How To Recycle In Spain – What Goes In Each Bin

As any responsible society should, Spain has a well-developed system of recycling used materials like paper, plastic, or soda cans.  You can find recycle bins, receptacles, and containers all over the country.

How to Recycle in Spain - Reduce Reuse RecycleWe know that there are many plastics in use in Spain, but we can at least recycle to help.  If you are new to Spain and come from another country the recycle system may be a bit different for you.  There are usually a variety of recycle bins scattered around every city, town and even small village.  Sometimes many of the recycling bins are grouped together and other times you will see just one or two.  Let’s learn a little more about recycling in Spain!

Please remember to Recycle In Spain! This is a guide to the color coding used for recycling in Spain. We review each bin (plastic, metal, glass & more). Read more on

When recycling in spain, the most common bins are those for Glass and Plastic.  You will find fewer for the Paper, Oils and Used Clothing.

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Things To Do In Motril Spain! The Big City Of Costa Tropical

Escape to a slightly bigger city and experience a day trip from Almuñécar with many things to do in Motril Spain.  Motril is the second largest city in the Granada Province, with a population of more than 60,000.  Yes, this isn’t a big city by most standards, but it is the biggest on the Costa Tropical.  Many of us know it as the place to take care of our paperwork as foreigners, but there is so much more to the city.  We want to share with you some of the things to do in Motril you can do as a day trip or combine with your trip to the Foreigner’s office.

Looking for things to do in Motril? As the central hub of Costa Tropical, we share with you some of the things to do in Motril, a day trip from Almuñécar.. Read more on


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