Holiday Rental Tourist License Andalucia

Our local lawyer helps answer some of the most common questions we have as foreigners in Spain.  This topic is going to cover the Holiday Rental Tourist License Andalucia!

Our local lawyer helps answer some of the most common questions we have as foreigners in Spain.  This topic is going to cover the Holiday Rental Tourist License Andalucia! Read more on

What is a Tourist License Andalucia?

A tourist license in Spain is a compulsory declaration that allows a homeowner to rent out their property for tourist purposes.  This is only valid for short-term rentals of 2 months or less per rental.

The tourist license number is valid forever and is associated with the property. The owner of the license is the owner of the home, so if you buy a Spanish property that already has a tourist license,  you may request to change it to your name.  It is easier to request this name change and faster than applying for a new license.

Do I need a permit or license to rent my property in Spain?

If you want to legally rent your property short term, you must have a tourist license.  If this is not obtained, the owner of the property is facing a fine.


Is the process to request a tourist license overwhelming?

It may be challenging if you don’t speak Spanish and aren’t familiar with the Spanish bureaucracy.  It is recommended to have a Spanish lawyer complete the process for you.  This way you are sure to have it done correctly and legally.  Lex Artis Solicitors offers special packages to register your holiday rental for you.

The process to obtain the tourist license
We will send you a form to fill up with all of the details and information that we need to do the application. Together with the form, you must send us the requested documentation, which includes the Deeds of the property and the IBI bill (property rates tax bill) or the Cadastre paperwork.

Upon reception of the above and doing the necessary paperwork, we will submit the application for the Tourist License electronically. From that moment, any official
communication from the JUNTA DE ANDALUCÍA will be received in your email inbox. Please keep in mind that the maximum period given to download the official notification is 10 calendar days from receiving the email informing you that you have a communication to download. So we recommend that you let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE by email that you have received a notification from the Administration.

  • In the case of Urban properties for tourist purposes (VIVIENDAS CON FINES TURISTICOS VFT), the granting of the license is immediate, so as soon as we have made the application we will be able to obtain the license, which we will send to you by email.
  • In the case of Rural Properties to be used for Tourist Accommodation (VIVIENDAS TURISTICAS DE ALOJAMIENTO RURAL VTAR), we will not be given the license number at the time of making the application. Still, we will obtain a document as proof that the application has been made. With the assigned provisional number, the property can be advertised. Subsequently, the final license will be sent by the Administration (this usually takes a few months depending on the province).

Services Available & More:

  • Constant Attention (Email, Telephone, Meetings )
  • Legal assessment before the application
  • Analysis of legal documents
  • Electronic application of the license
  • Downloading of notifications received electronically (the client receives prior notice)
  • Electronic presentation of documents requested by the Administration after the application has been submitted

IMPORTANT NOTE: In some cases it is necessary to contact an architect as well because the properties do not have a first occupancy license.


To make the application, the Client must have a Spanish Digital Signature. And please note if there are several owners, a digital signature
for each owner is necessary.

Quarterly Tax Returns for your rental property income (form 210) are also available.


  • Prior assessment of the taxation on the rental income.
  • Quarterly electronic presentation of the obligatory 210 tax form for the profit obtained from the rental of the property (each proprietor is obliged to file a tax form for each rental property)


  • Accountancy of Income and Expenditure. The client must provide the figures of Income and Expenditure.
  • Neither fiscal inspections, replies to the same nor tax assessments received after the presentation of each tax return are included. You will be informed immediately of the fees for the previously mentioned work, if and when the situation arises via requests received from the taxman.

Request your Andalucia Tourist License today!

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