.

European Airlines Carry-On Luggage Allowance

AirlineCarry-on sizeCarry-on WeightPersonal bag size
Ryanair55x40x20 cm10 kg35x20x20 cm
EasyJet56x45x25 cm
45x36x20 cm under seat (for some)
No limitAccessories (umbrella, coat, duty free bag, etc)
1 only for Plus/Flexi. View link below for exact policy.
W!ZZ42x32x25 cm free
56x45x25 cm paid
Not specified1 free if priority boarding
Vueling55x45x20 cm10 kg35x20x20 cm
Norwegian55x40x23 cm10 kg25x33x20 cm
Iberia56x45x25 cmNot specified1 personal item
Air Europa56x35x25 cm10 kg20x35x30 cm
Transavia55x40x25 cm10 kgMust go in carry-on
British Airways56x45x25 cm23 kg40x30x15 cm

easyjet bag rules as of december 2020. the size of the travel bag in europe. The Best Carry On Luggage For Europe. We also share with you the airline hand baggage and carry on luggage allowance. Read more on

What’s the best carry on luggage for Europe?

So now that you have had a moment to process all of that information, what carry-on luggage should you buy?  Based on all of the information provided by the airlines, we have done all of the research for you.  Below you will find our top recommendations for the best carry-on luggage, which should meet the allowance for all of the airlines.  Do review the details of the luggage before you make a purchase and keep in mind the weight of the empty suitcase as well.

** EasyJet has the smallest dimensions, so many may not comply. 



Weigh your bag before you go!

Imagine showing up at the airport to find your bag is 1 kg over the weight limit and now you need to pay 40€ or more to check your bag.  You can avoid this, by making sure you weigh your luggage before you go to the airport.  Yes you can try to use your home scale, but the luggage doesn’t always sit on it properly and you won’t likely get an accurate reading.

Instead, we recommend you purchase a small luggage scale which you can easily take on your trips with you.  This way you can weigh your luggage before you return home too.  Just think of all of those souvenirs or gifts you bought.  You can weigh your luggage in advance and determine the best options, if you are over the weight limit.  Perhaps you even have time to buy a checked bag online, rather than showing up at the airport and having to pay the higher fee there.

Airline carry-on luggage and hand baggage policies

The information provided here was current at the time of writing.  Please verify with your airline, just in case they have changed their policies for hand baggage or carry-on luggage.

  1. Ryanair luggage FAQ’s
  2. EasyJet baggage FAQ’s
  3. W!ZZ Air baggage rules
  4. Vueling hand baggage policy
  5. Norwegian hand baggage policy
  6. Iberia carry-on luggage policy
  7. Air Europa hand baggage allowance
  8. Transavia hand luggage information
  9. British Airways hand baggage allowance


Useful Packing Tips


  • Measure and weigh your hand luggage before going the airport.
  • Label your luggage with your name, destination address, email and phone number, and remove tags from previous flights.
  • It’s also advisable to put a copy of your address inside your bag.
  • Avoid packing valuables in your checked luggage and secure handles and loose straps to avoid any damage.
  • It’s best to carry medicine, money and important travel documents in your cabin bag.
  • Roll your clothes to save space.
  • Wear your largest or heaviest items, so you don’t need to pack them.


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