Vithas Salud Almuñecar English Speaking Doctor

While there isn’t a full hospital in Almuñecar, Vithas Salud medical center is the next best thing!  It is an international walk-in clinic, with facilities of a day hospital, including 4 hospital rooms with beds.  If you need hospital care after they close, at 22:00, they will transport you to the nearest hospital.

Almuñecar Vithas Salud medical center is an international walk-in clinic, with English speaking doctors and 24 hour emergency services. Read more on

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24-Hour Doctor Almuñecar (House Calls, Emergency & Ambulance)

Intermedical Suarez Saavedra Almuñécar (Spanish, English, Swedish)  

This is a private medical center, affiliated with Quironsalud, which accepts some international health insurance and travel insurance.  They offer 24-hour emergency services, doctor house-calls and ambulance services.  The medical center is located at the ground level of the Chinasol building at the end of San Cristobal Beach.

Intermedical Suarez Saavedra Almuñécar (Spanish, English, Swedish) Läkarhus / Medical Center with 24 Hour Doctor (Emergency, Ambulance & House calls). Read more on

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