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Sometimes we just can’t find exactly what we need locally and need to do a little online shopping!  Many of the bigger chain stores have a website where you may order online and have shipped to your home.  We also cover some of the package delivery points in the area.

Sometimes we just can't find exactly what we need locally and need to do a little online shopping!  Many of the bigger chain stores have a website where you may order online and have shipped to your home. We also cover some of the package delivery points in the area. Read more on

First, let me start by saying we completely support our local community and retailers, but sometimes we need to do a little online shopping as well.  We try to limit this, but sometimes we can’t get things locally and must resort to the internet.
Read more about shopping in Almuñécar & La Herradura.

Online Shopping

We have deals for you with the big giant Amazon Spain.

Amazon Spain Prime Online

Why not give Amazon Prime a try?
There is a 30 day free trial for Amazon Prime.  Start your free 30-day trial here!

  • Free Shipping – With Prime, we enjoy free shipping on many of our orders and often next-day delivery for free too.
  • Prime Now – FREE 2-hour deliveries in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, and surrounding areas.  Check the minimum order.
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Package Delivery Points Almuñécar (La Herradura)

When you are doing online shopping, one of the “gotchas” might be receiving your package.  Sometimes your address isn’t on Google or known by the various courier companies.  Many of the bigger Spanish chain stores have someone delivering who isn’t from the local area as well.  This can complicate matters if you are waiting home expecting a package.

Often when you place your online order, you may have an option of shipping to your home address or sometimes a local store may work too.  It all depends on where the online purchase was made and which courier they use to make the delivery.  When we use Amazon, they have about 13 different options for couriers, so it all depends.

Once your order has shipped, you will often receive a notification naming the courier and the tracking number for the package.  At this time, you may usually look up the status online and also request the package be delivered to a local drop point in town.  Each courier has its specific location in town, so you will get to know this after a while.

Some of the Local Couriers and Delivery Points for online shopping

  • Amazon Hub lockers – new pick up points at the Amazon locker.  There is a pick up locker hub located at the Central bus station.  Locate your nearest locker by post code here.
    How much does it cost to use a Locker?
    For customers not enrolled in Amazon Prime and if the order does not exceed 29 EUR, the usual rates for the selected shipping method will apply. For Amazon Prime members, using Locker is FREE.  Here is more information about becoming a prime member.
  • MRW – courier office located on Av Costa del Sol, Almuñécar
  • UPS – drop -off / pick-up point at Carlin next to Sabadell, Almuñécar
  • ASM – courier office located on Calle Cariñena, Almuñécar
  • DHL –
    • drop-off / pick-up point at courier office located on Calle Mariana Pineda, Almuñécar
    • pick-up point at Beep on Calle Granada, Almuñécar
  • Correos –
    • office located on Calle Tetuán 26, Almuñécar
    • office located on Calle Gonzalo Barbero 16, La Herradura
  • SEUR –
    • pick-up point at ferreteria Av de la Cala, Almuñécar
    • pick-up point at my mascota Avenida Baracoa, Almuñécar
    • pick-up point at librería Coral on Paseo Andrés Segovia, La Herradura
  • GLS – courier office on calle Cariñena, Almuñécar
  • FedEx – local drop-off / pick-up points in town, check with site
  • NACEX – pick-up point at Beep on Calle Granada, Almuñécar
  • Various deliveries –  pick-up point at e-Berica on Calle Tetuán, Almuñécar

There are likely more, but this should be a good start.

Get creative with your package drop point

Unofficially, you can often ask a local merchant you may know, a nearby restaurant or inmobiliaria (real estate office) to have packages delivered.  This is great for the La Herradura area.  Keep in mind this is where your local relationships come into play, so get to know the businesses near your home.

If you have more useful information to add, just comment below.


*This post does contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase via our links, we may receive a small % commission at no extra cost to you.

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