Free Review of Spanish Legal Documents

Are you having trouble understanding the Spanish legal documents that were sent to you?  Perhaps you are new to the area and are just getting settled or maybe you’ve been here a while.  Either way, once in a while you may be sent an email or a letter and the online translation to English just doesn’t make sense.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a lawyer take a quick look for free and let you know if there is action needed or if it is just a standard notification letter?

Did you receive some Spanish Legal Documents and having trouble understanding them? AF Consulting Law is offering a free review service to let you know if there is action needed. Read more on

Review of Spanish Legal Documents

It can be quite overwhelming to receive something from the tax office or perhaps the Ayuntamiento, or the courts.  That initial panic of “oh what is this?”, can really cause stress.  AF Consulting Abogados (Lawyer, Solicitor) is temporarily offering a great free service for you.  A free review of these Spanish Legal Documents (types of documents are detailed below)!

Let Fran and his team from AF Consulting take those worries away and help you with the document.  Why not have them take a quick look at it for free and see if there is any action required by you?

Review of Spanish Legal Documents,

Terms of this Free Consulting Service*

Do you need an urgent and free review of a Spanish Legal Document?

  • Are you having difficulty understanding a legal document in Spanish?
  • Are you unsure of what it means or if you have action to take?
  • Would you find it helpful to have an attorney provide you with a brief legal review of the document?
  • Wouldn’t you like to know what you need to do next and if it is urgent?

*Note: This service is only referring to legal documents that you receive from Spanish public bodies.
Types of legal documents: A letter from the treasury, the court, a city council, traffic, or from any body of the public Administration of Spain, or even a bureau of a lawyer or an individual.  Therefore, this is not a service to review private documents between individuals such as purchase or sale contracts, rent, claims to companies , etc.

What you will receive:

  • Within a maximum period of 3 working days, I will send you by email a brief comment in English of what that document is. Please note this is not a translation service, but we will summarize the meaning of the document in English.
  • It will include brief advice and instructions on what actions you should take and if any are urgent.

What is asked of you in exchange:

  • Just your subscription to the AF Consulting newsletter and
  • Your review on Google.


Request Your Free Legal Document Review

Please fill out the contact form and someone will reply to you soon with detailed information about having your document reviewed.

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