Almuñécar Parade of Three Kings (Cabalgata de Reyes)

Each January you can enjoy the Almuñécar Cabalgata de Reyes.  It will be held at 5pm on January 5th, in celebration of the Three Kings (Three Wise Men).  Below we provide you details of the parade route as well as a map showing you with landmarks around town to guide you.

The Royal Procession of the 3 Kings (Cabalgata de Reyes)

Click here to see what is happening for January 2021, due to covid restrictions


The Royal Court, which is scheduled to start the tour from 17 hours from the municipal stadium “Francisco Bonet”, will be formed by a dozen floats, of which, in addition to the three that will carry their Majesties: Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar.  The Three Kings, riding on floats, will distribute gifts, toys, and kilos of candy during the parade, many of them gluten-free.

Almuñécar Cabalgata de Reyes

Parade of Three Kings Route
5 January, 2020  17:00 hours

The Almuñécar Cabalgata de Reyes (parade of the Three Kings) is scheduled to leave at 5 pm, from the Municipal Stadium “Francisco Bonet”, move down Puerto de la Cruz, and start the loop along the avenue Baracoa and Mariana Pineda street.

Then the Royal Court will go up the Avenida Juan Carlos I, until reaching the Carrera de la Concepción.  They will enter the Costa del Sol and Avenida de Europa.  From the Galiardo area, the entourage will ascend the avenue of Cala parallel again to the Carrera de la Concepción.  

The parade will then continue along the Avenida Andalucía to the junction of Callejón Hurtado de Mendoza; Continue along Calle Mariana Pineda, Calle Tetuán until you reach the municipal stadium “Francisco Bonet” again.  Follow the arrows and lines below in the map.  The snowflake is the starting point on the right.

Parade of Three Kings Video

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