Electricity in Almuñécar

If you are wondering about the electricity in Almuñécar and/or Spain.  We have some information for you. Electricity in Almuñécar

Electricity in Almuñécar

The Spanish domestic power system (electricity) is 220 or 225 volts AC.   Standard continental two pin plugs and earthed three pin plugs are used.   Two pin plugs will fit in a three pin socket.

Americans with 110V equipment, with heating elements, will need a transformer, which can be purchased at most hardware stores or online at Amazon.

Voltage Transformer – Transformador convierte la de 220/230 voltios a 110/120 voltios y a la inversa. CE, UL, CSA Certificación

UK, US, AU and other standard plugs can be used with a plug adapter, also available in most hardware stores and many supermarkets, as well as online with Amazon.

All in One Portable Universal Wall Charger US/UK/AU/EU Travel Power Adapter Converter Plug Socket

We like to use our adapter for a 6 slot power strip and then we can plug in 6 items from our home country into the power strip.


Electricity in Almuñécar



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