Free Review of Spanish Legal Documents

Are you having trouble understanding the Spanish legal documents that were sent to you?  Perhaps you are new to the area and are just getting settled or maybe you’ve been here a while.  Either way, once in a while you may be sent an email or a letter and the online translation to English just doesn’t make sense.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a lawyer take a quick look for free and let you know if there is action needed or if it is just a standard notification letter?

Did you receive some Spanish Legal Documents and having trouble understanding them? AF Consulting Law is offering a free review service to let you know if there is action needed. Read more on

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Ask A Spanish Lawyer – FAQ’s & Tips

We all ask questions in groups and forums regarding residency in Spain, buying and selling a Spanish property, making a will in Spain, how to handle taxes, and more.  These are questions sometimes best answered by a Spanish lawyer, to be sure you are getting the right answer.  Below we have several frequently asked questions, with links to the detailed answers from a local Spanish solicitor.  Please bookmark this page, as we will continue to add more as time goes by.

A Spanish Lawyer answers your frequent questions (buying or selling a property in Spain, types of residency in Spain, Taxes in Spain & more). Read more on

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