Almuñécar ATM Locations – Show Me The Money!

If you need some cash, then take a look at our Almuñécar ATM Locations map below.  Of course we include the full Almuñécar area, including La Herradura, Velilla, Taramay and more.  This would be a great page to bookmark, so if you are out and about you can be sure to know where to get some money!

Almuñécar ATM Locations

Of course many of the ATM’s are located at a local bank or caja, but there are also several free standing ATM locations around Almuñécar.  Recently we have noticed many Euro Automatic Cash machines around.  They have more of a generic look to them and have an over sized ATM sign above.


– Please take note of the ATM fee before finishing your transaction, charges can be quite expensive.
– Please check with your card to see their exchange rate.  Some of the machines are now offering you a choice to take their exchange rate or the rate for your card. It is usually best to select the local currency and not the ATM exchange rate.

 ATM Locations in Almunecar

Almuñécar ATM Locations

How much money may I withdraw?

The maximum amount you may withdraw at most ATM’s is 600€.  It seems that many of the machines now give you a variety of bills when you withdraw the maximum.  Often 400€ in 50€ bills, and then the remaining amount in smaller bills (20€  and sometimes 10€).  A few of the “caja” banks will only allow you to withdraw a maximum of 300€, so check before you complete your transaction.

There are several choices within a block surrounding Plaza Madrid and another cluster within a block of the municipal market.  There are several free-standing ATM’s along the beach, so be on the lookout as they are often just tucked into the side of a shop or building.


If you want to let us know about an ATM we missed, just contact us and we will do our best to keep the map updated.


Please view a full listing of banks on our Business Directory –> Almuñécar Banks

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