What’s The Best Portable Heater? Look For An Estufa!

If you are new to Spain or just moved to a new place, which is colder than you are used to, then you may want a heater (estufa).  Yes, Costa Tropical has a mild winter, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t cold.  Mild means we don’t have 2 feet of snow and the temp doesn’t drop below zero.  No matter what, just having a cup of hot chocolate doesn’t always do the trick.  Sometimes you need a little more to help keep you warm.

What's The Best Portable Heater Look For An Estufa! Spain isn't always warm, soyou need an estufa! The best portable heater is here, with options to choose from(gas heaters in Spain, electric heaters & more)  Yes, Costa Tropical has a mild winter, but that doesn't mean it isn't cold.  Mild means we don't have 2 feet of snow and the temp doesn't drop below zero. Read more on AlmunecarInfo.com

For those who may live in the city center or back in a canyon where the winter sun is limited, it can feel really cold.  When talking of “cold” we are referring to lows of around 5-10 Degrees Celsius at night, during the winter months.  This isn’t exactly freezing like other parts of Europe, but is enough to make you feel chilly.  Especially in the early morning and evening times when you step onto that cold tile floor.  This is because the majority of houses in Spain don’t have insulated walls, and possibly no double glazed windows or central heating.  The direction your home faces, will also play a key factor in its general temperature, determined by the amount of natural sunlight received.  South facing homes tend to be warmer and North East facing homes colder, as they receive less sunshine.

What should you look for?

So if you don’t want to be bundled in several blankets and wearing slippers, mittens and scarves around the house, you may want to get a portable heater.  This way you can heat up your home a bit and we have researched some of the best heaters available online.  There are many different types of portable heaters available to you, from electric heaters, to heaters with fans, estufa de pellets (heater with pellets), estufa de gas (heater with gas).  When you are doing your search in Spain look for an estufa.  Estufa is the term used for heater and you are likely to have more results return, searching with that word.  Just to make things easier for you, we have done the searching and have our results below!

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Gas Heaters Spain – Estufas de Gas

These are portable gas heaters with a housing to hold a bottle of gas.  Often in Spain it is a bottle of butane and called and estufa de butano.  When recommending a portable heater, the estufa de gas is what we recommend.  This is what we have and like to use, as it is easy and very cost-effective.  It is a butane cylinder heater and one bottle of butane is only about 16-18 euros, which will usually last the entire winter.  So it is worth the investment for the gas heater in Spain.  Click on each image below to view pricing and info.  These are the highest rated available on Amazon Spain.  Below are options for butane cylinder heaters, just click on the title or the photo for more information.

  • 4.3 Star reviews:  BUTSIR Infrared Gas Stove EBBC0028 Blue Bottle.
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  • 4.3 Star reviews:  Butane gas stove and electric heater, Hybrid Stove, Double Heating system.
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  • 4.1 Star reviews:  Orbegozo HCE 73 – Butane gas stove, ceramic, 4200 W, 3 power levels, Black, 42P. x 35W x 74H centimeters.
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Heaters with pellets  – Estufas de pellets

A heater that is fueled with pellets can also be very economic for you and really put out the heat.  The heater itself can be quite an investment, but they last.  Once you own the heater, you just need to buy the pellets and you are all set.  More information on pellet stoves or heaters.

  • 4.8 Star reviews:  Pellet Stove with Oven without Electricity JOIMA model Vitta Nature 8 kW.
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  • 5 Star reviews:  FUJISOL T9 9Kw pellet stove.
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Portable electric heater  – Estufas Electricas

Okay now we are getting into the best portable electric heaters with fans and without.  These tend to be lower cost for the unit, but look out for that electric bill!  It can really add up if you aren’t careful.  These are great as you can easily move them around the home to heat the room you are in.  They often heat up very quickly and are easy to find out shopping. Below you will find options for some of the best electric heaters in Spain.

  • 4.3 Star reviews:  OMISOON Heater 2000W, ECO Low Consumption Heater, PTC, 90° Oscillation, 24h Timer, Thermostat, Adjustable Grille, Protection against Overheating and Overturning, 4 Modes, Heater.
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  • 4.3 Star reviews:  Klarstein Low Consumption Electric Radiator, Silent Home Oil Radiator, 2.5 kw Oil Stove with Thermostat, Low Consumption Electric Radiators, Portable with Remote Control.
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  • 4.1 Star reviews:  Cecotec Low Consumption Electric Radiator Ready Warm 6770 Crystal Connection. Wifi, 2000 W, Adjustable Thermostat, Timer, Floor Stand, Overheat Protection.
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  • 4.3 Star reviews:  Rowenta Comfort Compact – Low consumption heater 2000 W, 2 speeds, mechanical thermostat anti-frost function, Silence function 44 dBA, Eco mode, cold air fan, easy transport.
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Well, there you go.  These are just a few options to help keep you nice and cozy for the winter.

Outdoor Patio Heaters

We’ve been receiving questions about where to buy patio heaters in Spain, so we did a little research.  Of course you can go to the local DIY shop like Leroy Merlin or Aki, but you can also just order online and have it delivered right to your home!  How easy is that?   Here are some of the top rated patio heater options, including gas patio heaters and electric patio heaters.

  • 4.5 Star reviews:  Cecotec Ready Warm gas outdoor heater series 8800 Outdoor Microclimate. 14000 W, Butane or Propane Gas, Mushroom Shape, Thermostat, Steel, Wheels, Coverage 15 m2.
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  • 4.5 Star reviews:  TRESKO Infrared Terrace Heater | 2000W + Remote Control | Radiant Stove with 3 Temperatures | Electric Radiator for Exterior and Interior | Heater with LED Display.
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  • 4.5 Star reviews:  Planika – Faro – Outdoor Terrace Garden Fireplace Gas Balcony Fireplace – Up to 8 kW – Powered by LPG – Built-in Rollers – Autonomy 55 hours.
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  • 4.2 Star reviews:  Blumfeldt Low Consumption Infrared Electric Radiator, IP34 Wall and Terrace Stove, Remote Control and LED Display, 3 Temperature Heater, Outdoor Garden Stove, Tent and Gazebo Heating.
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  • 4.1 Star reviews:  SUNTEC Night Sun radiant heater | Outdoor heater 2000 watts | Electric heating | Infrared heater with telescopic support for balcony and terrace | Rotating quartz heating.
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Caution!  As with all heating devices, please take caution with any heater around kids and pets.  Do not leave them on when you are not home.  Stay safe.

Enjoy the season!

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