Christmas Almuñécar, La Herradura & Surrounding Areas 2019

The holiday season is upon us and there is so much going on!  It is magical to experience (Navidad) Christmas in Almuñécar, La Herradura & the surrounding areas.  We also know it can be difficult to find out when and where things are happening.  We’ve decided to share what we know here for you and as we learn more, we will just keep adding to this same post.  Many places don’t publicize until a few days prior to the event.  We aren’t sure why, but as soon as we find out more, we will continue to add to this post.

Bookmark this, so you can refer to it through the season (November 29, 2019 to January 6, 2020)!

We have compiled a list of things to do for Christmas in Almuñécar & La Herradura, as well as Christmas in Malaga and Granada.. Including events for January and Los Tres Reyes (The 3 Kings). Here's to the Christmas season Almuñécar & La Herradura. Read more on


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