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Summer is fast approaching, and you know what that means…more people.  More people means more traffic, and that means parking can be a real headache.  If you’re the walking type of person, then more power to you.  This post will cover a relatively new transportation platform that’s much better than cars when it comes to getting around, and it’s much greener.  I’m referring to electric bikes!

Almuñécar Info Guide to Electric Bikes. An electric bike is the perfect way to explore the area. From a folding electric bike to an electric mountain bike, we review the best options. Read more on Almunecarinfo.com

The technology has now matured to the point that electric bikes or e-bikes are much more reliable, and the cost of the technology has come way down.  Now obviously there’s the regular old bicycle; the kind you grew up riding.  And the reason I’m not covering those is due to hills.  Depending on where you live, Almuñécar and La Herradura have some pretty nasty hills.  These hills can be real leg burners on regular bikes, and I want to discuss e-bikes as replacement or augmentation to automobiles.  Something that can be easily ridden up and down hills.

What are Electric bikes?

Put simply, it’s a bike that looks like it’s unpowered counterpart, but it has an electric motor.  This motor is driven by a battery that is on the bike.  When I say battery, don’t think of a car battery.  E-bike batteries are much smaller, weigh less, and are easily charged with the power from your house or apartment.

What types of e-bikes are there?

Just like regular bicycles, there are many different styles.  From ultra-compact folding electric bikes to full-on electric mountain bikes, there are a myriad of choices to suit your needs and budget.  I won’t cover the small bicycles as they are not going to have enough torque to get you up the steep hills.  They are more of a flat, even terrain type.  I also won’t discuss the bikes at the other end of the spectrum; namely the mountain bikes.  The cost of this type of e-bike can be very high, and they are more geared towards off-road riding.

Benefits of having an e-bike

The benefits are the same as a regular bike.  The health benefits of exercise of course.  Also getting around town is much easier, especially during the summer.  While cars are stuck in traffic, it’s simple to maneuver past them.  It’s much easier parking a bike than a car during those high-tourist months.  And as I mentioned earlier, there’s, the benefit of being able to climb hills in a much easier manner than a regular bike.

If you live in a hilly area, or need to commute to a hilly area you’re more likely to ride an e-bike over a normal bicycle.  There are also great bike paths for you to enjoy a leisurely ride.

cycling in Almunecar. Almuñécar Bike Rental. Cycling path along Velilla Beach

What to look for when selecting an electric bike

With such a large selection available, it can be hard to know where to get started.  Here are some recommendations when you’re looking at buying an electric bike.

Consider your needs

Are you planning on riding within the local area, or do you want a bike that you can ride long distances?  This is where the size of the battery comes into play.  A person who is interested in riding to the local market doesn’t have the same power needs as someone who wants to ride to Motril or even Granada.  (I know crazy people that do this!)

Are you going to want to carry groceries or throw a kid on the back of the bike?  You’ll want a bike that’s geared towards carrying things.  These bikes, typically have dedicated mounting points so that you can attach luggage racks, child carriers, etc.

What type of power delivery do you need?

There are generally two types of power delivery.  The most common one is a power-assist type of “pedelec” where the rider’s pedaling is automatically assisted with the motor.  Depending on the type of pedal input (pedaling fast downhill or the heavier pedaling force required for hills), the motor is smart enough to know when you’re running out of steam, and will help you reach your goal.

The other type is more of a manual system where the user decides when they want the motor to help.  This is normally done by twisting the grip, very similar to a motorcycle or moped.

What type of motor do you need?

There are two basic types of electric motors.  Those attached at the crank (where you pedal), and those that are mounted within the wheel.  Generally, those models that have the motor attached to the crank are going to provide more torque for climbing hills.   The downside is that they can be noisier than those systems where the motor is attached to the wheel.

It’s all about the battery

This is probably the biggest factor when it comes to purchasing an e-bike (after cost).  The bigger the battery the further a rider can go.  A bigger battery also means more weight, and more expense, so be realistic when choosing a bike.  If you want maximum range, then a bigger battery is definitely the way to go.

Also make sure you get a good warranty on that battery.  I would recommend getting a warranty of at least two-years.  Ask your retailer; they can really help you here!  And that leads to the next topic…

Where to purchase an e-bike?

There are local sellers, and buying local is always a good thing.  The other option is to purchase online through Amazon.  The selection will be much larger than a local carrier, plus Amazon has a good return policy.  And even if you decided to purchase from Amazon, when it comes time to have your bike serviced, you’ll most likely take it to your local bike shop.

Examples of highly-rated e-bikes online

I’ve done some research and found some very good e-bikes in a wide range of capabilities, styles, and cost.

While I didn’t cover this type of bike, I have to admit that this is very portable, and cute too.

Fafrees Electric Bike, 20″ Polar FF20 Folding Electric Bike, 48V/20.8 Ah Removable Battery, Shimano 7 Speed ​​Fatbike, Ebike for Adults, 150 km Range
View product on Amazon Spain

“As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Short on space?  Why not try a folding electric bike?

DYU Folding Electric Bike, 14 Inch Portable Electric Bike, Smart E-Bike with Pedal Assist, 3 Riding Modes, Adjustable Height, Compact Portable, Unisex Adult
View product on Amazon Spain

 A electric mountain bike -mid-range bike built for comfort

Fischer mountain Montis 5.0i Men and Women | RH Central Motor 50 NM | 36V Battery in the Frame, Electric Bicycle | MTB, Matte Slate Grey, Rahmenhöhe 46 cm
View product on Amazon Spain

If you’re looking for a go anywhere, do anything type of bike that will get through traffic this one is a beast

A Dece Oasis Air 20S Ultralight Aluminum Electric Bike, Belt Drive, Smart Ado App, Three Speed ​​Modes Make Commuting
View product on Amazon Spain

If you’re the type of person who really needs to make a statement, then this one’s for you

RASHIV Electric Tricycle for Adults, 20 Inch 7 Speed ​​Tricycle, Adjustable Handlebar, Large Seat, Rear Folding Basket, for Men and Women
View product on Amazon Spain

Try something different and electric scooter

Rather than a bike, why not zip around town on an electric scooter?

EVERCROSS EV85F Electric Scooter for Adults, 8.5” Folding Electric Scooter – App, 350W Motor, 7.8AH Battery, Weight 15KG, Maximum Load 120KG, Double Brake, Double Shock Absorbers
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Remember your accessories!

Cascos – Helmet

View list of bike helmets on Amazon Spain

A Cable to lock

View list of bike locks on Amazon Spain



Good luck with your research and purchase.  Safe riding!

Almuñécar Info Guide to Electric Bikes. An electric bike is the perfect way to explore the area. From a folding electric bike to an electric mountain bike, we review the best options. Read more on Almunecarinfo.com

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