Almuñécar Spain SIM Card, Phone and Internet

Are you planning a move Spain?  There are a few things you’ll probably need to set up to get settled.  For the communications type of things (Internet, cell phones, SIM Cards), check out the recommendations for Spain SIM card, phone and internet below.

communications in almunecar


Almuñécar Internet

If you’re interested in getting setup with internet in your home, I highly recommend checking out Movistar. Do keep in mind the coverage may be different depending on where your home is, so make sure they provide coverage in your area.

You will want to confirm your exact address, if you have them schedule an installation.  This may sound a bit obvious, but in Almuñécar, addresses can be very non-standard.  For example our legal address is different from the mail address we use.  I don’t understand why it’s like this, but be aware that there can be complications.

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Feel free to view the Town Map

Please view the Business Directory for more information & locations

Computer Supplies: When you are looking for a more dedicated computer hardware store, or need to pick up ink for your printer, you can check out Beep which is directly across the street from the Municipal Market (south-east corner).

Internet cafe or Locutorio:  You may also find internet booths and SIM cards at a nearby Locutorio.  You will find these tucked away all over town.
Locutorio - Internet, Phones

Almunecar Phones

When you are shopping for a phone in Almunecar, this guide will help you understand all of your options.  There are a number of mobile providers in Almuñécar.  The largest ones are Vodafone, Orange, and Movistar.  Depending on what you are looking for, either of these should be fine, but from what I’ve heard, Vodafone seems to be the better provider in this area.  I don’t know if that’s because they have more cell towers or what, but that’s what I’ve heard.  We used Vodafone for 2 years and Orange for over 4 years and haven’t noticed any coverage differences throughout Europe or Spain.

In addition to Vodafone, Orange, and Movistar, there’s another popular third-party provider called Phone House (they resell Vodafone and Orange phones/services) and also Yoigo.  If you want to check out the mobile offerings (phones and plans), the good news is that they’re all very close to each other.

There are many other Vodafone and Orange stores, but these were chosen due to their proximity to each other.

Mobile Stores in Almunecar
  • Vodafone:  +34 902 611 265
  • Orange: +34 958 63 55 40
  • Movistar:  +34 958883911
  • Phone House: +34 958 882 764

Mobile phones, Cell Phones


If you are looking for a pay as you go (no contract) type of arrangement, the above companies do that, but they are typically not as inexpensive as a company called Yoigo.  Perhaps you are looking for a generic phone with the absolute cheapest plan available, they are a great option.  In order to recharge a phone, you can do it online, or just stop by any Yoigo store, provide them your mobile number, and top off the card.  Be aware that they may only accept cash for recharging.

Yoigo is located just northeast of the Municipal Market on Avenida de Cala, just before it intersects Avenida Costa del Sol (one of the main roads in Almuñécar).

Mobile Phone Store Yoigo
  • Yoigo:  +34 958 633 727

As mentioned earlier, there are many other stores in Almuñécar if you’re looking to purchase a mobile phone and/or service.

Almuñécar Spain SIM Cards

Are you just looking to obtain just a SIM card for your phone?  They can be purchased at any tobacco or newspaper shop.  They’re cheap to obtain, and can be used in the mobile carriers mentioned above.
SIM Cards

Be aware that all providers require a passport and/or NIE when purchasing a mobile service, so make sure you bring the necessary paperwork.

Almuñécar Info is a point of sale for the All English Lobster Spanish Sim Cards, read more here.
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