Check Out The Speed Queen Laundromat

There are two self service laundry locations in town and it will help you loads.  Yes, we have long-awaited a self-service laundromat, and now we have two, in P4 and on Av. Europa!

self service laundromat in Almunecar. Speed Queen coin laundry washers and dryers

Have you ever wished there was a place to take your duvets or blankets, which you could just launder on your own?  Perhaps you don’t want to wait to wash several loads and would like to have all of your laundry complete within 90 minutes, from wash to dry.  You may even have a place to stay, which doesn’t include a clothes washer.  It could even be that you just need a few things to quickly dry.  Well all of your problems can now be addressed by the new kid on the block over in P4, just one block from the post office and across from the stadium.  Say hello to Speed Queen!

Speed Queen Self-Service Laundromat

Speed Queen is the new self-service laundromat in Almuñécar.  the brand Speed Queen is a very popular and trusted American washer and dryer brand, so we were very excited to see it opened and ready for service.  This is just like your typical coin-operated laundry, where you let the big industrial machines do all of the hard work.

self service laundromat in Almunecar. Speed Queen coin laundry washers and dryers

They have five Speed Queen washers of all sizes, which will handle laundry loads from 10 kg to 18 kg. So that should cover just about any need you have.  This laundromat offers a total of three large capacity dryers as well and they are all coin-operated.  After speaking with the owners, they suggested that most loads of laundry take about 30 minutes to dry.

Everything is controlled at the one Laundry Point machine near the dryers.  You may purchase your laundry soap, run the washers or dryers.  Below is a listing of the prices as of March 2016.  Please visit the laundromat to verify current pricing.

self service laundromat speed queen coin laundry in Almunecar


What to do while waiting for your clothes to wash and dry

While waiting for your laundry, you may sit inside on the chairs or take a little walk around town.  Once your laundry is complete, there are tables available for you to fold everything before taking it all home.

For more detailed information about the laundromat, location, contact information, and services, please view our directory listing for laundry.


There is also a bonus for those who speak English, they have instructions in both English and Spanish.  Just in case you need a little help with some vocabulary, there are some words below.

  • Lavanderia – laundromat
  • Autoservicio – self-service
  • Secados – dryers

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