How To Get A Flu Shot (vacuna de la gripe)

Winter is upon us with cooler weather, fewer hours of sun, and more germs are spreading.  Yes, it is flu season and some people choose to have a flu shot.  This post isn’t about the rights or wrongs of getting a vaccine.  It’s just instructions on how to get your flu vaccination here in Spain.

Instructions on how to get your flu vaccination here in Spain. We share two options for getting the flu vaccine or your flu shot. Read more on

The Flu Vaccine

Influenza vaccines, also known as flu shots or flu jabs, are vaccines that protect against infection by influenza viruses.  A new version of the vaccine is developed twice a year, as the influenza virus rapidly changes.


How To Get A Flu Shot / Flu Jab (la vacuna de la gripe)

Going to the hospital or getting the flu vaccine on your own is the easiest options available.  In Spain there are a few different vaccines, but the most common is Mutagrip or Vaxigrip.

Vaxigrip flu vaccine

Here are some commonly used terms in English (influenza vaccine, flu jab, flu shot, flu vaccine, flu vaccination).

In Spanish you can say “la vacuna de la gripe” or “vacuna antigripal”

Hospital or Centro de Salud

The hospital will carry the flu vaccine and should have it on hand.  You will likely need to make an appointment and just show up for your appointment to get the vaccination.

Clínica Nieuwpoort

  • General Medicine & Home Visits- Clínica Nieuwpoort provides you with a family doctor, ENT (ear/nose/throat), aesthetic licensed doctor (Botox/hyaluronic/etc.), and physiotherapist! The clinic is welcoming and offers great medical services for foreigners and locals. They speak English and accept DKV.  Almuñecar Clinica Nieuwpoort wordt beheerd door Dr. Juan Cabrera Alonso. Hij is zelf huisarts, en ook spoedarts.  Een neus, keel en oor specialist is ook aanwezig op afspraak.

On your own

1.  With your doctor’s prescription, go to your local farmacia and ask to purchase the flu vaccine.  it will come in a small box, likely refrigerated, so make sure you have it administered right away. If you have come to this page and are not in Costa Tropical, you may refer to the guardia farmaicias. In that link, you may select your municipality or town and find a pharmacy near you.

2.  Take the vial of the vaccine to one of the following: (they may require a small fee)

In English?

If you prefer to speak English, stop by the Farmacia Los Marinos to pick up your vaccine (you may want to call and be sure they have the flu vaccine in stock).  The pharmacy is located at the roundabout, in front of Chinasol, at the end of San Cristobal Beach.  The vaccine should be available in October.  You may call or stop by and put your name on the waiting list.

What does a flu jab cost in Spain?

The actual vile of the flu vaccine from the pharmacy is usually under 15€.
Getting the shot:
The cost to have your doctor or clinic administer the vaccine for you may vary depending on location. The Almuñécar clinics charge various prices from 3€ up. Home visits may be more, call for an appointment, and request prices.

Who needs a flu shot?

Read this from the CDC.

Cold & Flu Season vs Covid

As we enter cold and flu season, make note of your symptoms before jumping to conclusions.  Know the symptoms for Covid versus the standard cold and flu

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Disclaimer:  We are not medics and do not provide any recommendations on what you should or should not do.  Nor will we advise on who is the best candidate for getting a flu shot.  We are just providing the information to those who have already decided it is right for them.  For questions, seek answers from your doctor or pharmacist.

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