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We are regularly asked for information about getting a Coronavirus Test in Almuñécar – La Herradura.  We now have some good information and resources for you.  A negative covidPCR test result is often required before international travel and it is also a quick way to see if you have the coronavirus when you are displaying symptoms.

Where to get a Coronavirus Test in Almuñécar - La Herradura for coronavirus.  Corona tests / certificates for travel or for corona symptoms. Read more on

What types of Coronavirus tests are there?

Covid-19 Fast Finger Antibody Test

For the antibody test, you will receive a finger prick and a small amount of blood is gathered for the quick test.  Two tests are done on this blood.

  • If you currently have Covid- To see if your body is currently making the antibodies to fight the virus.
  • If you recently had Covid – To see if your body did make the antibodies, but you no longer have the virus.  Results of antibody tests indicate if you had COVID-19 and recovered, including those who didn’t have symptoms.

The results should be ready fairly quickly with this test.

Covid PCR Test

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test is the most common way healthcare establishments are currently testing citizens for Covid-19.  This type of test provides a fairly accurate indication of whether or not you are currently infected with the Coronavirus.  It detects genetic information from the virus (RNA), which can only be detected when the virus is currently present in the body.

The test usually takes between 12 and 24 hours to return a result but there is constantly new technology being introduced and speeding up the time for results.

The PCR test gives a good indication of who is currently infected.  If they are infected,  they may begin to isolate immediately and inform anyone they have recently been in contact with.  Those people should also quarantine, just in case they are also infected.

How is the sample collected?

For the PCR test, coronavirus samples are currently collected by placing a swab into the nose and/or throat.  The swab is then usually sent in a test tube to the lab to be analyzed.  These results are likely available in about 24-72 hours.

All PCR tests are processed in external Lab, not in medical centers.  So on the certificate with the result the following details should be present:
Spanish Health Ministry

Labs name, address and phone number.
Name of lab director and his signature.
Your individual patient ID.
Reference to Spanish Health Ministry.

Please let’s all collaborate, stay safe and get tested if present symptoms, have come in contact with somebody positive or need to travel across borders.  Please look out for the testers who just take your money, perform a false test and just print off a negative result.  If you feel this has happened to you get in contact with us.

Covid Antigen Test

This test is similar to the PCR test, but with advanced technology, results are much faster.  For the Antigen test, coronavirus samples are currently collected by placing a swab into the nose and/or throat.  The swab is then analyzed at the medical clinic or doctor’s office with a rapid test kit.  These results are likely available in about 15 minutes and will show if you are currently infected with the coronavirus or not.

Under the antigen fast test part, there are many types available, some valid and some not.  Important to point out that under this heading there is one widely accepted by airlines, which is a LFT – Lateral Flow Test.  Most people who travel to the UK and Ireland by plane use this test now.

“Lateral flow is an established technology, adapted to detect proteins (antigens) that are present when a person has COVID-19.”

Many people are now offering test, putting a 10 cm plastic stick in someone’s nose should be done by either a nurse or doctor, in order not to cause harm (the area in the front part of the nose is very prone to bleeding if the test is performed incorrectly) (kiesselbach area).  So please feel free to ask the person performing the test if he/she is a nurse or doctor and if they can provide an ID card with a registration number.

All fast test either antigen or antibody use a cassette, which should be shown to the patient, don’t just accept a piece of paper with the results, you have the right to see the negative or positive result on the cassette:

antigen or antibody use a cassette, which should be shown to the patient, don’t just accept a piece of paper with the results, you have the right to see the negative or positive result

When should I get a Coronavirus Test?

All tests are prescribed by a doctor, so you should see your medical doctor.  There are 2 likely scenarios when you may want a Coronavirus test in Costa Tropical.

  1. When you are planning to travel outside of Spain.  Many countries now require a negative result on a Coronavirus or PCR test within 72 hours of your travel date.  So this is when you are not showing any symptoms and you want to show the arrival country of your negative results.  The antigen test is often widely accepted for travel and has rapid results in about 15 – 20 minutes.  You can obtain a travel certificate too.
  2. When you feel you are experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus.  If you are showing symptoms, it is best to contact the doctor and request a home visit for your testing.  You don’t want to spread the germs in the clinic.

How much does the COVID-19 test cost?

Prices vary depending on the type of test you take, where you take it, and whether you currently are showing symptoms of COVID-19 or not.  We have seen prices from 30 – 100 euros, depending on the type of test, but it changes as more tests are available.  This is because as more time goes more PCR test kits and other tests are being made and the prices tend to go down over time.

If you are showing symptoms of the Coronavirus, the first medical clinic we list would do a test for you at home.  Therefore you won’t be bringing the virus to the clinic, but the home visit has a nominal fee added.

Where can I get a Covid-19 test in Almuñécar – La Herradura?

    1. Nordic Health Care – Doctors in Almuñécar, or Home / Hotel visits

      Your La Herradura and Almuñecar doctor!  The staff are multi-lingual and can speak English, French, Swedish, German, and more.
      The fast finger,  PCR, and Antigen tests are being offered by appointment at Nordic Health Care on paseo San Cristobal 18 (Mariote urbanisation).

      There is a doctor on-site, so the test can be performed right away.  All PCR tests are by appointment only, to be sure the test kits are available and to determine if a home visit is required for the test.  This clinic has an office, but they also offer 24/7 services 365 days a year.  Contact for pricing and appointments in the office,  your home, or hotel.

      Click here to email Nordic Health Care
      Call or Whatsapp for an appointment:

      Tel:  +34 678 771 452   Contact on WhatsApp

      Tel:  +34 689 690 729 Contact on WhatsApp

      covid 19 pcr test almunecar corona and Costa Tropical. Read more on

    2. Centro de Salud Almuñécar – La Herradura

      If you are part of the Spanish healthcare system, then you may contact the Centro de Salud.
      The appropriate numbers are listed below.  They will likely do a telephone screening appointment and then advise you.

      almunecar coronavirus phone numbers for centro de salud

Covid tests with Private Health Insurance

Many of the insurance companies are now covering all or part of your covid test costs.  Please contact your insurance company to see where you can go in this area.  I would also check with Vithas Salud in Nerja, as they usually accept private insurance.


Covid 19 tests Costa Tropical and Granada

  1. Motril

    Tests are done at Santa Ana Hospital or La Matraquilla civic center, located in the Plaza de la Coronación  Read more.

  2. Private Health Insurance

    If you have Spanish private health insurance ask your provider for their approved test location.

  3. Granada

    Call for various locations available for several different tests (including a rapid 15-minute test).  Sample extraction: it will be carried out in the Sampling Unit (laboratory 132, Module 1, BIC Granada Building).  Companies outside of Granada have to call 958 750 604 to refer them to one of the collaborating sampling centers.  They offer the issuance of the COVID 19 Certificate, as well as epidemiological and preventive advice that is required for the proper incorporation into the work activity.  Website.
    To request an appointment or information: 958 750 604


For more information about the various details of testing or the coronavirus, please use the sites below.

The Mayoclinic post about testing and procedures for Covid.

More about the Coronavirus in Almuñécar & La Herradura.

Covid Vaccine for Foreigners

How do I register for the covid vaccine as a foreigner?

How do I get my covid vaccine certificate?

Protection From Coronavirus

The best way to protect yourself from the COVID-19 virus is to avoid exposure.  Please be cautious, wash your hands regularly, wear masks, and stay home if you have any symptoms.

Good Hygiene

Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.  Sing the alphabet or a short song to pass the time.  Alternatively, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

Be sure to cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue, rather than open-air or into your hands.  After your cough or sneeze, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.  Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Social Distancing

Keep a distance of about 6 feet (2 meters) from others if the COVID-19 virus is spreading in your community, especially if you have a higher risk of serious illness. Avoid close contact with anyone who is sick or has symptoms. Also, avoid large events and mass gatherings.

COVID 19 Protective Masks

When you are out and about, be sure to wear a mask.  Just a cloth, shirt, or scarf won’t be acceptable.  You should be using authorized masks, sold in our local shops or you may order below via phone or WhatsApp.  Go ahead and get together with some friends and share the order.

Sovima Masks (Minimum order of 200 units)

  • Masks FFP2        1,89€
  • Masks Hygienic 0,38€

Contact via Whatsapp or Call at 747 793 846

COVID 19 Protective Masks Sovima mascarilla-inicio

Covid- 19 Symptoms 

Fever, cough, loss of smell and taste, sore throat, muscle aches, headache, general weakness, diarrhea or vomiting, and more.

covid 19 symptoms what to do in spain

Cold & Flu Season vs Covid

As we enter cold and flu season, make note of your symptoms before jumping to conclusions.  Know the symptoms for Covid versus the standard cold and flu.  If you would like to get a flu shot, we have more information for you.

cold vs flu symptoms

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